As you can see the wilderness is very vast and different place, the wilderness is a great place to make money as long as you take many risks.


  • Around Level 1 Wilderness there is a wooden shield spawn and an earth rune spawn. Levels 2-7 Wilderness spawn several (1),(2),and(3) coins which are just North of Edgeville.
  • Whiteberry Respawn near Red Dragons, Lvl 45-46 Wild, in Red Dragon Isle.
  • Cut sapphire spawn on the hill north of red dragon isle in the f2p wilderness (the brown circle surrounded by grey on the map) and it is guarded by giant spiders (level 27)
  • Just north of the coins are many spawns of bronze arrows scattered from 8-12 wilderness. These Spawns offer great for low level rangers who can not afford steel or mithril arrows.
  • Just North of Varrok around 5 body runes spawn in a row starting at level 6 wilderness and ending at level 8 wilderness.
  • At level 12 wilderness the chaos temple has 14 bone spawns and an alter which is great for low level prayer beasts.
  • The bone yard has a mind rune spawn iron scimitar, spawn and a crossbow spawn and of course bones. The best place in the wilderness for prayer training is here with 5 big bone spawns.
  • North of bone yard in the chaos dwarf camp there is an iron kite shield spawn.
  • West of the bone yard in level 26 wilderness is the ruins which have steel legs and golden ore spawns! Beware of green dragons near entrance!
  • 6 chaos runes spawn at moss giants north of ruins.
  • In the bandit camp level 22 wild there is a cheese and tomato spawn good for cooking training as you can buy pizza dough there too.
  • In Dark Warrior Castle there are several spawns of runes (fire, water, air, earth, chaos, body and mind). This is a great place to train magic because you get free runes to kill the dark warriors and keep picking up.
  • In the North West wilderness there is an alter which is very useful if you run out of prayer points in wilderness trek. (Level 38 wilderness).
  • Level 48 very North West there is a cosmic rune (3) and water rune (5) spawn! Beware of ice warriors and ice giants!
  • My personal favorite is lava maze which has earth staff, coins, golden necklace, body rune, and steel plate body spawn! Beware of giants and Lesser Demons! Up to level 43 wilderness.
  • Just north of there is two runite rocks!! Beware many player killers hang there!
    Around level 46 wilderness is a blood rune spawn at demonic ruins! Beware of greater demons!
  • 5 gold ores iron dagger and a bronze square shield spawn at rouges castle level 51 wilderness.
  • Level 55 wilderness at deserted keep has iron battle axe spawns.


Special Range training

  • For Low Level Rangers specifically- At level 8-12 wilderness directly north of Edgeville. Many Bronze arrow spawn there making it easy to walk around and get a few hundred arrows while ranging the bears (level 21).

Special Prayer Training

  • Low Combat Leveled People- Chaos Temple at level 12 wilderness which has 14 bones spawns.
  • Medium\High Combat Leveled People- The Bone Yard offers 5 big bone spawns but many low leveled skeletons (you may think that does not sound bad but 7 skeletons at once does a lot to a level 3-45).

Special Mage Training

  • For Any Mage with a decent defense level (specifically low leveled mages)-At level 15 or so wilderness at the dark warrior castle there are many rune spawns picking up the runes as they spawn while killing the warriors for decent drops.

Special Mining Training

  • Low Leveled Miners-The coal mine which is North West of Edgeville with around 30 coal rocks! A bank is also close (in Edgeville).
  • Higher Leveled Miners- The hobgoblin mines have a lot of coal adamant and mithril rocks but beware of the hobgoblins.
  • Highest Leveled Miners- Two Runite Rock in deep wilderness.

Special Cooking Training

  • Any chef able to make pizza-At the Bandit Camp there is a cheese and tomato you can buy the pizza dough from the man in the same room. Anchovies fishing spot. There are also giant rats in the camp for meat to make your ordinary pizza into meat pizza!

Special Agility Training

  • Over level 52 agility has an agility course in deep parts.

Combat Training

  • Low Levels 15-45- There are many things in wilderness that are dangerous to your level so I suggest maybe something in the less deeper parts maybe skeletons or black unicorns or thugs, you decide.
  • Medium Levels 45-65- Hob Goblins, Ice Warriors, Ice Giants, Moss Giants, Hill Giants, Lesser Demons(for 55 and up) and Black Warriors are all my suggested picks.
  • High Levels 65+- Lesser Demons, Greater Demons, Red Dragons, Green Dragons, Ice Warriors, Ice Giants, and Moss Giants are my suggested picks.

Team Kills?

Do you think you can round up a team to kill the admired King Black Dragon? The King Black Dragon (AKA the KBD a huge level 276!) is located at the ladder on the side of the lava maze. Do not go by yourself!! Some people are dumb enough to go by themselves and get slaughtered in two hits. The KBD can shoot fire balls so do not forget your anti fire shield and or potion. If I am correct the KBD also poisons.


  • The wilderness is also home too other things I like to call Easter eggs.
  • The Chaos Alter is at level 10 or so wilderness and has a maze when you get inside.
  • The Magic Arena is a wild place only for experienced mages (60+). Do You dare enter?
  • The Safe house is in deep wilderness (over 50) at the entrance of the magic arena, just pull the lever and you teleport to a safe house where no player can attack you. The Safe house is great if you need to re-stock on food, arrows, potions, ECT but is best for runes because of its rune shop.
  • Ardougne lever is near the safe house and if you pull it you are teleported to Ardounge.
  • There are also many team cape shops located around the wilderness where you can purchase team capes, ideal for team trips.
  • The general store and food store is located in the bandit outpost.
  • Two alters are located through out the wilderness (Chaos Temples and north of the west ruins).
  • The muddy key chest is at the end of the lava maze.

Items to Bring

  • Food. Trout through Sharks.
  • Armor. Weapon, try not to bring a big expensive one you just got because you can loose it.
  • Anti Poison is a must.
  • Anti fire shield or anti fire potion.

Suggested but not needed items

  • Teleport item (runes or jewelry).
  • Other potions (strength, attack, prayer, ECT.)
  • Energy Potion and/or strange fruits.
  • Boots of lightness.

Points of Interest in the Wilderness

Wilderness map

Chaos Temple

  • Wilderness Level: 10-14. Multi: Yes
  • Includes: Alter, Lots of Bones for Prayer levelling.
  • Cape Seller: Yes, Simon. Capes 9 19 29 39 49.
  • Bad points: Only one entrance, hard to run pkers.

Graveyard of Shadows

  • Wilderness Level: 18-22. Multi: No
  • Includes: Planks, Tiles, Steel Dagger, Crossbow, and Dig spot of clue scrolls.
  • Cape Seller: No
  • Bad points: Lots of Zombies!


  • Wilderness Level: 26-29. Multi: No
  • Includes: Furnace, Gold ore,and Steel Platelegs.
  • Cape Seller: No
  • Bad points: Lots of deadly red spiders.

Dark Knight Fortress

  • Wilderness Level: 12-17. Multi: Yes
  • Includes: Rune Respawns (Body, Chaos, Mind, Fire Water, Air and Earth).
  • Bad points: Dark Knights


  • Wilderness Level: 20-24. Multi: no
  • Includes: Anvil, Tile respawns, bone respawns, fishing bait, and cake tin
  • Cape Seller: No
  • Bad Points: Giant Spiders (lvl 2).

Bandit Camp

  • Wilderness Level: 17-24. Multi: Yes
  • Includes: Fishing Spot, Pizza shop, cheese and tomato respawn, and dig spot for clues.
  • Cape seller: Yes, Neil. Capes, 7, 17, 27, 37, 47.
  • Bad points: Lots of Bandits

The Forgotten Cemetery

  • Wilderness Level: 28-31. Multi: No
  • Includes: A couple of bone respawns.
  • Cape Seller: Yes, Ian. Capes, 2, 12, 22, 32, 42.
  • Bad points: Lots of ghosts and skeletons.


  • Wilderness Level: 28-29. Multi: Yes.
  • Includes: Alter, Ghost.
  • Cape Seller: No.
  • Bad points: Nothing much

Lava Maze

  • Wilderness Level: 38-46. Multi: In some places.
  • Includes: Staff of earth, steel body and other respawns.
  • Cape Seller: No
  • Bad points: Lots of enemies

Demonic Ruins

  • Wilderness Level: 45-47. Multi: Yes
  • Includes: Burnt Bones.
  • Cape Seller: No.
  • Bad Points: Greater Demons

Red Dragon Isle

  • Wilderness Level: 43-35. Multi: yes.
  • Includes: White Berries
  • Cape Seller: No.
  • Bad Points: Dragons

Pirates Hideout

  • Wilderness Level: 54-56. Multi: No.
  • Inclues: Half a Pie.
  • Cape Seller: No.
  • Bad Points: Pirates

Rogues' Castle

  • Wilderness Level: 51-54. Multi: Yes.
  • Includes: Clue Scroll Dig Spot, Gold ore, Range.
  • Cape Seller: Yes, Edward. Capes, 5, 15, 25, 35, 45.
  • Bad Points: Rogues
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