This is a special report on what amulets and clothes boost your stats as there is quite a bit of confusion over them. Traditional metal, leather and dragon armours are not included because they are beyond the scope of this report. Melee, ranging and magic weapons are not included either. Some clothes available are not included in this report because they dont give enough of a boost to your stats. I am only showing the best possible combinations of clothes.

Below is a table with the stats bonuses. The attack section contains 5 stats: Stab, Slash, Crush, Magic and Range. The defence section contains the same 5 stats. The other bonus section contains 2 stats: Strength and Prayer.

You can find these by clicking on the stats icon within the game. When you see "None" in the following table, it means no stat in that section is boosted. When you see "Everything" in the following table, it means all stats in that section are boosted with the same value. Otherwise, each stat boost will be detailed.

Picture Item Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Other Bonuses
Amulet 1 Amulet of Accuracy +4 Everything None None
Amulet 2 Sapphire Amulet of Magic +10 Magic None None
Amulet 3 Emerald Amulet of Defence None +7 Everything None
Amulet 4 Gnome Amulet* None +13 Stab, +13 Slash, +13 Crush None
Amulet 5 Ruby Amulet of Strength None None +10 Strength
Amulet 6 Diamond Amulet of Power +6 Everything +6 Everything +6 Strength, +1 Prayer
Amulet 7 Dragonstone Amulet of Glory* +10 Everything +3 Everything +6 Strength, +3 Prayer
Beads of dead Beads of the Dead* +1 Everything +1 Everything +1 Everything
Holy Symbol Holy Symbol None +2 Everything +8 Prayer
Unholy Symbol Unholy Symbol* +2 Everything None +8 Prayer
Wizard hat Blue Wizard Hat +2 Magic +2 Magic None
Wizard Robe Blue Wizard Robe Top +3 Magic +3 Magic None
Zamorak Robe Zamorak Robe Top* +2 Magic +3 Magic +3 Prayer
Zamorak Robe2 Zamorak Robe Bottom* +2 Magic +3 Magic +3 Prayer
Monks Robe Monk's Robe Top None None +6 Prayer
Monks Robe2 Monk's Robe Bottom None None +5 Prayer
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves None +1 Slash, +2 Crush None
Family Crest Family Crest Gauntlets* +2 Stab, +2 Slash, +2 Crush +8 Stab, +9 Slash, +7 Crush +2 Strength
Klanks Klank's Gauntlets* +2 Stab, +2 Slash, +2 Crush +8 Stab, +9 Slash, +7 Crush +2 Strength
Leather Boots Leather Boots None +1 Slash, +1 Crush None
Lightness Boots of Lightness* None +1 Slash, +1 Crush None
Climbing Boots Climbing Boots* None None +2 Strength
Cape Cape None +1 Slash, +1 Crush, +2 Range None
Legends Cape Cape of Legends* None +7 Everything None
God Cape God Cape* +10 Magic +1 Stab, +1 Slash, +2 Crush, +10 Magic None

* Members Only

Notes on amulets and symbols:

  1. The Amulet of Accuracy is a reward for the Imp Catcher quest.

  2. The Sapphire Amulet of Magic gives an increased magic boost (+10) compared to RuneScape Classic (+7). It was better than a Dragonstone Amulet of Glory (+3 magic in RuneScape Classic). However, now, the Dragonstone Amulet of Glory gives the same magic bonus as a Sapphire Amulet of Magic. So if you have one (members only), you dont need to keep a Sapphire Amulet of Magic anymore.

  3. The Emerald Amulet of Defence gives the best defence boost. The Gnome Amulet (members only - obtained at the end of the Tree Gnome Village quest) gives a better defence boost against the Stab, Slash and Crush type of attack, but does not offer any defence boost against Magic and Ranged attacks.

  4. The Ruby Amulet of Strength gives the best strength boost.

  5. The Diamond Amulet of Power does not give a better stat boost than any other amulet; however, it boosts all stats, which makes it valuable and useful.

  6. The Dragonstone Amulet of Glory gives the best attack boost (all type of attacks), but not the best defence or other bonus boost. However, like the Diamond Amulet of Power, it boosts all stats, which makes it very valuable and useful. If you have completed the Heroes quest, a Dragonstone Amulet of Glory can be "charged". When charged, it offers you 4 teleports before you have to recharge it. With it, you can teleport to Al Kharid, Draynor village, Karamja and Edgeville. When charged, you also have a better chance of finding gems when mining. It also seems to increase the chances of getting a good gem when mining the gem rocks in Shilo village (you need to complete the Shilo Village quest to access them).

  7. Both Unholy (members only) and Holy symbols give the same prayer boost. However, the Unholy one gives an attack boost; the Holy one gives a defence boost. Choose wisely. To be able to make an Unholy Symbol, you must finish the Observatory quest. Then you go talk to the Spirit of Scorpius (located just north of the Observatory, where the monks of Zamorak are) who will give you the Unholy Symbol Mould for crafting. He will also bless your Strung Unholy Symbol once you have crafted it.


  8. The Dragonstone Ring of Wealth gives you a better chance of getting a rare drop from monsters. I mention it here because it gives some kind of boost, even if it cant be quantified. The other rings serve different purposes and are beyond the scope of this guide.

Notes on magic clothes:

  1. There are no Blue Wizard Robe Bottoms in the game at the time of writing.

  2. The Black Dark Wizard Cothes are not included in this guide because their magic boost is less than that of the Blue Wizard Clothes.

  3. The Gnome Cothes (members only) are not included in this guide because their magic boost is less than that of the Blue Wizard Clothes.

  4. The Zamorak Robes can be obtained in the Underground Pass. Both Top and Bottoms are dropped by Iban Disciples, just outside of the room where Iban is. There doesn't seem to be a respawn point of the Zamorak robe top near the Spirit of Scorpius, like there was in RuneScape Classic.

    Santa hat

  5. A Santa Hat does not offer any magic boost anymore. It used to in RuneScape Classic.

  6. The best magic outfit to wear is Splitbark or Mystic Robes with a Staff, a Battle Staff (members only) or a Mystic Staff (enhanced Battle Staff, which makes it as good as a Rune Long Sword for melee combat, you need to complete the members-only Scorpion Catcher quest to enhance a Battle Staff). Non-members cannot use the Dragonstone Amulet of Glory and the Zamorak robes. Do not wear plate legs instead! Any metal armour lowers you magic stat for both attack and defence. I suggest buying a Blue Skirt to match the rest of your outfit.

Notes on prayer clothes:

  1. The Monks Robes can be obtained on the upstairs level of the monastery (you need to be level 31 prayer to access it).

  2. Druids Clothes, Priest Gowns and Robes and the Robes dropped by the Shade (random event) are not included because their prayer boost is lower than that of the Monks Robes.

  3. The best prayer outfit to wear is therefore Monks Robe Top and Bottoms and either a Holy or Unholy symbol. If you use a Mace as a weapon, you also get a prayer bonus, which isnt a well-known fact. Complete with a weapon, a helmet and a shield (unless you use a 2-handed weapon).

Notes on gloves:

  1. Non-members and members can wear Colored and Leather Gloves. Wear them at all times. They have their own space in your equipment screen and offer a small armour bonus.

  2. The Family Crest Gauntlets are obtained at the end of the Family Crest quest. Aside from the stats bonuses given in the table above, they can be enhanced in 3 different ways (choose wisely, you can only choose one): Cooking Gauntlets (do not burn food as often, very good for sharks), Crafting Gauntlets (gives more smithing experience when smelting Gold Ore) or Chaos Gauntlets (you hit harder with chaos, bolts, spells, which makes you kill an enemy faster and therefore gives you more experience per rune). Wear them at all times. They have their own space in your equipment screen and offer a boost of most stats. If you lose them, you can get another pair from the person who gave them to you at the end of the quest.

  3. The Klanks Gauntlets are obtained free of charge during the Underground Pass quest. They offer the same stats as the Family Crest Gauntlets, but they cannot be enhanced. If you lose them, you must go back to the dwarf Klank in the Underground Pass to get another pair, and they cost 5,000 gp. As mentioned above for the Family Crest Gauntlets, they are worth wearing at all times.

Notes on boots:

  1. Non-members can only wear Leather Boots. Wear them at all times. They have their own space in your equipment screen and offer a small armour bonus.

  2. All member-only boots (Gnome Boots and Boots of Lightness) offer the same stat boosts. However, the Boots of Lightness are magical and give you a weight bonus of -4 Kg which will make you run longer. To get them, enter the Temple of Ikov (you do not need the Pendant of Lucien, which is required for the Temple of Ikov quest) located north of east Ardougne, north-west of the Legends Guild and south of the Ranging Guild. You need a Lit Candle with you (buy one at the Candle Shop in Catherby and light it with a Tinderbox). Go down the stairs that are right at the entrance to the Temple, slash the web at the end of the room and you have your Boots of Lightness. Again, wear them at all times. They have their own space in your equipment screen and offer a small armour bonus as well as the weight bonus.

Notes on capes:

  1. There are capes of various colours: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange. I will not explain here how to change their colour but its very easy and cheap. Some colours are on sale in the RuneScape world. Wear it at all times. It has its own space in your equipment screen and offers a small armour bonus.

  2. White Cape of Legend: this is an untradable item, which can only be bought in the Legends Guild. You must finish the Legends quest to enter it. It offers a slightly different look and increased armour boosts. Wear it at all times. It has its own space in your equipment screen and offers a small armour bonus.

  3. God Capes: these are obtained at the end of the Mage Arena mini-quest (members only). You can only choose one: Saradomin Cape, Guthix Cape or Zamorak Cape. You will also get a free staff of the God you prayed to. You can buy the two other staffs for 80,000 gp each. You cannot buy the other capes. These are a must-wear for mages. To use the Charge spell in the game, you must be wearing the cape and wield the matching staff.

Miscellaneous notes:

  1. It is obvious from the table above than one skill has been a little forgotten by Jagex. There are no amulets which increase your range attack or defence. True, there are some amulets raising all attack and/or defence skills, but there is none specifically for rangers.

  2. There are various other amulets/medals in RuneScape. They are used for quests or mini-quests. They do not offer any stat bonus, so they are not included in this guide. I will however mention 2 of them: you should keep the Pendant of Lucien (for access to the south part of the Temple of Ikov dungeon) and Glarials Amulet (for access to the Waterfall dungeon and the coveted Fire Giants).

Pendant of Lucien:


Glarials Amulet:

Amulet 4

I hope you enjoy this special report.

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