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The Metal Dragons

Metal dragons are considerably more challenging to fight than their chromatic cousins due to their very high defence and long-range dragonfire attack. However, with the right choice of equipment and tactics, it is possible to kill them efficiently and without taking a single hit. Below are the four metal dragons that are currently in the game:

Dragon Combat Level Weakness Location
Bronze dragon
Bronze dragon
124 Water spells Brimhaven dungeon and the Chaos Tunnels.
Iron dragon
Iron dragon
140 Water spells Brimhaven dungeon, Fortress of Ghorrock and Kuradal's dungeon (only after being assigned a task by Kuradal).
Steel dragon
Steel dragon
144 Water spells Brimhaven dungeon, Fortress of Ghorrock and Kuradal's dungeon (only after being assigned a task by Kuradal).
Iron dragon
Mithril dragon
160 Earth spells Second level of the Ancient Cavern an the Extended section of the Brimhaven Dungeon resource dungeon (requires completion of the Elite Daemonheim Tasks).

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Standard Equipment/Supplies

The following items should almost always be brought with you when you fight the dragons.

  • Anti-Dragon shield/Dragonfire shield or Super antifire potions. Having one of these items is a MUST, otherwise, you will find yourself in your selected respawn point very quickly.
  • Antifire potions - These can used in combination with the Anti-dragon shield to fully protect you from dragonfire.
  • Food - Monkfish or higher in case you get within melee range of the dragons or your antifire potion runs out.
  • 875 gp (Only if using Brimhaven Dungeon).
  • 25-50 high level alchemy spells (unless you want to bank frequently).
  • Ring of wealth or a stat-boosting ring. (Note: A Ring of Wealth does NOT increase the chance of receiving a Draconic visage drop).
  • Beast of Burden pouch e.g. Spirit terrorbird, War tortoise (Note: Be aware that if you exceed the familiar timer, any items stored will be dropped).

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Getting to the Dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon

The best way to get to the dungeon is to use Karamja lodestone home teleport which takes you to Brimhaven. The entrance to the dungeon is southwest of the town and northwest of the lodestone. You must pay Saniboch 875 gp to enter the dungeon.


Once you are in the dungeon, use the map below to find your chosen dragon.

Dungeon map

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Recommended Equipment

Using Mage is highly recommended when fighting Metal dragons as they each have a weakness to Water or Earth spells and a very high Ranged defence. Also, the key to fighting these dragons without taking damage lies in the fact that they will not attempt to melee you if you're out of range and instead will use a long-range dragonfire attack that can be completely blocked through the use of an Anti-dragon shield and Antifire potions or by drinking a Super antifire potion on its own (see Tactics below for more information).

Example Setup and Inventory:

Magic setup

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As mentioned above, if you attack the dragons from a distance (one or more steps away), they will only attack you using long-range dragonfire. By drinking an Antifire potion while wearing an Anti-dragon shield, you can completely block the damage of this attack and kill the dragons without taking a single hit. Alternatively, using Super antifires has the same effect without requiring a shield and so allows you to dual wield or use a two-handed weapon.

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Getting to Mithril Dragons

To be able to access the Ancient Cavern where they're located and fight them, you must first complete up to the Pyre making part of Barbarian Training. To learn about the cavern they are located in, you must talk to Otto Godblessed about the spirits that have been entrapped inside the cavern.

When inside the cavern, you must go past the Brutal green dragons to the first staircase on the Eastern most walls. Below is a map of the cavern.

Dungeon map

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Fighting Mithril Dragons

Mithril dragons are one of the strongest non-boss monsters in the game and they can be very challenging to fight for extended periods of time if you're unprepared. They are capable of using the full combat triangle along with the same long-range dragon fire used by the weaker metal dragons. If you wish to successfully kill these dragons then it is highly recommended to use Earth spells, preferably Earth surge or Rock blitz/barrage.

As with the other metal dragons, you can negate the melee attack of Mithril dragons by standing at least 1 step away. However, as mentioned, they use the full combat triangle and this means you must be able to deal with their ranged, magic, and dragonfire attacks as well. Therefore, as you should be maging these dragons, you can activate Protect from/Deflect ranged to reduce the damage of their ranged attack while tanking their mage. Alternatively, the use of Soul Split should provide sufficient healing.

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Mithril Dragon Rewards

Mithril dragons drop the fabled Dragon full helm as well as Ancient pages, Chewed bones, Draconic Visages, and much more. Dragon full helms are extremely rare drops, so don't be disappointed if you don't get one soon. The same goes for Draconic Visages. Ancient pages are used in the book that Otto gave you, My Notes. Chewed bones are to make Funeral pyre ships, which also have a very rare chance of awarding a Dragon full helm.

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