A lot of people have the same problem. When they fight high level monsters and other players they die and lose armor, food and weapons. Here are some tips:

Non- Member Fighting Tips:

  • As a low level do not try to kill monsters you cannot simply kill, first train a bit to raise your combat level and only then should you attempt to kill higher leveled monsters, if you do decide to attack high level monsters when your a low combat level, you will risk dieing and losing what you were carrying or wielding. Usually you can attempt to kill the monster when your 10-15 combat levels lower then it, this WILL require you to eat quite a bit of food though.

  • Only bring 3 items (the three that are worth the most. like plate, legs and 2H)

  • If you have a prayer level of 25 you can use protect item, and then you can bring 4 items (e.g. plate, legs, kite and scimitar)

    Protect Item Prayer

  • If you are fighting people in wilderness and your close to dying, press the protect item prayer and you will keep 4 items (not including money and runes).

    Note: If you have a skull above your head you will NOT keep any items and everything will be dropped when you die, if you use Protect Item Prayer you will only keep 1 item, the one that's worth the most.

  • If you got a skull over your head and use protect item you will only keep 1 item regardless of your active prayer.

  • Always bring a lot of food. The best would be lobbies or swordfish.

  • Strength potion is always a good thing. Drink it right before you attack a monster or right after you have been attacked, and you will hit higher.

  • If you have 43+ prayer and you are fighting a high level monster like a greater demon always eat most of your food before you put on protect from melee.

Member Fighting Tips:

  • Only bring 3 items (4 if you have 25 prayer) like Dragon helm and shield + rune plate and dragon battleaxe (if you have the right level, or just bring three items of your regular armor and weapon).

  • The best food type would be sharks, but swordfish is good.

  • If you have completed the Heroes' Quest and Merlin's Crystal quest bring a Dragon battleaxe and Excalibur. Firstly, attack the monster (or player) with your battleaxe and press special attack, A smart thing to do now is to drink an attack potion as well. Now, you will have high defence and high attack. This will make it hard for your enemies to hit you. Your with your high attack you will hit more often and more powerful with your dragon battleaxe's special attack.

    This does not just go for the combination mentioned above, you can use the Dragon Battleaxe's Special attack any time to raise your strength by 15-20 levels temporarily. Afterwards, you equip another weapon like a whip (which is faster) to hit a lot more damage.

    Whip Plus Dragon Battle Axe Special

  • Always bring teleport runes or tables to the wilderness (if you have the level for it). Remember that you cannot teleport with normal teleport spells past 20 Wilderness!

  • If you have 43+ prayer and are fighting a high level monster, then always eat most of your food before you put on protect from melee.

    Protect From Melee
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