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Crystal Bow
- - Bonuses
- - Speed
- - Damage
- - Costs
- - Comparison
Crystal Shield
- - Bonuses
- - Costs
- - Comparison
- - Diagnosis
Crystal Halberd
Tips and Tricks
Full Charge Exploit
- - Decay


Crystal Weapons, (currently only the Crystal Bow and Crystal Shield) are items available to wield for those that achieve 70 in appropriate combat and 50 in agility. They are arguably the most powerful weapons in the game, but have a bad habit of degrading over time. They are also the most expensive item in terms of in game cost. Paying for your Crystal Bow over 4 times could cost you 720k for 10,000 arrow shots (one use) and 1.8 Million for the Bow costs (after that, you'll just be paying 180k for every 2500 shots).

Those that start the Regicide Quest can recharge these weapons from the elf Ilfeen. Shes located every other 5 minutes just North West of the first leaf trap past the underground pass cave. Shes just south of a Quest Star.

Those that complete Roving Elves Quest can purchase these weapons from the Elf Islwyn . Hes located every other 5 minutes east of Tyras s Camp where a treasure trail location is dug up. Completing Roving Elves gives you a 2/10 version (it has 500 uses till it degrades fully) of either the Crystal Bow or Crystal Shield as a reward.

Crystal Weapons can be used 2500 times and degrade every 250 of those uses. After all that, it becomes a seed which needs to be recharged.

Crystal Weapons that are recently bought and not used (even once) can be traded to other players or sold to stores.

Crystal Seeds (what a fully degraded weapon turns into) can be traded to other players. These are recharged at the Elf Ilfeen. DO NOT pay more than 720k for a crystal seed (may as well buy a new Crystal Bow). Theres no stable street price on these, so expect 50k to 400k along with claims that crystal seeds aren't tradeable. Due to the farming skill out, don't confuse your crystal seed with other seeds.

Used Crystal Weapons and Recharged Crystal Weapons (even if not used after the recharge) cannot be traded. This means unless you want to buy only new weapons all the time, gain access to Ilfeen to recharge your crystal seed. Repeat, you do not have to complete a quest to use these items but it REALLY helps.

Recharging gradually gets cheaper. The recharge amount is attached to the player, not the weapon. Once you've recharged any crystal seed 5 times, it is at the cheapest it'll be for recharging (180k for bow, 150k for shield). Example: I've recharged my seed into a bow 5 times so now I pay 180k each time. I lose my bow in the abyss (don't ask) so I buy a crystal seed off someone. I take this to Ilfeen who charges me 180k to recharge the seed.

Crystal Bow

Degrades: every 250 arrow shots (10 degrades total)

Cost from elf Islwyn: 900k

Recharge cost from elf Ilfeen:

Charge Cost
1 900k
2 720k
3 540k
4 360k
5+ 180k


Bow state defense
10/10 100+ Range
9/10 96+ Range
8/10 92+ Range
7/10 88+ Range
6/10 84+ Range
5/10 80+ Range
4/10 76+ Range
3/10 72+ Range
2/10 68+ Range
1/10 64+ Range


Accurate: 20 shots per minute
Rapid: 25 shots per minute


25% Range Skill at Full Charge
20% Range Skill at 1/10

In case you didn't know, this means APPROXIMATELY 25% your range skill is your Max Damage. Increase this damage using a range potion. As your bow degrades, percentage drops about .5% each time.


At 180k recharge for 2500 shots, 72gp per shot.


Magic Shortbow

Cost: 3k gp
Range: +69 (beats crystals 2/10)
Speed: 25/35 shots per minute accurate/rapid
Damage: 20% Range skill with rune arrows
Ammo: 400gp per rune arrow, 20% breakage so averages 80gp per shot.
Requires: 50 Range

Karils Crossbow

Cost: 350k-400k gp
Range: +85 (beats crystals 6/10)
Speed: unknown
Damage: unknown
Ammo: 175 gp per shot (one use bolts)
Requires: 70 Range

Crystal Shield

Degrades: Every 250 hits you take that did damage. No hit that does 0 (blue splat) qualifies against your shield.

Cost from elf Islwyn: 750k

Recharge cost from elf Ilfeen:

Charge Cost
1 750k
2 600k
3 450k
4 300k
5+ 150k


Degrades 2 points in Each stat every degrade.

State of Shield Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
10/10 51 54 53 00 80
9/10 49 52 51 00 78
8/10 47 50 49 00 76
7/10 45 48 47 00 74
6/10 43 46 45 00 72
5/10 41 44 43 00 70
4/10 39 42 41 00 68
3/10 37 40 39 00 66
2/10 35 38 37 00 64
1/10 33 36 35 00 62

Range and Magic Attack are both -10, no matter your decay state.


At 150k, 60 gp per actual hit.


Dragon Square Shield

(beats Crystal Shield 8/10 except in range)

Cost: 300k - 400k

Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
50 52 48 00 50

Quests: Legends Quest
Level: 60 def

Granite Shield

Cost: 100k

Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
40 42 38 00 65

(beats Crystals 2/10 in range)

Level: 50 def, 50 str

Rune Kite Shield

Beats Crystal Shield 6/10 except in range

Cost: 50k

Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
44 48 46 00 46

40 Defence


Crystal Shield is THE anti-range shield. It beats every shield in range at ALL decay states except the granite shield. Even then, that's at 2/10. For melee defense, it's not too great. Mages could consider this to balance their weakness to Rangers in the wild.

Crystal Shield also lasts a long time in non PvP combat. Since many monsters people train melee usually hits zero (and not count to decaying the shield), the shield helps this out even further.

Jagex should consider raising the Defensive bonuses on the melee side to make it more tempting for people to use. Hard to justify the cost as most NPCs dont use range.

Crystal Halberd

Not released yet. Ilfeen talks of these when you ask to refresh your weapon.

Most likely, it'll be set up the opposite of the shield. Every time you don't do damage to the enemy (blue splat), your halberd will take a count hit. 250 count hits will have it decay once.

Tips and Tricks

You can't trade crystal weapons (either fully charged or used), UNLESS you just bought a brand new bow or shield from Islwyn. So long as you did not use that one (even once), it can be traded to someone else.

You can trade crystal seeds. So buy a crystal seed cheap on the forums if you lose your weapon then charge it at the elf Ilfeen.

Dropping a crystal weapon has no effect (disappears after a minute).

Crystal Weapons have undetermined value (it's likely the most expensive item in the game) that make it savable on death i.e you can die with it and keep it. Those that carry 1000s of arrows might appreciate this.

You can have more than one seed and crystal weapon. Example: I have 4 seeds I've charged into bows. So I only need to go back to the elf after using up the fourth bow.

Charge the shield 4 times before you start charging the bow. This saves you 400k is charging costs. WARNING: it takes A LONG time to decay the shield so may not be worth it.

Using bow on accurate is only slightly slower but saves on bows per kill.

Seeds only last on the ground for 1 minute (don't ask how I found that out).

If you thieve with crystal shield equipped, failure at thieving (i.e you take damage) counts against the shield. Probably a safe way to decay a shield on purpose.

Full Charge Exploit

For the moment, theres a way to always have a Crystal Bow or Shield at Full Charge (10/10). It was confirmed through Jagex Customer Support that this is a legal exploit, but that it may be fixed in the future.

Just as the Ring of Forging has the 140 smelting times attached to your character and not the ring, so to is the decay of the bow and shield attached to your character. The count is 250, use the shield or bow 250 times and it decays one state (ex: from 5/10 to 4/10).

Here's the exploit then. Buy 2 or more crystal bows (either from Islwyn or a buy a crystal seed from another player to recharge). Use a Bow till its 9/10, well call this the Decay Bow. Now switch to your other Full Charge Bow that we'll call the Full Bow. Use it for about 240 times (couple of ways to track this). Switch to the decay bow. Use it till it decays which happens quickly. Switch back to the Full Bow to use again for 240 times. Once your decay bow becomes a seed, recharge it in order to use this exploit again. So, you'll still be paying for all your shots.

Benefit is you get to use a +100 Range, 25% Max Damage bow for almost all your 2500 shots.

The shield has a separate decay count from the bow.

Tracking Decay

Bow, count shots or count your kills but have a rough idea on shots per kill. Example: I can kill 14 Blue Dragons with my Full Bow before it decays. I just switch to my Decay Bow after dragon number 12, use it till it decays, then switch back to my Full Bow.

Shield, you can count red splats, or track your food use. Figure the average damage of monsters (it's half their max damage), multiply by 250. Ex: Daggonoths average 4 damage a hit, I'll heal 1000 hitpoints per decay, so after eating 90 tunas I'll switch to my decay shield which should last another 100 hitpoints.

Remember, you'll still have to pay for all your shots or hits. It's that most of these are with the more powerful item. Plus, it's easy to lose track of your count. Still, it offers a great opportunity to use the crystal bow and shield as a training weapon.

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