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Chompy birds are a delicacy loved by the Ogre race and make for some entertaining hunting. They are fun to hunt down but require some strategy and reflexes. Those who want to bring mayhem to the Chompy bird populations can earn some dazzling hats.

Requirements and Recommendations:

Quests Needed:
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Zogre Flesh Eaters (to use a Comp ogre bow)

Items Needed:
Ogre bow or Comp ogre bow, Ogre arrows or Brutal arrows, and Ogre bellows.

Items Recommended:
Hatchet (any kind), Knife, and Chisel if you wish to make your own Ogre arrows.

Hunting Chompies:

Chompy birds can be found in a few areas with in the Ogre territory, namely south of the Castle Wars arena and in the northeastern corner of the Feldip Hills.


Before you can start hunting Chompy birds, you will need to get hold of some bait, in this case Bloated toads. To acquire this kind of bait, use the Ogre bellows with the bubbles in the swamps near the hunting grounds and once filled up with gas use them on the nearby toads to inflate them. However, you can only have up to 3 of these toads in your inventory. Lower levels should watch out for the Wolves and Ogres that inhabit the swaps.


Equip your ogre bow and arrows to start hunting. Drop a Bloated toad in the Chompy hunting grounds (See the map above) to lure the Chompy birds out of the woods. After a few seconds, a Chompy bird will appear with a flashing yellow arrow about it. Quickly kill it with your ogre bow and arrows because it will run away as soon as it spots you. Sometimes, Chompy birds will not appear because they are not be impressed by your trap.

Chompy Bird


For each killed Chompy birds, you will automatically put a mark on your ogre bow as a proof of your kills. Once a bird has been killed you may also pluck it for some Raw chompy meat and Feathers. This is advised, if you wish to make some more ogre/brutal arrows.

With a certain number of kills comes an Ogre Rank and a Chompy hat. You can check how many birds you have killed by selecting the "Check kills" option on your Ogre bow or Comp ogre bow. Show the ogre bow to Rantz in the northeastern corner of the Feldip Hills to receive the following hats. However the first rank that will entitle you to a hat is the rank Ogre Bowman with the requirement of 30 kills.

Ogre Hat Ogre Rank Number of Kills
N/A Ogre Novice 1
N/A Novice 4
N/A Ogre Beginner 6
N/A Beginner 10
N/A Ogre Learner 15
N/A Learner 20
Ogre Bowman Hat Ogre Bowman 30
Bowman Hat Bowman 40
Ogre Yeoman Hat Ogre Yeoman 50
Yeoman Hat Yeoman 70
Ogre Marksman Hat Ogre Marksman 95
Marksman Hat Marksman 125
Ogre Woodsman Hat Ogre Woodsman 170
Woodsman Hat Woodsman 225
Ogre Forester Hat Ogre Forester 300
Forester Hat Forester 400
Ogre Bowmaster Hat Ogre Bowmaster 550
Bowmaster Hat Bowmaster 700
Ogre Expert Hat Ogre Expert 1000
Expert Hat Expert 1300
Ogre Dragon Archer Hat Ogre Dragon Archer 1700
Dragon Archer Hat Dragon Archer 2250
Expert Ogre Dragon Archer Hat Expert Ogre Dragon Archer 3000
Expert Dragon Archer Expert Dragon Archer 4000
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