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01 Jul 2017
16:55:19 UTC

freedom/anticipate didn't stop the leeching or have any effect whatsoever.

27 May 2017
14:06:46 UTC

excellent guide. ty!!

13 Dec 2016
17:55:06 UTC

with bandos+ drygores+extremes+ss it was too easy just pick few pray pots and sharks

13 Apr 2016
21:58:37 UTC

Please note that there is a bank in the main room of the final battle area before you enter into each of the storage rooms. Here you can alternate your fighting tactics - It should be included that the best way to defeat Enakhra is with Range **Melee is unadvised for Enakhra's fight** due to quick heals.

24 Feb 2016
22:32:39 UTC

never thought id die this much

21 Feb 2016
19:28:07 UTC

When you fight Enakhra try not to panic eat, the higher your health the more she steals, you'll find that with your health in the low 200s she'll only heal herself in the 30 range, Perfect for a full dharocks set so dont bother running around pillars there is not point.


Also, near the end where you have to dodge fireballs, if you die bank all you armor/weapons, just bring food. it will become very expensive paying death for your items back when you dont need them again for the rest of the quest

25 Nov 2015
14:44:54 UTC

enakhra is healing to fast

17 Oct 2015
22:25:25 UTC

such a depressing ending :