Examine Information:
I saw the witchdoctor, he told me what to do.
Miscellaneous Information:
You can talk to him to learn about Herblore Habitat, to turn special jadinko fruit into common fruit, to build structures for you in the habitat, or to ward-off unwanted jadinkos; each 15 minutes of warding off a specific Jadinko will cost you 1 Striped vine. Papa Mambo also runs a shop that sells several items. These include:
Marasamaw plant Noose wand Tinderbox Unlit torch
Juju vial of water Juju vial pack Rake Spade
Seed dibber Red blossom seed Blue blossom seed Green blossom seed
Plant pot Trowel Plant cure Secateurs
Watering can Bucket Basket Basket pack
Witchdoctor robes Witchdoctor legs Juju teleport spiritbag


This Data was submitted by: Knight and ChathMurrpau.

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