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08 Jul 2018
09:01:51 UTC

can buy from g.e if iron man lool....

09 Mar 2016
21:07:01 UTC

does anyone know why it doesn't work for me at the part with the meat getting dipped please pm me MuffinTimeD

26 Jun 2015
00:28:23 UTC

You can find all four in a relatively small area near Lumbridge. Get rat meat from the swamp southwest, chicken meat from the farm to the north, regular meat from the cows to the northeast, and then walk north a ways and get bear meat from a bear that wanders around a bit south of the mines southeast of Varrock. The bear is a bit tougher for a low-level to kill, so bring food if you're low level.

15 Apr 2015
14:00:43 UTC

or just buy all the things you need in ge...

30 Mar 2015
09:45:57 UTC

you can get everything by starting at lumbridge swamps and just walking to varrock, taking the mining side at the turn.

Super Fly
12 Jun 2014
06:30:37 UTC

Buy the meat at Rufus' Meat shop in Canfis, all are there!

07 Mar 2014
02:25:45 UTC

Among other places, Raw chicken and raw beef can be found around Lumbridge, raw rat meat can be found in Varrock sewers, and raw bear meat can be found on Black bears north and south of Varrock, and by Grizzly bears in Varrock sewers