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14 Oct 2017
20:12:14 UTC

Ok you could have said i needed to bring some coins 

19 Aug 2017
17:42:55 UTC

Why does step 9 say tele to varock when the chemist is south of fally?

22 Jul 2017
04:45:56 UTC

perfect guide. the guy gman is a idiot it tells u to take gold

01 Jul 2017
15:11:16 UTC

Guide is perfect

26 Jun 2017
07:49:46 UTC

Guide is very well made, it seems like some people took less time to read and more time to complain.

25 May 2017
19:08:44 UTC

No idea what these people are on about, guide is perfect

ghost ghy
19 Apr 2017
10:55:42 UTC

no map lol

15 Apr 2017
09:13:57 UTC

Guide sorely needs to be updated and proofread. Tons of missing information.

04 Apr 2017
04:15:08 UTC

says nothing about giving the right vials to the right NPCS... like really people?

18 Jan 2017
01:20:32 UTC

I've been trying to do quests without guides; honestly how are we supposed to guess that THAT's how they want us to distract the guards?!

11 Jan 2017
04:09:13 UTC

why is there no mention of the location of the delivery men?

13 Aug 2016
23:36:50 UTC

One of the best guides on here. Very clear and no problems what so ever. Tells you what to bring and when. Was dreading this quest but was very simple with guide!

11 Jul 2016
20:29:17 UTC

If you forget to give the vials to the three stooges you can drop the vials and use telegrab when you are inside to pass the guard. Saves you the run to rimmington again.

21 Jun 2016
10:38:22 UTC

One of the best guides I've read!

iron deantv
07 Jun 2016
21:52:02 UTC

Great guide :). bank the vials before teleporting, and everything will be fine. make sure you give them to the guys outside of the area before you leave.

07 Jan 2016
02:56:26 UTC

actually, you can drop the vials and head to the bank with out the vials breaking or disappearing.

20 Dec 2015
23:04:46 UTC

hey I gave them all the vials in rimmington and I went to get them back and I only got the honey and ethenea back! wtf?

01 Oct 2015
13:35:44 UTC

Pretty easy quest and doesn't deserve the "Long" length to be honest it was pretty fast if you're not walking all the way between cities of course.

18 Aug 2015
21:35:16 UTC

ahh! i diddnt realise that if you bring the potions directly to that part of varrock the beekeeper looking guy took them, great guide though!

14 Jul 2015
07:18:00 UTC

Thank you very much!

Weapon X
15 May 2015
19:16:02 UTC

Great guide! I love when the mini map is put on the picture showing where they are. 5 stars and a thumbs up!

Super Fly
03 Apr 2015
18:44:05 UTC

Great job!

24 Mar 2015
09:12:30 UTC

Quest guide is fine :) Tysm Runehq

Hand of Ada
04 Jan 2015
17:37:45 UTC

Quest guide is fine, nor problems found out exactly what I needed to do a completed the quest with no problems. Kuods for the boldened writing to indicate not to use teleports when holding the vials.


5/5 Would quest again!