Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Various teleport methods, Super/Energy potions, and weight reducing gear.
Guthix mjolnir, Saradomin mjolnir, Zamorak mjolnir, and various items (See tables below).
Starting Point:
Speak to Erin, the Silver merchant at the silver stall in East Ardougne.
  1. Once you've completed Making History, head back to the Silver merchant at the silver stall in East Ardougne. Ask him about the Enchanted key and he will tell you that you can use it find hidden treasures around Gielinor.

    Erin, the Silver merchant

  2. The Enchanted key will change temperature as you get closer or farther away from the treasure. To start locating a treasure you must "feel" the key. Next, walk a few steps into a direction and feel the key again. If it says warmer, keep walking in that direction while frequently feeling the key. If it says colder, then go back to your previous spot and walk into another direction. Once the key is steaming, dig with the Spade to receive the reward.

  3. Now, repeat the process to hunt down the next treasure. When you have located all of the treasures the key will stop changing temperature and lose its use.

Key Statuses:

When locating a treasure the Enchanted key will go through several stages of temperature. The list below shows the 8 main stages of temperature readings based on the distance to the treasure.

  • It's freezing: You have a long way to go.
  • It's very cold: Still a considerable way to go.
  • It's cold: Still far away, but closer.
  • It's warm: You are halfway there.
  • It's hot: Shouldn't be too much further.
  • It's very hot: You are close to the treasure.
  • Ouch! It's burning hot: You are almost there.
  • The key is steaming: Dig under your feet for the treasure.

If you feel the key more than frequently, then the key's status will contain a second part, indicating whether the distance to the treasure's location has increased or decreased with regard to the temperature reading. The list below shows the 3 additional stages of temperature readings based on the distance to the last reading.

  • That's warmer than last time: You are getting closer to the treasure than before
  • That's the same temperature as last time. The distance to the treasure is still the same.
  • That's colder than last time: You are getting farther away than before.


In total, there are 22 locations where treasures are buried. The first 11 locations are unlocked upon completing of the Making History quest and the other 11 are unlocked after the Meeting History.

Making History Locations:

Upon completing the Making History quest, you unlock the first 11 locations where a treasure is buried. Amongst these treasures, you will discover the Guthix mjolnir, the Saradomin mjolnir, and the Zamorak mjolnir. The first treasure to be hunted down, will always be the one in located in Rellekka. The order in which you must locate the other treasures differs from player to player.

Map Location Reward
Rellekka Northwest of the log crossing to the Carnillian Mansion found southeast of Rellekka 10 Mithril ores
20 Steel arrows
15 Law runes
Grand Exchange Next to the southwest pillar in the centre of the Grand Exchange. 39 Pure essence
10 Mithril arrows
15 Law runes
Al Kharid Al Kharid, near the ponds west of the entrance to the Duel Arena. 40 Pure essence
10 Mithril ores
Zamorak mjolnir
Lumbridge Lumbridge Swamp, southeast of the Water altar. 29 Pure essence
20 Steel arrows
20 Mind runes
Zoo South of East Ardougne's zoo, near the road leading to the Tower of Life. 36 Pure essence
15 Iron ores
30 Fire runes
Spirit Tree Tree Gnome Stronghold, northwest of the Spirit tree. 39 Pure essence
20 Iron arrowtips
30 Water runes
Falador West of the Clan Camp meeting tent, south of Falador 20 Iron arrows
5 Earth runes
Saradomin mjolnir
Ice Mountain Southwest of the Body altar, west of the Barbarian Village. 10 Mithril ores
15 Iron ores
45 Earth runes
Tree Gnome Stronghold Entrance West of the entrance to Tree Gnome Stronghold, northwest of the Oupost. 40 Pure essence
20 Iron arrowtips
20 Fire runes
Port Sarim South of Port Sarim. 15 Iron ores
20 Mithril arrows
15 Death runes
Exam Centre Southeast of Varrock, just west of Exam Centre. 40 Pure essence
15 Iron ores
Guthix mjolnir

Meeting History Locations:

By completing the Meeting History, you gain access to an additional 11 locations where treasures are buried. Unlike the random order of the Making History treasures, the order in which you must locate these treasures is fixed. In the table below, the locations are shown in the order in which you have to hunt them down.

Map Location Reward
Gnome Ball Field Just west of the Crystal tree southeast of the Gnome Ball field in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. 510 Coins
3 Gold charms
15 Law runes
20 Mithril arrows
Shantay Pass South of Al Kharid, under the tent at the Shantay Pass. 530 Coins
3 Gold charms
3 Uncut sapphires (noted)
10 Pure essence (noted)
Brimhaven Brimhaven, on the coast northwest of the entrance to the Brimhaven Dungeon. 560 Coins
1 Green charm
5 Cosmic runes
2 Uncut emeralds (noted)
Rift North of the Grand Exchange beacon in level 7 Wilderness. 650 Coins
1 Green charm
1 Uncut ruby (noted)
10 Pure essence (noted)
Shilo Village North of Shilo Village, at the Nature Altar Mine. 750 Coins
2 Green charms
10 Cosmic runes
30 Mithril arrows
Feldip Hills Feldip Hills, just west of the Hunting Expert's hut. 800 Coins
30 Gold charms
1 Crimson charm
15 Nature runes
Agility Pyramid Desert east of Sophanem, south of the Agility Pyramid. 830 Coins
1 Crimson charm
5 Death runes
2 Uncut rubies (noted)
Wilderness Bandit Camp Level 36 Wilderness, near the teleport obelisk north of the Bandit Camp. 950 Coins
2 Crimson charms
15 Chaos runes
3 Uncut emeralds (noted)
Clan Wars Level 26 Wilderness, near the Green dragons west of Daemonheim. 950 Coins
1 Blue charm
5 Gold bars (noted)
20 Pure essence (noted)
Death Plateau Death Plateau, on the ridge north of the Thrower trolls accessible by climbing the cliffside in the northeastern corner of the area with the Thrower trolls. 1010 Coins
1 Blue charm
10 Blood runes
20 Pure essence (noted)
Scorpion Pit Level 71 Wilderness, in the middle of the Scorpion Pit west of Rogues' Castle. 1100 Coins
2 Blue charms
10 Death runes
15 Gold bars (noted)


Mjolnirs are god spears. There are 3 types mjolnirs, each tipped with the symbol of the corresponding God. They are two handed crush weapons and tradable. When wielded, they give a +22 damage bonus and increase your accuracy by 110.

Name Image Where found
Guthix mjolnir Guthix mjolnir Found on the western side of RuneScape, in this location.
Saradomin mjolnir Saradomin mjolnir Found in the middle of RuneScape, in this location.
Zamorak mjolnir Zamorak mjolnir Found on the eastern side of RuneScape, in this location.
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