Quests Required:

Curse of Zaros
Desert Treasure (Up to where you get Ring of visibility)
Fight Arena
Restless Ghost
Items Needed:
Ghostly Robes (Full set), Amulet of ghostspeak, Ring of visibility, 45 Coins, Food, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Recommended:
2000 Slayer XP and the Shadow sword.

Starting Point:
Speak to ghost of General Khazard, southeast of Rellekka.

Speak with the ghost of General Khazard. He can be found wandering the area to the southWest of the swaying tree. WARNING: He does not show up on the map as an NPC, and he moves around a lot. he can be tricky to find.

General Khazards' Location

  1. Speak to him untill he gives you the option to say "Uh, well, you don't really have eyes so how can you tell?" He will say that it doesn't matter, but you cannot be trusted. Say "I'm a very trustworthy person."

  2. He will tell you to go visit the "Sin Seer" who can be found on the same floor of the same house as the spinning wheel in seers village.

    Sin Seer

  3. Click the "Bribe" option to bribe her 40 coins to aid your cause. The Sin Seer will give you a note to take back to the ghost of General Khazard, in the same location southeast of Relleka.

    General Khazard Chat

  4. General Khazard gives you a mission to talk with 4 of his scouts and give them each a message. The four scouts are located at: Immediately south of the shantay pass, Northeast of the Falador/Draynor farming patches, Southeast of Tai Bwo Wannai, and directly south of the gate to the gnome stronghold.

    Visit all four scouts to give them their messages.

    Location Scout 1

    Location Scout 2

    Location Scout 3

    Location Scout 4

  5. After delivering all 4 messages, the General will tell you to go to a cave near where the fish-men gather. This is the goblin cave just east of the entrance to the fishing guild, north of ardougne.

    Fishing Guild

  6. If you do not have your food, armor, and weapon with you, get it now. You will be fighting a level 90 Bouncer, and you cannot use prayer against it.

    Enter the cave, and go to the very north-east room. In the southern wall is a crack. Once you are fully prepared for the fight, enter the room. You will see a (very) short miniclip about the Bouncer, and how General Khazard has once again thwarted your plans.


  7. Once you kill him, you will throw the severed leg given to you by the General, and the dog will chase it and get stabbed in the back by you.

    Congratulations, Mini-quest Completed!

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