Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
The only Miniquest requirement is completion of Thok It To 'Em before you can complete Thok Your Block Off.
Items Needed:
You must have no items equipped or in your inventory.
Starting Point:
Speak with Skaldrun in Daemonheim once you have unfrozen him.

Table of Contents:


To start the Sagas, you must first unfreeze Skaldrun from a random frozen floor of complexity level 2 or higher. To unfreeze him, you light a fire next to him with logs and a Tinderbox or cast a fire spell on him. Once he has been rescued, you must speak to him fully before he will return to the surface. Once he has returned to the surface, he will be found West of the Gorajo hoardstalker and you can speak to him to start the Sagas.

Start Saga

These Sagas can be completed multiple times. However, you will only gain the full rewards the first time you complete them. During future replays, you will only receive Dungeoneering tokens. For each Saga there is a base number of tokens you will receive for completion. Unfortunately, with each successive replay, your reward will be reduced by 20% until after you have done it 4 times, as you will always earn at least 20% of the base token reward. This token reduction will reset daily at midnight Game Time.

When you lobby during a saga, if you have reached a checkpoint, you will be able to continue from that point when you ask Skaldrun about that story once again. Be aware that you cannot have more than one story going at a time. So, if you have started and reached a check point in one saga, if you choose to start another one, all progress will be lost in the first saga.


To be able to start the Sagas, there are several objects that must be found within a regular dungeon beforehand. These items serve to jog Skaldrun's memory. So, if you haven't found the object, you can't tell him about it and remind him. These items and their possible floors are:

Saga Item Floors
Three's Company Bearskin (often near Skaldrun) 1-11
Vengeance Collection of Swords 12-21
Nadir Damaged Device 18-22
Thok it to 'Em Scribbled Notes 30-40
Thok your block off Rock and Twine Bundle 36-40

After finding these objects, you will always need to talk with Skaldrun about each one before the option to complete it will become available. Note that he will only remember 1 item at a time, so it is not advised to wait to talk to him until after you have found all 5 objects. It is perfectly acceptable to wait to complete The Sagas until you have access to them all though.


Each Saga has an abridged and unabridged version. You may play the abridged version of a Saga if you don't have the required levels, however, the reward you receive will be less. By playing the unabridged version, you gain the rewards for both versions. Completing the unabridged version of the Sagas is also a requirement for: Hard Daemonheim Tasks and Master quest cape, as well as the (Trimmed) Completionist cape.

The Sagas

Because each Saga is complete once you make it to the end, the specific actions that you must perform in order for it to be an unabridged completion will be noted at the introduction of each one. These actions are also either included or noted within each Saga at the point they can be completed or skipped.

Also, be aware that that Three's Company is the ONLY Saga that Free Players can complete. All other Sagas are Members only.

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Three's Company

For an unabridged completion, you must complete the following actions during the Saga...

  • Investigate the rocky debris as Sir Owen and collect ore.
  • Collect 2 Heim Crabs and a Gold charm - Use them on the summoning Obelisk (located in the room with the bridge after the ice puzzle room) and talk to the Gorajo familiar.
  • Pick up the Broken Sword in the Agility puzzle room. It will crumble to rust, but save some ore.
  • Pick up the Fractite pickaxe as Sir Owen and mine the Zephyrium rock for ore.

In this Saga you will be controlling Ozan, Sir Owen, and Araine. If anyone of these people die in the dungeon, it will end the Saga and you must start over. This is because, in the story you are being told, all 3 people survive. They will all start with 320 of 800 health. Be aware that Human enemies will focus their attacks on you, while animals will focus on your allies. You can swap between who you are by clicking their image in the top left corner, or by right-clicking the person and choosing the "switch" option. As you swap people, the other 2 will follow you. Right-clicking also offers the "wait"/"call" and "talk to" options.

The map below indicates which room each step takes place in, for easy reference.

You Are Here

  1. You will appear in the start room of this dungeon as Sir Owen. Collect the 4 Dusk eels in the North East corner and either spread them amongst the team or keep them on the main person you are controlling. Then enter the South door as Ariane. Before going in, open her spell book and select her active spell. You will need to do this EVERY time you swap to her.

    Here we go!

  2. In the next room, you will find: a wolf and 3 bandits (2 melee and 1 ranged). Step into the room, right-click the ranged bandit and choose to "mark" him, this will cause everyone in your group to target this enemy. Once they are dead, move onto another bandit, then the last one, and finally the wolf. Once all of the enemies are killed, pick up the gold charm, 2 Heim crabs (do not eat if you are doing unabridged!), and a Dusk eel. Change to Sir Owen and check the Rocky debris in the North West corner, he should find come Novite ore. Swap to Ozan and open enter the next room to the South.

    Fight Begins

  3. This room is an icy pressure pad puzzle that is never the same each time you complete this Saga. The goal is to stand on each one of the 4 pressure pads to unlock the door. You can slide both straight and diagonally. Attempting this puzzle with Sir Owen or Ariane will result in them slipping and Ozan making fun of them. Once you have made it through the door on the East side, Sir Owen and Ariane will teleport with him into the next room.

    Ice Ice Baby!

  4. Upon entering the next room, swap to Ariane as soon as possible. There will be 2 archer bandits (one on either side of the walkway) and a wolf in the middle. Start with the bandits and finish by killing the wolf. Once the room is clear, use the Summoning obelisk near the West door to call a Cub skinweaver. Ariane will speak with it and then tell the others briefly what she learned. Enter the door to the East.


  5. Here you will find a Runecrafting flip puzzle. As you should still be Ariane, simply use her to complete it. If you had swapped players at some point, become Ariane and complete the puzzle. When you choose to "Imbue" a tile, it and one tile at each of the 4 directions will all flip over to the opposite side (like a + sign), from green to yellow or vice versa. Choosing to "Force" a tile will change just that one tile to the other color, at the cost of some of her health so use it sparingly. Note that it will be possible to complete the board without having to force any tiles, but there is no perk for doing such. The puzzle is complete, and the door unlocks when the entire board is 1 color, be it green or yellow. Open the door to the North and prepare to go in.

    Imbue The Force

  6. In this next room you will find 3 Mysterious shades. It is not necessary to kill them, however, doing so may provide your team with more Dusk eels. If you decide to kill them, it is recommended to do so as Ozan since they are weak to Ranged. Otherwise, choose your healthiest person to run in and grab the Green rectangle key on the East side of the pond. Be sure to tell the other 2 to wait in the Flip tile room so that they are not hit by the shades. Once you have the key, and potentially more food, return to the Start room either by walking or using the Home Teleport; remember to use Ozan to travel through the Icy room if you decide to walk.

    First Key

  7. Now back at the Start room, unlock and enter the Green rectangle room to the East. Once inside you will find 2 pressure pads. Place Ozan and Sir Owen each on one of the pads; it does not matter who is on which one. Then use Ariane to Imbue energy on the Runed door.

    Let A Lady Get This

  8. Upon imbuing the door, Ariane will be teleported into and trapped within the next room. Pick up the Crimson triangle key in the South West corner. Next right-click one of the large round crystals and choose the "get premonition" option. This will cause 6 dust clouds to appear on several of the crystals in the room. You will notice that they are in a specific order; this order will always be the same, however, you must get at least one premonition or you will be shocked even if you touch the correct first crystal. Now that you have learned the order, you must touch each of these crystals in that specific order.
    1. South - red
    2. West - blue
    3. West - blue
    4. North - green
    5. West - green
    6. South - yellow
    Touching one out of turn will cause damage to Ariane. You can get multiple premonitions to learn the order, you are not limited on how many times you can watch it. Note that getting a premonition will "reset" which crystals you have touched so far. Once you have completed the puzzle, return to the start room with Ozan and Sir Owen in tow. You will need to right-click and "call" them to get them moving again.


  9. Now back at the Start room, unlock and enter the Crimson triangle room to the North. In this room you will find 2 archer bandits and a wolf. Enter as Ariane (remember to make sure you have your spell set) and mark one of the bandits, kill him then the other bandit and finally the wolf. With the room now clear, swap to Ozan and enter the door to the East.

    Unlocked Again

  10. On the East side of the room you will notice a Guard standing next to the door. The aim here is to charm the guard into not guarding the door. To do so, Ozan will need to use the following chat options.
    1. [Charm]What are you guarding?
    2. Isn't guarding a door in these dungeons a little...redundant?
    3. Who put you up to guarding the door?
    4. Why are you bothering to guard it?
    Now that the conversation is complete, the guard will walk to the nearby farming patch to grow potatoes and you are free to open the door. Swap to Sir Owen and enter the room.

    Way Better Than Guarding

  11. In this room you will find a statue matching puzzle. The goal here is to make the placements of the South statues match those in the North half of the room. Tell Ozan and Ariane to wait in the middle or Northern end of the room. Not doing so can make it difficult to move the statues appropriately because they can get in the way. To move the statues, stand on one side of the statue and click to push. Alternatively, you can right-click and choose to "pull" the statue. Once they are all in the correct position the doors will unlock.

    South Like North

  12. This step and the next one can be skipped if you do not wish to complete the Saga Unabridged. Still as Sir Owen, open the door to the East. Inside you will find another pond with 3 Mysterious shades around it and a Fractite pickaxe in the South Eastern corner. Simply run in and grab the pickaxe then leave. Alternatively, if you wish, you can swap to Ozan and call Ariane so that the 3 of you can fight the shades and potentially collect more Dusk eels. Now that you have the pickaxe, return to previous room with the Potato farming guard and mine the Zephyrium rock in the North West corner. The Eastern room will now be complete. Swap to Ozan and enter the Northern door.

    Bonus Feature Two

  13. Within this room you will find an agility course. Walk Ozan on to the grooves on the floor, under the blades, past the swinging pendulum, and finally past the spinning blades. Of these, the spinning blades is the only one you have to do anything special to pass safely. You will be safe from as long as you stand as far away from it as possible when running past. Now through the maze, investigate the Broken longsword in the South Eastern corner. Upon picking it up, it will disintegrate and leave you with Bathus ore. Walk around the outer wall of the room and go through the door in the South West corner before rejoining the others.

    Bonus Feature Three

  14. Swap to Ariane and enter the Southern room. Before entering, remember to open the spell book and set her main spell! Inside the Southern room you will find 3 bandits, one melee and two ranged. Enter the room and kill them all. Once the room is clear, enter the Eastern door. You can enter this room as any of them.

    To The End

  15. Inside this room you will find the final key, the Gold crescent key, in the South East corner. Near the North West corner, you will also find Pikkupstix sitting on the floor. Grab the key and talk to Pikkupstix. You can ask him about why Carn left him here and if he is injured, but make sure you tell him to leave the dungeon. Then return to the room just North of the start room.

    Last Key

  16. Open the final door and inside you will find Carn with 2 polar bears and a behemoth that seems to be under some sort of spell. You will be given 3 options on whom can reply to Carn, pick whichever you like as these choices do not affect the outcome of the Saga; alternatively, you can choose to end the conversation and move on to the fight. Once the conversation is complete, attack the polar bears first, they must be killed before you can damage Carn. Be sure to stand on either side of the door on what appear to be mats (as seen in the image). These are areas that will be safe from the rocks the behemoth will cause to fall from the ceiling. Once the fight with Carn has ended, you will need to choose what should be done with the behemoth; once again, your choice does not affect the saga.

    Boss Fight

  17. When you have made your choice, a conversation will take place, then you will appear back in Daemonheim with Skaldrun where you will receive your reward.


Congratulations! You have completed the Three's Company Saga!

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For an unabridged completion, you must complete the following actions during the Saga...

  • Find and talk to Argax, allowing her to die peacefully or telling her to keep fighting.
  • Confront Korel about the key, either sparing him or punishing him.
  • Talk to Peleas after examining the remains of his lover Shianna, either lying to comfort him or telling the truth about her death.

In this Saga you will be controlling a Forgotten warrior whose party was savagely attacked by a group of 4 adventurers. Travel with her as she attempts to gain vengeance for her murdered brother, Taevas. Should she die during this saga, the story will end and you will need to start again. Despite having a health bar that has a maximum of 1900 points, the highest you can raise her health is 760; eating Giant flatfish will gain 100 life points each.

The map below indicates which room each step takes place in, for easy reference.

You Are Here

  1. You will appear in the start room of this dungeon as Kay Thanxby who is accompanied by: Lotheria Seldorina, Lola Wut, and Ican Haz. Because Ican will have already grabbed the food, you will simply need to walk to the Southern door and enter it.

    And So We Begin...

  2. In the next room there are 4 level 105 Forgotten warriors. Enter and help the team kill them. Once the last one falls, the screen will darken and Skaldrun will continue the story from another perspective.


  3. You will now find yourself as one of the Forgotten warriors that the team just fought. Once the conversation with Taevas concludes, you will notice that you are poisoned. So be sure to keep an eye on your health! Go into the start room and speak with Orin. You will now be given the choice to be Ruthless (Keep the fish, you need your strength) or Noble (Give Orin the fish, he needs it more than you do). Note that these choices do alter the outcome of the story.

    This Seems Different

  4. Now that you have the key, regardless of how you acquired it, walk back into the room where you left Taevas and open the Southern door. Inside you will find Lotheria Seldorina. You can choose once again to be Ruthless (Attack her from the shadows by standing behind a pillar until she walks by) or to be Noble (Fight her head-on). As she is a ranger, she should go down without much of a fight. Once she is dead, you will obtain her Ring of Kinship and some food. You will now need to solve the flip puzzle. When you choose to "Imbue" a tile, it and one tile at each of the 4 directions will all flip over to the opposite side (like a + sign), from green to yellow or vice versa. Choosing to "Force" a tile will change just that one tile to the other color, at the cost of some of your health so use it sparingly. Note that it will be possible to complete the board without having to force any tiles, but there is no perk for doing such. The puzzle is complete, and the door unlocks, when the entire board is 1 color - be it green or yellow.

    First Enemy Down

  5. With the puzzle complete, enter the room to the East. Inside you will see a Blue triangle key door to the North and another door to the East. You will also find 2 spiders inside. Kill them if you wish, doing so will earn you some food to help keep her alive a bit longer. Once you have decided to kill the spiders or not, open the door to the East.

    Pit Stop

  6. Inside the next room is Ican Haz near a Summoning obelisk. Behind the obelisk you will notice a blue lever; pulling it will summon a horde of Skeletons to maul him (Ruthless) or you can choose to saunter in and battle him yourself (Noble). Once he has been defeated, you will find some food, his Ring of Kinship, and the Blue triangle key. Return to the previous room and open the door to the North.

    Half Way There

  7. Opening the Blue triangle door, you will see a shadow of your dead brother Taevas goading you into killing the 2 Hellhounds that are within the room. If you do choose to give into his words and kill them, they will each drop an antipoison elixir. This potion will temporarily stall your poisoning. Note that if you get bitten by a spider, it will null the effects of this potion.

    Drink It Up

  8. Enter the room to the North. Here you will find several shadows of your dead brother screaming for vengeance as well as a lone spider and Argax. Speak with Argax and choose to either let her die since she has earned her rest (Noble) or to keep her awake and make her fight for life (Ruthless).

    Fare Thee Well

  9. Once she has passed, walk into the room to the East. Here you will find Salen and Lesk slain, along with your shadow brother. Then enter the room to the South, where you will find 5 levers around the room. Pull each one in turn to unlock the next door. Once you have pulled the 1st lever, you have approximately 20 seconds to unlock the rest before you are hit with damage and they reset.


  10. With the door unlocked, walk through the Western door and either kill the spider and hellhound within, or simply continue on into the Northern room. In this next room you will find Korel kneeling around the Western side of the room. Walk over and speak with him. You will learn that he sacrificed the key he had to save his own life. You can either kill him to prevent him from harming others again (Ruthless) or choose to spare him as he has learned his lesson (Noble).

    Trade a Key For a Life

  11. In the next room you will find the warrior from the initial group, named Lola Wut. If you follow her, she will wander a counter-clockwise path through 4 rooms, see red arrows in the image below. Once again you are left with a choice: attack her outright (Noble) or Poison her (Ruthless). If you wish to poison her...
    • Wait until she continues on to the North East room.
    • After she is out of the first room, step inside and walk to the East. Here you will find a Collection of bottles.
    • Grab a bottle of poison and walk into the West room.
    • Just North of the door you will see a fishing spot, use the poison on it then return to the first room and follow Lola Wut on her path, careful not to let her see you.
    • She will eventually make her way to the fishing spot, where she will catch and eat one of the fish. This will knock her down to 1 life point.
    • Attack her and the usual "let me tell you about my brother before killing you" scene will occur.
    Killing Lola Wut will give you her Ring of Kinship, some food, Taevas' engagement ring, and the Crimson rectangle key.


  12. If you are completing the unabridged version of the Saga, while you are in these rooms you should investigate Shianna's body (found in the South West room) then speak with Peleas (North East room). You can choose to lie to him, thus giving him comfort at the end (Noble) or you can tell him the truth, so he can understand their brutality (Ruthless).

    Such a Tragic Love Story

  13. When you are ready to move on, unlock the Crimson rectangle door in the North West corner. You will travel through one more room of your slain comrades. In the last room you will find Kay Thanxby.

    For the fight she will occasionally teleport around the room making it so you will have to chase her down and attack her again.

    If you can manage to hit her when she is teleporting she will say "Oof!" and be hit for higher than normal damage; this can be achieved by clicking on her when she says "Catch me if you can!". Unfortunately, if you fail to hit her during her teleportation, she will cast entangle followed by 2 rapid magic attacks that can hit up to about 400 damage combined, before temporarily becoming non-aggressive.

    Be sure to heal up as much as possible, maximum health of 760, before entering the fight and you should have no problem defeating her without dying so long as you manage to interrupt her teleportation.

    You're Going Down!

  14. With Kay now defeated you will confront her. You will always be presented with 4 options (listed below), however, depending on what choices you have made, not all options can be chosen; none of these change your reward. You can be too Noble, too Ruthless, or too neutral. Also note that if you have not completed the unabridged version of this saga on this pass through, you will only have 2 options that will cause you to kill Kay outright.
    • Confront Kay's lies, show her the corpses. (Noble)
    • Refuse to acknowledge Kay's lies.
    • Accept her apology, giving her a quick death.
    • Make her suffer. (Ruthless)

    Decisions, Decisions

  15. When you have made your choice, a conversation/cutscene will take place, then you will appear back in Daemonheim with Skaldrun where you will receive your reward.


Congratulations! You have completed the Vengeance Saga!

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For an unabridged completion, you must complete the following actions during the Saga...

  • Collect a total of 9 complete memories from: Hearthen the merchant, Captain Toma, and Lord Yudura.
  • Do not let your adrenaline reach 0% from the beginning of the Warped floors until Bilrach's room.
  • Correctly answer all the questions posed by Captain Toma's and Yudura's henchmen:
    • "Got something to get off your chest, soldier? Be my guest."
    • "Ask me later, Druf. I have no time for you right now."
    • "Tell them to wait there, and no practice until I return."
    • "Cut off their hands."
    • "Kill him, or I will kill you."
    • "His body is on the floor above. Fetch it yourself, I am busy."

In this Saga you will play as Moia, a Mahjarrat half-breed, as she tries to prove her worth to her commander, Lucien. Tasked with hunting a lost Mahjarrat, her journey takes her to Daemonheim and beneath, culminating in events that pave the way for the final chapter in the Daemonheim story to be told.

  1. This saga begins with a large amount of cut-scenes. Initially you will find yourself with Lucien and Zemouregal at the ritual site investigating some odd markings. After a brief conversation, you will be told to inspect the area more. This is merely a diversion meant for them to be able to have a conversation without you involved. When they have finished talking, feel free to eavesdrop, you will be called back over and given a new mission: find Bilrach.

    And So We Begin...

  2. Hundreds of years will pass and you will find yourself entering the lands around Daemonheim. Walk North West up the stairs toward the entrance. As you do this another cut-scene will occur where a warrior and a merchant briefly talk about his wares and payment. When the scene concludes, walk toward the merchant and prepare for interrogation via puzzle.

    First Impressions

  3. In this puzzle you will be placing 3 probes into the mind of your victim. You are searching for hidden memories within their mind. To find them, sweep your cursor around the memory field until the circle around the pointer flashes rapidly, then click; be aware that the placement of hidden memories will always be different for each playthrough. This will place your probe. The only indication you have for how close to your goal you hit the bars at the bottom of the box. It will fill a bar completely if you have hit it, fill it half way if you were close, and not fill at all if missed horribly. Be aware that it is highly advised to turn off any RuneScape music and to turn up the volume for this puzzle. You will be able to hear a difference in the noise made when your cursor is hovering over a sweet spot; from a low pitch hum to a quick, higher pitched one. Be aware that failing to at least partially capture these hidden memories means that the chat options needed later may not be available. So, don't just click willy-nilly.

    It Is All Starting to Fade

  4. Once you have stolen his memories, you will kill him and take his place. Walk North and climb down one of the Dungeoneering entrances.

    Nothing Unusual Here

  5. You will now find yourself on the frozen floors of Daemonheim. Enter the Eastern door and a cut-scene involving Captain Toma giving orders to his underlings will occur. Walk toward him and try to enter the door beyond him. Partway there you will decide that it is a bad idea and turn around, but you've already been spotted. Captain Toma will recognize that you do not belong here, and now you must take his memories and life as well. The interrogation will play out the same way as before.

    Oh Captain My Captain

  6. Once you have taken on the captain as a new disguise, you will briefly speak with a mage that walks into the room. When he leaves, walk through the Eastern door, then the Southern one. In the next room you will be stopped momentarily by another underling asking about the supplies on the surface. You will tell him to go up and help if he so desires before moving on and quietly chastising yourself for being so out of "your" character. Exit through the door farther South, you will now have reached a check point and the Furnished floors.

    Stay In Character

  7. Enter the door to the East and you will be stopped by a warrior who wishes to take his next sentry duty with you on the surface. Reply to him with: "Got something to get off your chest, soldier? Be my guest." He will then walk away pleased with your answer. Now move on to the next room to the South then the one to the West.

    Next Shift

  8. In this next room you will be stopped once again. However, this time it is by a mage who is asking about his transfer request. The response you need to use here is "Ask me later, Druf. I have no time for you right now." He will then apologize for interrupting you and move out of your way. With the conversation finished, walk through the door to the South.

    Next Shift

  9. This room also holds people who wish for your attention. This time though, it is a whole group of them. It seems that Captain Toma is meant to witness them at combat practice. Inform the warrior that he is to "Tell them to wait here, and no practice until I return." You will now be free to enter the next 2 doors to the West.

    Break Time

  10. The screen will darken and you will find yourself in more Furnished floors. Enter the 2 doors to the South. When you enter the second one you will be confronted by a dangerous figure. He will tell you to come closer in the intent of capturing you, most likely for experimentation, unfortunately for him he doesn't realize what you are capable of. You will teleport closer and begin to interrogate him as you have done the last 2.

    Last Memories

  11. Unlike the others, however, Yudura will now fight you for what you have taken from him. As he is a Necrolord he may summon zombies to fight with him, simply ignore them and focus on Yudura as once he is dead they will disappear. When you have defeated him, you will take his outfit as a disguise. Walk through the door to the South to reach the next checkpoint, as well as the Occult themed floors.

    I Will Rip Off Your Limbs

  12. Walk through the East door, followed by the South and the questions will start again. This time you are asked by another Necrolord what he should do about his unruly slaves. Tell him to "Cut off their hands." He will thank you for your excellent advice and wander off to start chopping. You can now continue through the South door and then the West door.

    Just a Flesh Wound

  13. Here you will find another question. This time, however, the issue is that one of the Necrolords is dealing with someone else using his slaves. Such outrage! Tell him "Kill him, or I'll kill you." and he will walk off to deal with his problem. Continue on West and then South.

    Stop Stealing My Slave

  14. You will now walk into the room with your final question. Here you learn what Yudura had in mind when he invited you closer. It seems that he was told to bring a body for an experiment of some kind. When asked where the body is, you will need to reply "His body is on the floor above. Fetch it yourself, I am busy." He will wander off complaining about your laziness. You are now free to travel through East doors twice.

    That Explains a Lot

  15. In the second room you will find 2 portals along the North wall draining them will raise your health to 9,900. This can be done with one, but you are able to drain both. With the portal(s) drained and your health maxed, walk through the door to the South and you will find a Hooved mage. When you step into the room it will travel into the next. Follow it into the room to the East.

    Heal Baby

  16. Here they will discover that you aren't whom you appear to be and sound the alarms. Since you will not be able to disguise yourself as it, your only option is to kill it using magic and melee attacks. If your adrenaline bar falls to 0, you will no longer be able to use magic attacks and will fall back to using a dagger. In order to refill this bar, and your health, simply drain another portal. Portals can only be used once as they will not refill. Be aware that interrupting the drain will not stop the portal from disappearing and you will not fully receive the benefits from it.

    Can't Take This One

  17. You will notice that the Hooved mage goes down rather quickly. Refill your adrenaline using the portal along the East wall then go through the East door. Be sure that before you enter, you set your main spell via your spell book. Inside you will find 4 warriors and 2 rangers. Kill them and move on through the Eastern door once again. You will now have reached the Warped floors and your next checkpoint.

    They Go Down Like Flies

  18. From this point forward, you MUST keep your adrenaline bar above 0 if you wish to complete this Saga as unabridged. If necessary, you can lobby, log back in, and resume the saga from your last checkpoint to reset your adrenaline. Be aware that it means you will need to start back over from this step and progress to the end.

    While there is a portal in this entrance room, it is not necessary to drain it as your energy should more than sufficient at the moment, however, choosing to drain it will not harm you either. Before entering, especially if you lobbied to reset, ensure that your auto-cast spell has been selected. Then enter the room to the South where you will find 3 warriors and 2 rangers. Kill all 5 of them, splitting them up to kill 1 or 2 at a time will help you avoid becoming overrun and losing excessive health.

    First Ones

  19. Enter the door to the East and you will notice a warrior, mage, and ranger flee into the next room and lock the door with a Silver shield key. Drain the portal just North of the door, then unlock the door with your power; or unlock the door then go drain the portal, depending on how much energy you have. If you have not drained the entrance room portal you can choose to go back and drain it to keep usable portals closer. Once you have unlocked the door, enter and kill the 3 warriors, ranger, and mage before continuing through the Southern door. Note there is another portal just North of the door you used to enter this room.

    No Door Can Stop Me

  20. Exiting to the South you will once again find some soldiers fleeing. In the next room you will find 2 warriors and 2 Hellhounds. Kill them then unlock the Green shield door to the West. If necessary, there is another portal on the Eastern wall of this room, as well as one on the Western wall in the previous room.

    Good Puppy

  21. In this next room you will face a ranger, mage, and 3 melee fighters. As per normal, kill them and move on to the room to the West. Be aware that there is a portal on both the North and South walls of this room. Before you move on, drain as needed. Go through the next 2 doors to the West, upon entering the second one, the screen will fade and you will find yourself in another section of the warped floors; your adrenaline bar will no longer decrease.

    Nearly There

  22. Walk through the bodies and wooden debris to the East door. Inside a cut-scene will begin where Moia confronts a babbling Bilrach. When the conversation ends, investigate the Ritual Marker and she will call Lucien to inform him of her progress. You will be given 4 reply options when he asks you about Bilrach:
    • Bilrach is alive and dangerous. - Lucien will tell you to kill him or to die trying, as an insane Mahjarrat cannot be trusted.
    • Bilrach is alive and not a threat. - Lucien will instruct you to bring Bilrach to him.
    • Bilrach is dead. - Lucien will be furious and threaten to kill you.
    • Bilrach is not here. - Lucien will be furious and threaten to kill you.
    How Did This Get Here

  23. When you have finished talking to Lucien, speak with Bilrach. You will find that he has moments of lucidity and this is one of them. You will have 5 bits of conversation to go through with him. You must choose all chat options to move on to the next step. It is suggested to start from the bottom of the list as the choices shuffle after you have chosen the first. Starting from the bottom minimized the amount of shuffle that takes place. The order of the initial list is as follows:
    1. How did you know I was talking to Lucien?
    2. Tell me of the portals and their power.
    3. How long have you been here?
    4. What is this place? What is it for?
    5. Why is the Ritual Marker here? - Remember to start with this question and move up the list.
    Some Options

  24. Once you have asked all the options you will be able to ask him "What happens now?" He will offer to teach you about power - true power. You will now be given 4 options that will affect the outcome of the Saga...
    • This place must be destroyed - She says she will tell the other Mahjarrat about it and destroy it, but Bilrach knocks her out before she can.
    • I'm taking all this for myself - She will try to take Bilrach's memories, as she did the others, but it knocks her out and Bilrach takes her with him.
    • (Lie) I will follow you - She follows Bilrach intending to betray him and claim all the power.
    • I will follow you - She goes with Bilrach to work with him.
    When you have made your choice the correlating cut-scene will play out then you will find yourself back in Daemonheim with Skaldrun where you will receive your reward.


Congratulations! You have completed the Nadir Saga!

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Thok It To 'Em

For an unabridged completion, you must complete the following actions during the Saga...

In this Saga you will play as Thok and will have a few special abilities. You will gain 250 life points and 25% adrenaline for every enemy killed or 1,000 life points and full adrenaline for killing a boss. You will also be able to eat body runes, raw food, and rune essence.

  1. As you enter this saga you will control Marmaros while he and Thok battle Stomp. You will be responsible for charging both lodestones, 3 times total, as Thok will do nothing more than hit him. Unfortunately, because you don't have a pickaxe, you will not be able to remove any rocks that are in the way. Be cautious to not let any of the falling stones hit you as they cause a large amount of damage. Once Stomp has been defeated, Marmaros will be knocked out and you will gain control of Thok. After making an honorable speech about saving Marmaros by battling all number of foes, Thok will decide that there must be something deeper in the dungeon that will help his brother. Climb down the stairs in the East corner to continue.

    And So We Begin...

  2. You will find yourself in front of a "Thing with Eyes" (Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan), attack it. Running behind one of the pillars when you get the message "Eyeball thing glowing now." in your chatbox. The fight should be relatively quick as Thok can hit nearly 2,000 damage. Once it is killed, Thok will add its eye to his trophy bag, along with Stomp's head from the last battle, and you will need to exit via the door to the East.

    Shadow Forger

  3. In this room you will find a "Silver wibbly thing" (Silver crescent door) on the North wall and a spirit exorcism door to the East. Try to go through the exorcism door and you will be told that you need level 10 prayer to pass. Thok thinks otherwise and basically forces the spirit occupying the door to leave despite not having a prayer level of 10.

    I Don't Need No Level 10 Prayer

  4. Now you must explore the surrounding dungeon, killing smaller enemies and a handful of bosses that you will encounter. Each star on the map indicates a key, and the corresponding rectangle is the door that key will open. All bosses, excluding the Warped Gulega attacking Pretty Lass, are optional to defeat unless you are going for the unabridged completion. While in the dungeon, there are several other things you can do just for fun (they are not required for the unabridged completion).
    • Fish Mini-marm. At some point Mini-marm may wander off, later returning with his claws dripping blood and the Ferret of Doom's head as a trophy; this will enable you to walk in the room crossed out on the map.
    • Mine Crumbly stuff, Promethium ore, and attempt to smelt it in the Dungeoneering "start" room. You will receive nothing for this.
    • Craft Body runes, Thok runes, by using the Crunchy rune rocks on the altar in the Dungeoneering "start" room. Eating one of these will increase your adrenaline by 10%.
    • Farm some "Not-meat" in a farming patch. Eating one will heal 20 points, even if your health is maxed.
    You Are Here

  5. Once you have made it to the final room you will encounter a Warped Gulega with the Pretty Lass. Save her from the monster then speak with her. Be sure to tell her about Marmaros and then take her to him.

    Damsel In Distress

  6. She will heal him and you will go on a quick errand to get Marmaros a splint and something cold to numb his wound with. Simply kill the Luminescent Icefiend and your mission will be complete.

    And A Splint

  7. You will then see a brief cutscene of Marmaros and Thok together once again before you find yourself back in Daemonheim with Skaldrun where you will receive your reward.


Congratulations! You have completed the Thok It To 'Em Saga!

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Thok Your Block Off

For an unabridged completion, you must complete the following actions during the Saga...

  • Make the "Best Thing Ever" from Promethium ore and Soulbell, then give it to Pretty Lass.
  • Fish Mini-marm and Mrs Mini-marm.
  • Kill at least 4 more monsters than Marmaros to win a glorious victory.

In this Saga you will once again be controlling Thok. However, in this saga you will be in a competition with Marmaros to see who can kill the most monsters. While this would normally be no contest, Thok has gotten his sword stuck in Bone Face's head and must now fight without it. So, the challenge is on! Who will come away victorious as Thok chases Bone Face to reclaim his sword?

Some details to be aware of: Thok heals and gains adrenaline when he kills enemies, he will be able to "upgrade" his fists during the saga by catching Mini-marm and Mrs Mini-marm, Thok can obtain a special item that will yield many fish by giving Pretty Lass the Best Thing Ever, all key doors lead to extra locations not required to finish the saga but are required for the unabridged version, and when you stop killing things because a room is clear, so does Marmaros - kill things as fast as possible to win.

  1. At the entrance of this Saga, we find the brothers Marmaros and Thok entering a room filled with enemies. Use Thok to help clear the room of 4 warriors, 2 rangers, and a mage. Once the room is clear the brothers will agree to a competition between the 2 of them: who can kill the most monsters on the next floor; a bar will now appear at the top of your screen which keeps count of your kills. Continue on through the West door to the Boss room.

    And So We Begin...

  2. Inside you will find Bone Face talking about how great it is to be a boss. Thok will charge forward, as per usual, and somehow manage to get his sword stuck in Bone Face's head. Before the sword can be retrieved, Bone Face runs off to the next floor and the brothers must follow. Climb up the ladder to the next floor. On the next floor Bone Face will run off through the North door. Seizing the opportunity, Marmaros bids farewell to his brother as he has a competition to win. It seems the competition is still on despite Bone Face having Thok's sword.

    We Go Our Separate Ways

  3. Determined to get his sword back, Thok must continue on. In the next several rooms Thok will follow on Bone Face's heels. Unfortunately, each new room poses several enemies to face. Enter the door to the North and fight a ranger, mage, and warrior. Then enter the West door to fight 3 warriors, 2 rangers, and a mage. You will also notice that there is a Bubbling spot in this room, which can be fished to gain some Sea meat to heal yourself with.

    Bring It On

  4. Enter the door to the West and you will find yourself in a timed room, kill everything as fast as possible! There will always be 5 enemies as long as the timer is running. Timer lasts approximately 25 seconds. This is a great opportunity to get a lead on Marmaros, so take advantage of it. Once you kill the last enemy, you will find an Orange shield key on the floor. If you are completing the unabridged version of the saga be sure to pick it up!

    Ready, Set, GO!

  5. Walk through the West door again, in this room you will find 5 spiders and 2 warriors, one of which is attacking a spider. When killing spiders Thok is likely to become poisoned. Unlike how most people become poisoned however, Thok will merely turn green... and be able to poison his enemies. When the room is clear you will hear Marmaros' voice. He can be seen through the hole in the wall to the South. After a brief conversation you will be free to continue through one of the doors or to fish in the Bubbling water in the North East corner.


  6. Unabridged step! This can be skipped if you are completing the abridged version.

    To the West is the Orange shield door. Unlock it and walk in. To the North side of the room you will see Crumbly stuff (Promethium ore rock) and a Frilly plant (Soulbell). Harvest both of these resources. Once you have 3 of each, go to the South Eastern corner of the room and use it on the Spinning wheel. Thok will then create the Best Thing Ever. Keep a hold of this item and return to the previous room.


  7. Enter the door to the North. After a short cut-scene where they think a zombie will solve their problem and find out how wrong they are, you will need to defeat 2 warriors, 2 hellhounds, a mage, and the zombie. When they are all dead enter the door to the East. This is another timed room. Once again there will always be 5 monsters in the room for approximately 25 seconds. Kill as many as you can, as fast as you can to beat Marmaros. As the last one dies it will drop a Blue rectangle key.

    More Counting

  8. Unabridged step! This can be skipped if you are completing the abridged version.

    To the East is the Blue Rectangle door. Unlock it and walk in. Within the room you will find the Pretty Lass floating above a pool of water. A cut-scene will play out where they have a short conversation, Thok gives her the Best Thing Ever, and he receives a Fishy cake. While she intends for him to eat it to heal himself Thok thinks it's... too pretty to eat. As such the cake can neither be eaten nor dropped. Luckily, it seems that the Dungeoneering fish also like the smell of the fishy cake. This makes it so that you catch more fish anytime you go fishing in the Bubbling spots and anytime you stand next to one of the spots, fish will jump into Thok's pack so he doesn't even need to fish them. These fish heal 250 life points each. Return to the previous room to continue.

    Pretty Lass

  9. Enter the room to the North and defeat the 3 warriors, 2 rangers, and 2 mages inside. You will notice that one mage is hiding behind a door within a cell, this can easily be opened by Thok headbutting it. All you need to do is click the door.


  10. Open the door to the West and enter. Within you will have no enemies to defeat. But you will spy your brother Marmaros through the hole in the wall farther to the West. You will have a brief discussion about Sea meat that ends with Marmaros telling Thok to catch his own. It is highly suggested you listen to Marmaros and fish the Bubbly spot just behind Thok. Doing so you will discover Mini-marm and Mrs Mini-marm. They decide to help you in the competition against your brother and will become crab gauntlets.

    Mr and Mrs

  11. With your new weapons equipped, enter the door to the North. Inside this room you will need to defeat 7 skeletons, a mage, and a brute. Once the room is cleared, enter the room to the East. This is another timed room that follows the same functions as the last 2. When the last enemy is killed it will drop a Crimson diamond key. If you would like to see an extra cut-scene that is not required for any completion, pick up the key and follow the next step. Note that this room also contains 2 Bubbling spots and that at some point during the fight, you have suddenly acquired a Mini-mini-marm.

    Last Counting

  12. Extra step! This can be skipped whether you are completing the abridged or unabridged Saga.

    Return to the previous room and unlock the Crimson diamond door on the Western wall. You will step in and notice it is a bridge completion puzzle with... a ferret on the other side. Thok will turn to leave and laugh with Mini-marm and Mrs Mini-marm about how the stupid ferret can't get to them anyway, only to turn around and find that the ferret has completed the bridge and that there are now more of them. They will leave in a panic and refuse to enter that room again. Make your way back to the next room and continue on.

    Ferret of Doom

  13. Enter the room to the East where you will fight a troll, a brute, and 3 mages. There are also 2 more Bubbling spots located in this room. If you have not yet caught any fish, it is suggested to do so now as this is the last room before the boss right.

    Almost There

  14. Open the door to the South. Before entering it will ask if you are prepared. When you choose yes, Thok will run inside and look for Bone Face, who is on top of a pillar in the room. Despite Thok's encouragements, Bone Face will refuse to come down and will instead summon a few friends: A face only his mum loves, Derek, and Ate all the pies. The last of these bosses is the only one that Thok can actually hit. Luckily, because of how Ate all the pies fights, when its health gets low enough, it will turn and attack its comrades. Each of the other bosses will need to be bitten 3 times before it will die. Then all that remains is finishing off Ate all the pies. Make sure you do not stand between it and the other bosses or it won't be able to attack them.

    Three For One Sale

  15. When the fight ends, Thok will exclaim how much fun he had, but that Bone face needs to come down so he can get his sword back. Bone Face will be resistant and Thok will have to force him down. Once down, Thok will retrieve his sword and tell Bone Face that he will spare him this time, but if he sees him again he will be in big trouble. Thok will then exit through a nearby door.

    Thank You

  16. Unfortunately, this room has only one door: the one you entered through. Exit back out the door and Thok will encounter Bone Face raving about being alive. Since he is now in Thok's way, he will have to be punished. This starts a cut-scene where each of the main participants in the saga are given flashes of where they are followed by text explaining what is going on with them. You will then find yourself back in Daemonheim with Skaldrun where you will receive your reward.


Congratulations! You have completed the Thok Your Block Off Saga!

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