Skill Levels Required:
Combat level 60.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Skill Levels Recommended:
Reasonable combat stats are recommended, you will be paired against someone who has similar stats as your own.
Items Recommended:
Good combat equipment, potions, food. All of the items you take you must be willing to lose.
Starting Point:
In a dungeon in the north east of Edgeville
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

How To Get there:

Crucible Entrance
  • Use the Edgeville Lodestone and run east to the entrance.
  • Use an Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville and run east to the entrance.
  • Use the shortcut from the northwest corner of the Grand Exchange and run west across the bridge to the entrance.


Crucible Lessons

Before heading into the arena you should talk to Marv and he will offer you four lessens on the Crucible. These lessons explain the rules and game play of the Crucible.
For each lesson you complete you will be given one Trophy bone, these are the currency that is used to buy rewards from the Crucible.

Entering the Arena:

To enter the Crucible arena there is a risk fee that must be paid. There are two parts to this fee:

  • The first part is based on your combat level and the items you are carrying, the more expensive your items, the cheaper the fee to enter.
  • The second part is a flat fee, where should you leave the fight, it gets paid to your opponent.


when you enter the crucible arena you will be matched with another player that has similar combat stats as your own, and you will be come each others targets.
the goal is to locate your target and kill them, should you be the victor you can loot all of their equipment. Protection prayers will not work here.


The first fissures you encounter are in the safe spots, there is one to leave the crucible and one to enter the arena.
Left clicking a fissure will transport you to another fissure within the crucible at random.
Right clicking a fissure will give you the option to choose your destination.
When a fissure is used you gain a temporary immunity to your opponents attacks, while in combat with your target fissures can not be used repeatedly to evade your target or gain the immunity.


To increase your crucible rank, you need to attack a Supreme Champion, Each time you hit one you will receive a rank point.

Supreme Champion

Every 30 minutes in the arena one of the players with the highest rank becomes a Supreme Champion, During this time the rules in the arena change and it becomes a safe area, where should you die you will not lose any items.

The player chosen to be the Supreme Champion is granted access to three powerful weapons:

Not only do these weapons have some awesome stats and a super powerful special attack, they also have a special ability in the right click options.
When a supreme champion is crowned, they have 2 minutes of immunity with no restrictions. After the immunity wears off they can be killed just like any other player, should you be lucky enough to kill a Supreme Champion you can loot his or her weapons to use yourself, carrying these weapons however will make you more or a target.
The arena will return to normal after about five minutes, all 3 of the special weapons are removed and its possible to lose your items again if you die.

Rogue's Souls:

Crucible Corpse

Through out your adventures through the arena you will come across corpses, and some times these corpses contain a Rogue's Soul.
The Rogue's Soul will attack you and you must weaken it by fighting back, once its weakened enough it becomes a Weakened rogue's soul. While weakened it needs to be directed back to its corpse, should you take to long to direct it back to its corpse it will heal its self and start to fight you all over again.

Image Name
Image Corrupt rogue gloves
Image Nasty rogue gloves
Image Malicious rogue gloves
Image Loathsome rogue gloves
Image Atrocious rogue gloves

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All rewards in the crucible are purchased with Trophy bones obtained by defeating your enemies in the arena.

Death Titles
Name Trophy bones
Cowardly [name] 12
[name] the Redundant 12
Everyone attack [name] 30
Smelly [name] 30
[name] the Idiot 30
Sir Lame [name] 30
[name] the Flamboyant 30
Weakling [name] 30
[name] was punished. 30
[name] lost 30
[name]... you fail 30
No-mates [name] 30
[name] ate dirt 30
Delusional [name] 30
[name] the Respawner 30
Cutey-pie [name] 30
[name] the Fail Magnet 30
[name] was terminated 30
Lazy [name] 30
[name]? Who? 30

Death Taunts
Name Trophy bones
No sound free
Crazy Laughing 12
Chicken Bwak 12
Unlucky Nubcake! 36
Funeral Dirge 36
You FAIL! 36
Sad Melody 36
Hysterical Crowd 36
Game over, Mortal 36
Muahahaha 36
Gothic Tune 36

Name Trophy bones
Fissure energy boost 20% 24
Fissure energy boost 50% 36
Fissure energy boost 80% 48
Supreme Champion's helm 60
Fix Rogues gloves 15

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