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Must have a cat that is not lazy. Lazy cats can not fight in any of the pits.
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How to Challenge
Winning and losing


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Rat Pit fighting is dangerous for the ill prepared. Lots of cats have died taking part in the past and many more will surely die in the future. This needless death can be avoided completely by adopting the correct precautions.

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The aim of rat pit fighting is to train your cat in a fun and profitable manner. Rules vary from pit to pit.
Each pit allows a certain type of cat to fight there. You can talk to the NPCs around each of the pits to learn more about the Rat Pits.

Jimmy Dazzler can be found in East Ardougne, west of the river. He is in the back of the house that is just west of the pub.

These pits are for kittens only.

Jimmy Dazzler

Hooknosed Jack can be found in southeast Varrock near the start of the The Family Crest quest.

These pits are for regular cats only.

Hooknosed Jack

Smokin' Joe can be found on the east side of Keldagrim, just north of the Blast Furnace.

These pits are for overgrown cats only. The entrance to the pits is just southwest of Smokin' Joe, in the basement of the Laughing Miner pub.

Smokin' Joe

Felkrash can be found inside the pits in Port Sarim.

These pits are only for wily cats.


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How to challenge

To compete in this mini-game, you must have the correct type of cat for the pit and have some spare change. If you have both of these, you can challenge another cat trainer. The player you challenge must also posses the correct type of cat and some money.

Before you proceed to the bidding stage, tactics should be discussed with your cat.

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A player should tell his or her cat what sort of strategy he or she should adopt. To do this, competitors must wear a Catspeak amulet when initiating a fight and accepting a challenge. If you do not have your amulet, you will not be given these options and your cat will fight to the death.

Cautious tactics should be adopted by those who are unwilling to part with their cat.

Using these tactics will aid the cat in terms of increased defense bonuses but penalize them as their cats will get out of the pits rather than risking death. Using no tactics or aggressive tactics will result in your cat fighting to the death. Aggressive tactics increase your cat's attack levels.

Just take care of yourself
This option gives your cat the highest defense and the lowest attack. Your cat will not get hit as much, but it will not kill as many rats either. Your cat will not die when you use this option, and will get tired and quit after using about half of its hitpoints.

Stay in there as long as you can
This makes your cat fight to the brink of death and will usually quit before it is killed. Defense and attack are mid-range.

No guts, no glory
This option has roughly the same attack and defense as the previous option, but your cat will fight to the death. You will lose your cat if it dies during battle.

Go berserk!
This option gives your cat the highest attack and lowest defense and your cat will fight to the death. Only experienced cats should use this option.

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Once a challenge has been accepted and both cats have been advised on tactics, the bidding takes place.

Both owners can place a small wager on the outcome of the match. This wager must be the same for both sides.

Once you bid, there is a confirmation screen. Check it carefully.

Confirmation screen

Winning and losing

Rules differ for each pit. In the kitten pits of East Ardougne, the first cat to kill five rats is declared the winner. This number varies throughout the other pits.

During the fight, you can right-click the rat wall and choose "Spectate Rat Wall". This will cause your view to zoom out so you can see the entire pit. Your cat will have a flashing yellow arrow above its head so you can keep an eye on it.

Spectate 1

Spectate 2

If your cat dies during a fight or runs away, your opponent is declared the winner.

Cats get tired very easily and after a certain period of time, they become too exhausted to continue fighting. In this case, the cat with the highest number of kills is declared the winner. If both cats have killed the same number of rats, the match is declared a draw.

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Winning a rat pit fight increases cats' happiness, matures them faster, improves their hunting skills and keeps them more active.

Even losing in a fight will benefit your cat (provided he or she does not die).

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