Skill Levels Required:
Combat 20
Starting Point:
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Game Basics:

The minigame of Bounty Hunter can be found on two worlds that are dedicated to the game. These worlds are World 106 (Evolution of Combat) and World 97 (Legacy). Both worlds players can enter through Edgeville, Grand Exchange, and the Wilderness.

Once in the worlds of the game, players are unable to teleport, trade, deposit or withdraw from their Money pouch, drop items, or duel.

Logging In:

Players will be offered the choice of joining or leaving the queue. Target Auto-Queue is also available in order for players to be placed into that target area as well.

When a target is assigned, an arrow icon will appear directing the player toward the location of the target to be killed - these are your Bounty Kills. Players also have the ability to kill targets that are not assigned - Rogue Kills. Doing this still allows the you to increase your rating as well as upgrade emblems, though not as rapidly as killing your target.


Matchmaking is a way of making sure that the assigned targets evenly match the players. Players have the option of setting a "Combat Difference", which can be adjusted from 1-50. Keep in mind that this number has a fluctuation of 10 that is dependent on the combat level and that the target can be a higher or lower combat level.


Clearing target - Clearing a players target will result in a loss

Logging out - When players switch worlds or log out they will have a 1 hour penalty til next assignment.

Safe zone camping - Players staying within a "Safezone" for extended periods of time will result in a 30 minute penalty

Ditch camping - Players attacking their target and then running back to the safe zone repeatedly. This type of action will cause a 30 minute penalty


Points earned during this game can transformed into emblems into points.

Bounty emblem (t1) - 10
Bounty emblem (t2) - 25
Bounty emblem (t3) - 60
Bounty emblem (t4) - 150
Bounty emblem (t5) - 400
Bounty emblem (t6) - 1,000
Bounty emblem (t7) - 2,500
Bounty emblem (t8) - 6,000
Bounty emblem (t9) - 15,000
Bounty emblem (t10) - 40,000

These points can then be used to buy items from Mandrith at the Reward shop.

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