Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
Ability to mine Copper, Tin, Iron, Gold, and Coal.
South of Keldagrim.
Nearest Bank:

South Keldagrim Mine Map



2 - Copper Rocks
5 - Tin Rocks
4 - Iron Rocks
1 - Gold Vein
5 - Coal Rocks


Players that are visiting Keldagrim must go either by the south-west mine or by using the city's mine cart or the train system. The mine can be reached by travelling northeast of Rellekka to the coast of the Lunar Sea. South of the Rellekka Hunter area, players will find a cavern entrance guarded by two dwarf statues. Once inside, the mine can be reached via the second, smaller entrance parallel to the one they just entered.

Notable Areas:

Dondakan's Mine:

Players can start Between a Rock... quest by talking to Dondakan. Dondakan is found in the northwestern most passage of the mine alongside a dwarf multicannon and various types of cannonballs. Players that have finished the quest can access Dondakan's Mine by wearing a gold helmet and speaking to Dondakan, who will then shoot them into the former lair of the Arzinian Avatar.

Chaos Dwarf Battlefield:

Players that have reached a certain point in the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest may access The Red Axe's base, a location found in an abandoned section of the south-west mines. After unlocking a doorway by manipulating a firepit south of the Keldagrim Watchtower, the entrance to the base can be found west of the mine's single gold vein.


Dwarven Boatman
Dwarven Boatman (Ore Hauler)
Dwarven Ferryman
Dondakan the Dwarf
Black Guard


The only monsters in this area are level 56 Dwarves. These dwarves can be found throughout the area and are not aggressive. Level 108 Trolls can be found in the tunnel outside of the mines south exit.

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