Nearest Other:
A furnace is located east of the mine.
An anvil is located south-west of the mine.

Hobgoblin Mine

If a player plans on mining they should be expected to be attacked by the already mentioned Hobgoblins. With the mine being located above level 20 players are unable to teleport out of this location.

This particular mine is also a location of level 3 Treasure Trail, a Zamorak Wizard will attack.

The Hobgoblin Mine contains a vast supply of Mithril and Adamantite ore ore. The largest collection in one location within the entire game. Coal and Iron is also available nearby.

Mine Contents:

16 Iron
20 Coal
22 Mithril
8 Adamantite ore

If a player has the Explorer's ring it is useful here to boost the ability to superheat all bars.

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