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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Yew incense sticksPlayer Made (See Notes).633 gpNoNo
Yew logsCut from a Yew tree; Monster Drop; Created via transmutation.169 gpNoNo
Yew pyre logsPlayer made (See Notes Section.)11.4 k gpNoYes
Yew rootsFrom Farming. You need a level 60 Farming to plant Yew tree. When tree is fully grown, chop tree down and use spade to get tree roots.889 gpNoYes
Yew saplingPlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Yew seedFound in a bird nest while cutting trees, received from bird nests from your kingdom (after Throne of Miscellania quest), from bird nest received from when you trade Wyson the gardener moleskins or moleclaws, a possible reward from the Evil Tree distraction/diversion, or bought in Vinesweeper.6 k gpNoYes
Yew seedlingPlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Yew seedling (w)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Yew shieldbowPlayer made (See Notes Section).741 gpNoNo
Yew shieldbow (u)Player made (see notes), Monster drop.194 gpNoNo
Yew shortbowPlayer made (See Notes Section).864 gpNoNo
Yew shortbow (u)Player made (See Notes Section).261 gpNoNo
Yew stockPlayer made.198 gpNoYes
Yewnock's notesSearch a chest in Golrie's caves, in Tree Gnome Village's Maze dungeon.---YesYes
Yin yang amuletBought from the Make-over Mage for 100gp.---YesNo
Yo-yoObtained from Santa Christmas 2004.---NoNo
Yo-yo (Violet is Blue)Obtained from under the bed in Violet's room.---YesNo
Yommi totemPlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Yommi tree seeds3 seeds are given to you by Ungadulu, at the caverns below the Kharazi Jungle. ---YesYes
Young impling jarPuro-Puro.682 gpNoYes
Yule logTaken from the table next to where the wizards are sitting.---NoNo
Yurkolgokh keyPickpocketed from the Priest in the Yurkolgokh area of the Goblin Temple.---YesYes
Z sigilOn a pedestal in Enakhra's Temple, below the Quarry.---YesYes
Zadimus corpseSearch the ancient gallows in the Ancient Temple dungeon.---YesYes
Zaff's instructionsGiven to you by Zaff, the Varrock Staff Shop owner.---YesYes
Zamatrice eggPlayer made (See notes section).2.7 k gpNoYes
Zamorak armour set (lg)Player made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoNo
Zamorak armour set (sk)Player made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoNo
Zamorak arrowsPossible Treasure Trails reward (Hard and Elite Clue scroll).85 gpNoYes
Zamorak bannerCastle Wars area south of Observatory or player made.
On the top floor of the Zamorak Castle whenever the other team (Saradomin) scores.
Can also be made in a house workshop, 70 prayer is required.
Zamorak BirdGrown from a Zamorak Chick.---NoYes
Zamorak bowPossible Treasure Trails reward (Elite Clue scroll).525.4 k gpNoYes
Zamorak brew (1)Player Made (See Notes Section).947 gpNoYes
Zamorak brew (2)Player Made (See Notes Section).1.4 k gpNoYes
Zamorak brew (3)Player Made (See Notes Section).1.1 k gpNoYes
Zamorak brew (4)Player Made (See Notes Section).2.2 k gpNoYes
Zamorak brew flask (6)Player made (See Notes Section).7.9 k gpNoYes
Zamorak capeObtained from defeating Kolodion in the Mage Arena.---NoYes
Zamorak cloakPossible reward from Treasure Trails (medium Clue scroll).522.1 k gpNoYes
Zamorak crozierPossible reward from a Treasure Trail (level 3 Clue scroll).498.8 k gpNoYes
Zamorak dragonhide blessed setPlayer made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoYes
Zamorak fruitJadinko Lair offering table, you can buy random fruits in exchange for Jadinko Lair reward points.---NoYes
Zamorak godswordPlayer made (See Notes Section).1.8 M gpNoYes
Zamorak haloPurchased from Lanthus at Castle Wars.---NoYes
Zamorak hawkGrown from a Zamorak bird.---NoYes
Zamorak hiltMonster drop.1.1 M gpNoYes
Zamorak hilt shardMonster drop.2.5 k gpNoYes
Zamorak insigniaThe Heart of Gielinor.---NoYes
Zamorak medallionMonster dropped.0 gpNoYes
Zamorak mitreTreasure Trails.438 k gpNoYes
Zamorak mix (1)Player made.382 gpNoYes
Zamorak mix (2)Player made.884 gpNoYes
Zamorak MjolnirBy completing a Treasure Hunt. 247.7 k gpNoYes
Zamorak page 1Possible reward from any level Clue scroll.245.9 k gpNoYes
Zamorak page 2Possible reward from any level Clue scroll.226.4 k gpNoYes
Zamorak page 3Possible reward from any level Clue scroll.225.4 k gpNoYes
Zamorak page 4Possible reward from any level Clue scroll.231 k gpNoYes
Zamorak robe (bottom)Monster drop.476 gpNoNo
Zamorak robe (red top)Monster drop.1 k gpNoNo
Zamorak robe legsPossible reward from a Treasure Trail (level 1 Clue scroll).423.1 k gpNoYes
Zamorak robe topPossible reward from a Treasure Trail (level 1 Clue scroll).408.1 k gpNoYes
Zamorak staffBought from the Chamber Guardian at the Mage Arena in the Wilderness.---NoYes
Zamorak statuetteMonster dropped.0 gpNoNo
Zamorak stoleTreasure Trail.512.8 k gpNoYes
Zamorak team capeBought from Lanthas at Castle Wars.---NoYes
Zamorak team hoodBought from Lanthus at Castle Wars.---NoYes
Zamorak vineObtained by trapping zamorak jadinkos.---NoYes
Zamorak's Book of ChaosPlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Zamorak's favour (1)Result from drinking a Zamorak's favour (2); Can be obtained from pickpocketing Meilyr workers in Prifddinas. Each dose lasts 6 minutes.
This can be stored with a Tool Leprechaun.
0 gpNoYes
Zamorak's favour (2)Result from drinking a zamorak's favour (3).0 gpNoYes
Zamorak's favour (3)Player made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoYes
Zamorak's favour flask (6)Player made (See notes section).0 gpNoYes
Zamorakian ceremonial robe bottomCan be purchased for 250 Astromancer credits.---NoNo
Zamorakian ceremonial robe topCan be purchased for 500 Astromancer credits.---NoNo
Zamorakian essenceDropped by Avaryss. 67.2 k gpNoYes