Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
0 0

Strength Magic Ranged
0.0 0.0 0.0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
160 0 0

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
Melee N/A N/A
50 Defence to wield; 88 Smithing to make (Exp: 75).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section); Monster drop; Possible reward from burning a Vyrewatch corpse.
Item Uses:
Wear for protection.
Made by using a Rune bar on an anvil with a Hammer in your inventory or toolbelt.
1.8 kg
Examine Information:
A medium sized helmet.
Dropped By:
Abyssal demon Black demon Bork Bronze dragon
Brutal green dragon Edimmu Gorak Gorak (level 95)
Iron dragon Kalphite Guardian Kurask Lesser Demon
Mature grotworm Mourner (level 85) Mutated bloodveld (level 91) Mutated bloodveld (level 95)
Steel Dragon Tyras guard Waterfiend Waterfiend (Ghorrock)
Werewolf Werewolf (level 89)

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