No requirements.
Where Found:
This item is obtained from the Treasure Hunter minigame.
Item Uses:
Used to reset a D&D with a monthly reset timer.
This D&D token gives you the option to reset one of the following Distractions & Diversions; Troll Invasion, God Statues, or Tutorial Island oyster.

Daily and Weekly tokens can be converted by using the right click option as follows:
28 D&D token (daily) can be converted into 1 D&D token (monthly).
4 D&D token (weekly) can be converted into 1 D&D Token (monthly).

Multiple monthly tokens can be used per month but each specific D&D can only be reset once per month.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Resets a monthly D&D of your choice.

This Data was submitted by: Amoa and Ksb Single.

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