No requirements.
Where Found:
Obtained by selecting the 'Give me an Arcane Capacitor' wish for 18,000 produce points at the Livid Farm Minigame.
Item Uses:
This item is required for the use of the Lunar Spell.
This necklace is required for casting the lunar Borrowed power spell. The necklace first needs to be charged with 1000 charges, which requires 1000 times the normal runes for that spell. Casting a spell from the necklace costs 3 Astral runes and uses up one charge. One of the following spells can be used to charge the necklace with:rn

rn Wind wave
rn Water Wave
rn Earth Wave
rn Fire Wave
rn Entangle
rn Enfeeble
rn Telekinetic Grab
rn High Alchemy
rn Bones to Peaches
rn House Teleport
rn Vulnerability
rn Magic Dartrn
Examine Information:
An amulet that stores a spell inside it.

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