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  • Added on: Apr 08 2015 01:06 AM
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RuneHQ IRC - Setup Guide (IceChat)

Posted by RuneHQ Robot on Apr 08 2015 01:06 AM

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Just like mIRC, IceChat is an IRC client, but free. It has almost all the features of mIRC, and is quite easy to use. Here's what you need to do to get started.

1. Download and install IceChat - Download (2.7 MB)

2. Open IceChat for the first time, and you will see the following screen. It's recommended to use your forum nickname, but you don't have to. You can change your nickname at any time. Enter any nickname and click Next.

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3. The following screen lets you add a server. Type "irc.runehq.com" without the quotation marks, or as shown below in the image. This is the RuneHQ IRC server address.

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4. Now you can see the entire IRC client. On your left, you will see a list of servers listed along with the one we just added. Unless you're keen on using the other IRC servers, I suggest deleting all of them but the one we created. Just select the server you want to delete, and hit Delete in the options provided.

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5. Now select "irc.runehq.com" and press "Edit Server". This will bring up the window below:

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Server name: irc.runehq.com
Server port: Leave as it is (Default is 6667)
Nickname: This can be anything, but your forum name or RuneScape name is recommended for easy identification.
Alternate Nick: Another nickname besides your main one.
Away Nick: Optional. Feel free to keep it blank.
Ident name: Optional. Feel free to leave it blank. If you must add something, keep it less than 9 characters.
Full name: Optional. Feel free to add whatever you want.
Quit message: Optional. The $randquit function randomly generates quit messages, but feel free to remove it if you want to add your own.

6. Now go to the Startup option in the same window. You'll see the following. Make sure your settings match the ones as shown below. If you're an advanced IRC user, of course, do as you wish.

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7. Now select the "AutoJoin List" option. This option allows you to add a list of channels you can automatically enter upon connecting to the IRC server. Our main channel is #runehq, so go ahead and add that to the list as shown below.

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8. Now select the Default option. Be sure that the options in here match the ones in the Basic option (step 5), in order to avoid any confusion. Once this is done, click Save.

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9. You're done! Once you click Save, just select "irc.runehq.com" on your left, and hit Connect. However, from now on, opening IceChat will automatically connect you to the server and enter our channel! If you have any questions, drop me a line on IRC or send me a PM on the forums.

Tips and Tricks:

In IceChat, there's a menu bar at the top. Click on Options -> IceChat Settings. You can also press Ctrl + P in the IceChat window to get to the settings.

Change font:

Options -> Fonts (Ctrl + M) (or) Options -> IceChat Settings -> Fonts. Both ways work. I prefer using the Trebuchet MS font set to the font size of 10 for everything.

Change color:

Options -> Colors (Ctrl + G)

To change the color of your own text, click on the colored square box on the right of "Own Text" under Channel Data.

Disable window flashing:

Annoyed whenever people say something in IRC and your window flashes orange? Simply disable that by going to Options-> IceChat Settings -> Display. Uncheck "Flash taskbar on message when not active" and click Apply or Save.

Text highlighting:

This feature notifies you when a certain word or phrase is mentioned in IRC. This can be very useful when someone mentions your name and you have window flashing disabled.

Options -> Text highlighting. Check the "Enable text highlighting" box. Add your name(s) to the list, click Apply orSave.

More tips and tricks will be added later!