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Cryptic Clue Fest IV

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Alright, if you don't already know, the Cryptic Clue Fest (CCF) for this year has come and just a couple more days until the final clue is released.


~~~ Preface ~~~

The Cryptic Clue Fest is an annual festival which started in 2009. This year (2012) brings upon the 4th annual fest. The CCF requires both in-game and out-of-game interaction via the forums. Each day, for about 5 days, a clue is posted on the RuneScape Official Forums which demands decrypting to discover what items you need to deliver to a certain NPC in-game. To discover the NPC for each day, you will receive another clue from the previous' day NPC which also requires decrypting. This year begins with Essjay in Varrock Square and then the fun begins!


Important: You must bring your Jubilee basket to each and every contact, and the exact quantity of items required.


~~~ The Clues ~~~


~~ Day 1 ~~

Lor' luv a duck! I’m on me Toblerone to find me way to deadly thrill to hop across the Granite maul. Before I go I’ll buy me a nice blue Drape from Dick. Hope I don’t end up brown bread.


Gawdon Bennet! I was standin' in the Dover Harbour, in me favaaahrite Bobby Brown of Riots Galore. I fancied Kick an’ Prance, so I decided ter visi’ Dancing Feet and he gave me a pink brush n go.


Lawd above, while on me travels I ended up in Ships Come In where I find a great rub a dub where you can find a free pig’s ear on the Cain and Abel! Nuff said!


If you checked the forums for the 'Just for fun clues' prior to June 1st, you would know that the above clue uses Cockney rhyming slang. This is a dialect of London where the words in italics rhyme with what they actually are. Without giving the actual items here (look in spoiler); Granite Maul means Wilderness Wall, Bobby Brown of Riots Galore means town of Falador, and Ships Come In means Port Sarim.

Those hints give you the approximate location of the items; the actual items being 'blue Drape from Dick', 'pink brush n go', and 'pig’s ear'.


Take the items to Essjay and she will give you the clue for the first NPC.

The white-star & blue-shield, they house the building you must visit. A furnace to the west, a range to the east - accost the officer therein for a minute.

If you look at your home teleport emblems you should be able to figure out which town and then locate the 'officer' from there.





Items Needed:

  • Team-26 Cape - bought from Richard in Edgeville
  • Pink afro - bought from Party Pete in Falado
  • Beer - bought from Rusty Anchor pub in Port Sarim

Take these items to Essjay, then take the items to the Permit Officer in Falador.






~~ Day 2 ~~

Sherlock Hulmes is an esteemed detective within Gielinor, aiding Roddeck with his initial Cryptic Clues from a couple of years ago, he has returned to solve an even more deviously difficult clue. Someone has been going around and hiding some potentially harmless items around RuneScape then removing them again! Preposterous! Using Sherlock Hulmes' powers of deduction and observation - can you solve the mysteries and guess what items were hidden?


Item 1


On the bush nearby the item, traces of an avian species was found as the items brushed past the bush


Whilst rummaging on the ground nearby, I caught a splinter in my hand which was curious - I was about 6 feet away from the nearest tree


The items had definitely seen some use and been weathered, a bluish rust was found at the scene of the hiding


Item 2


'Hidden' out by the Saradomin statue east of Varrock, the item was laid but when removed, a small damp patch lay where it sat


When the culprit removed the item, there was a struggle as if part of the item had solidified while trying to remove it


Part of the item that got left behind was a solid substance, it had turned a colour crossed between brown and orange


Item 3


Down in the Rimmington onion field the item was found, when removed again expensive gemstone dust was found


Whilst investigating the field, I found an onion uprooted with what looked like a stab wound


The crafty devil had covered his tracks with this item, I can't find anything other than the dust and the uprooted onion


Not exactly sure how to explain this one other than to search for keywords about each item. For the first item, each line describes an item used to create the actual item needed. The second item, the set describes how to create the item including where to find the base ingredient. The third item, the set describes the item and where to find it.


Take the items to the next contact given by the clue below.

Comestibles sold upon the shelves, a slammer and jetty nearby. Talk to the owner, and don't be a moaner, and the items he will surely supply!





Items Needed:

  • Mithril Arrow
  • Soft Clay
  • Chisel

Take these items to Wydin in the food shop at Port Sarim.






~~ Day 3 ~~

This one is just an image, like a subway/underground map. The image looks strange with the background color, so I'll just post a link.


This clue seemed rather simple to me, the black dots are the items you need. If you can find your bearings from anywhere listed on the map, you should be able to find the items. They are in the Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge areas.


Take the items to the next contact given by the clue below.

Proprietor of ascending sol, a house for making merry. She'll sell you a stout, but she'll give you a shout, if it turns out you're short of a penny.





Items Needed:

  • Leather Gloves - Found on the table in Father Urhney's house in the Lumbridge Swamp
  • Onion - Found in the patch outside of Melzar's Maze
  • Spade - Found in Falador in the Estate Agent's house
  • Earth Rune - Found north of Varrock Castle, near the Wilderness Wall

Take these items to Emily in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador






Will post the new clues as I do them ;)


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Continued here as I maxed the amount of quotes allowed >.<


~~ Day 4 ~~

Mod Timbo had invited 6 of the most prominent figures in all of RuneScape to a garden party, giving them time to relax in the sun with Wizard Mind Bombs and a buffet of freshly caught seafood from the coast of Catherby. Unbeknown to each of Timbo's guests, it was a ruse in order to blackmail each of them into giving up their rare items without having to fight them first! Timbo had acquired secrets about each, they were:


Nomad - What people think is Nomad is actually a scheming Dwarf called Honeydew inside a mechanical suit

Nex - While she was young, she practiced the ways of Saradomin before converting to Zaros

Lucien - Only stole the Stone of Jas to impress a lady and it all suddenly got out of hand but needed to continue impressing her

Wise Old Man - Uses magic to convince everyone that he's old when he's actually only 24 years old

Lord Drakan - Has hidden himself from public view due to him enjoying Twilight and being unable to face another since

Bank Clark - Using his inner knowledge of the Bank of RuneScape system, he has been siphoning off cabbages to fuel his addiction to the delicious vegetable


Aghast with this news, each of Timbo's guests were filled with anger and embarassment. Not wanting to cause a fuss at such a prestigious party, they each decided to not to give Timbo a present that they were planning on presenting at the end of the evening. Using their combat abilities would have been too easy but the denial of presents was something that they thought would definitely hit the right spot. The withheld presents were:


Nomad - An Iron pickaxe, the exact pickaxe that dug all of the underneath of Soul Wars

Nex - An Uncut sapphire, one of her favourite gemstones

Lucien - 10 Body runes, Lucien always thought a Disruption Shield would be useful in dire needs but wanted to give them out to a good friend

Wise Old Man - A Cowhide, a reminder of the 'good old days' of Gielinor

Lord Drakan - A Meat pizza, not quite the diet of Vampyre lords but delicious nevertheless

Bank Clark - A Cabbage, as part of his Cabbaholic Anonymous program he needs to handle them without eating one


The party carried on, guests and Timbo alike drank Gnomish cocktails and continued to eat specialty Rabbit sandwiches from Burthorpe. That was until three blood-curdling screeches could be heard from inside of the mansion. "Murder!" the waiter cried, "Murder in Timbo Mansion!". It was true, three people had been killed and only the guests could be to blame! Timbo gathered everyone, staff and guests included, at the Garden Party area for an emergency meeting. "Friends and guests, we have a murderer loose amongst the house!" Gasps came from all present, an elderly maid fainted in the background. "I am afraid to admit that we do not know who or where these murders were committed. We're bringing in a crack team of investigators who will be able to solve this. Bring in... THE PLAYERS."

Don't you wish it were as simple as bringing the items listed above. :P In the thread there are 8 rooms to 'investiage', I found the Dining Room to be rather insightful ;) Unfortunately, I can't replicate the exact thread because I can't post javascript, to get the full effect please check the thread on the official forums.


Kitchen - A simple kitchen fit for a mansion, pots and pans line the room as you enter in an orderly fashion aside from a couple that were presumably used for dinner. The main table island in the middle of the table lies strewn with cutlery, knives and chopping boards as if no-one had tidied since the last meal.


Ballroom - A jukebox sits in the corner of the Ballroom, stuck on a disc trying to change. The room is massive and the dancing floor shines as it covers the vast majority of the surface of the floor. There is nothing of note in the room or the floor save for the usual scuff marks from dancing.


Conservatory - A quiet room of solitude, Timbo used this room as his place to play RuneScape. A PC sits in the corner with a comfy leather office chair, the desk has a few assorted items such as empty soda cans. The rest of the room is sparse except for a table and a set of chairs.


Library - A vast library sits at the heart of the mansion, three floors of bookcases strech as far as the eye can see. There are three wings of book types, a running record of all of the items left on the floor in RuneScape, every thread that has ever fallen to page 51 and the name of every player ever called a 'noob'.


Study - As you enter the Study, you notice that it's an extremely dark and slightly dusty room that hasn't seen much use. A grand mahogany writing desk sits in the middle of the room, on the desk you notice what appears to be unfinished writing of some sort.


Hall - The grand hall of Timbo Mansion stands before with giant marble pillars and huge Gothic arches. Dressers litter the edges of the hall with doors to various rooms, occasional hatstand and painting on the wall.


Lounge - A huge room opens up ahead of you, theee 4 person sofas sit in the middle of the room with a low-standing table. An elaborate crystal chandelier sits off the ceiling, slightly slanted and the grand marble fireplace is roaring, heating the room.


Dining Room -It would be more appropriate to call this a Dining Hall, a resplendent dining table runs through the room like a wooden river able to sit up to 40 guests. It seems as if the laying of the table was disrupted, a pile of clean plates and napkins sits at the end. The head chair looks overly majestic, it seems as if Timbo is a bit pompous.

There is additional text within the post, if you know where to look. I suggest dragging your mouse along as you read the official post, especially while in the dining room.


Take the items to the next contact given by the clue below.

A man who deals in quality cloths, a person with whom you can barter. If you can handle the sand, just try your hand and see if he's got what you're after.





Items Needed:

  • 10 Body Runes
  • Meat Pizza
  • Cabbage

Take the items to the Silk Trade in Al Kharid.






~~ Day 5 ~~

Clue 1:

We hear the prenom of Robert from 802 for this offspring. (3)

A shortened friendslist which is initially under royal oath ambiguously is milled. (5)

This drink is fit for a thousand Empress of England who is missing mad Mat, but has the K. (4)


Clue 2:

Aethelred roughly lost his quick elemental shield in this stitch up. (6)

Point north east as these eight kings take fifty east. (6)

Particularly tough Aethelred without Edward about for this armour. (4,7)


Clue 3:

Fifty opulent Georges initially a bit wooden (3)

Like copper the 500th Queen fights with fists for this firemaker (9)

This great can't read about the start of our own royal ground (6)

This is a standard cryptic crossword. If you're American, you may not know about these :P The number at the end is the length on the answer. Each line is an item, put the three items together to get the final item. A trick to cryptic crosswords is that the answer can generally be found either at the front or end of the line.


Take the items to the next contact given by the clue below.

Of green complexion and a rather hooked nose, she has a curious smile. She can mix you a potion without a commotion, but her bubbling broth smells quite vile.





Items Need:

  • Cake
  • Hardleather body
  • Ashes

Take the items to Hetty in Rimmington.




~~~ Rewards ~~~

After completing all five clues, speak with Essjay to see a cutscene of the Queen arriving. Then you may speak with Big Ben to claim your crown and sceptre.

Diamond crown (members only)

Diamond sceptre



You may also speak with Roddeck in Lumbridge to claim any past Cryptic Clue Fest rewards you may have missed.


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Hey thanks, explaining things a bit helps me figure them out, then of course the spoilers really help when I still have no clue. :turned:

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement ” 
Helen Keller





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*waits for the last clue*

Also, if it's like the previous years, you will be able to claim all the rewards from previous CCF's after completing this one by speaking to Roddeck in Lumbridge.


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You can also claim past clues by talking to Avalani, she is the blue mage at the clan portals.




"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."





"O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name!

Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,

And I'll no longer be a Capulet."





Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,

Take him and cut him out in little stars,

And he will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be in love with night

And pay no worship to the garish sun."




He lowered the window, and looked out at the rising sun. There was a ridge of ploughed land, with a plough upon it where it had been left last night when the horses were unyoked; beyond, a quiet coppice-wood, in which many leaves of burning red and golden yellow still remained upon the trees. Though the earth was cold and wet, the sky was clear, and the sun rose bright, placid, and beautiful.



It was, as I have said, a fine autumnal day; the sky was clear and serene, and nature wore that rich and golden livery which we always with the idea of abundance. The forests had put on their sober brown and yellow, while some trees of the tenderer kind had been nipped by the frosts into brilliant dyes of orange, purple, and scarlet.


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I can not get Hetty to take the last 3 items -I get a message to come back when I have all the items - I have them, I made the cake, I made the hardbody leather and I have the ashes from 3 different trees and nothing works.


I have tried to repeat day 4 but the Silk trader just gives me the clue for Hetty. I don't know what else to do here !!! Any suggestions?

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Ok I got it - apparently you should not have anything but the 3 items and the basket.

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it pisses me off that they give away the past rewards i worked hard to figure those cluse out and they act like its nothing......


thanks for the sig brandon!







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