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The RuneHQ clan has risen from its ashes. This is the official clan of the Platinum Level RuneScape helpsite
We are a friendly, community-oriented clan and plain awesome! We offer advice and help with your in-game goals, casual conversation, and non-mandatory weekly events hosted by the RuneHQ Events Team! Everyone is welcome to join, have fun, make friends, contribute, and even learn something new!
Just hop into the clan chat "RuneHQ" as a guest and ask for an invite
Interested in joining?

  • There are no level requirements.
  • If you are inactive for an extended period of time, you will be removed from the clan.
  • You will be asked to read the clan rules before joining. These are located here.


  • As required by Jagex, please be aware that you must wait 7 days before joining a new clan after leaving another clan. However, during this time you are welcome to visit and stay in our Clan Chat as a guest.
  • If you do not get a reply immediately, please wait 5-10 minutes and ask again.
  • If the clan is full at the time of your asking, you (obviously) won't be able to be invited, but are welcomed to stay as a guest until space becomes available.

In this thread, you will find information about a number of topics about this clan, including our rules, rank system, and a current list of blocked users.
Table of Contents:
- How to join a Clan chat
- Clan Code of Conduct
- Clan Rank System
- Teamspeak
- Inactivity Cleanouts
- Clan Statistics
- Clan Ban List
- Clan Citadel

RuneHQ Clan Page: http://services.runescape.com/m=clan-home/clan/RuneHQ

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How to join a Clan Chat:
To join the clan chat as a guest follow the steps below:

1. Start by clicking the Clan Chat tab. It will open up the window you see in the image above.
2. Click the green circle which is Visited Clan Chat.
3. Click the green arrow which is the Join button.


4. Once you click the green arrow, it will prompt in your chatbox for the name of the clan you wish to join.  Type in "runehq".


5. Once you have successfully joined, use 3 slashes before your message (example: ///hi) for them to show in the visited clan chat.

6. Simply ask for an invite and the clan staff will instruct you on how to proceed.


Once you have been invited you can talk in the clan chat by putting only 2 slashes before your message (example: //hi)

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Clan Rank System:
Non-Staff - XP-Based Ranks

Abilities: Party Room, Theater, and Battlefield
Requirements: None.

Abilities: Party Room, Theater, and Battlefield
Requirements: In the clan at least 1 month

Abilities: Party Room, Theater, and Battlefield
Requirements: In the clan at least 3 months

Abilities: Party Room, Theater, and Battlefield
Requirements: In the clan at least 6 Months and have 50M or greater Clan XP.

Abilities: Party Room, Theater, and Battlefield
Requirements: In the clan at least 12 Months and have 100M or greater Clan XP.

Abilities: Party Room, Theater, and Battlefield
Requirements: In the clan at least 3 years and have 500M or greater Clan XP.
Staff Positions:
Currently not in use.

organiserclanrank.pngOrganiser "Initiate Clan Moderator"
New Clan staff members.
Abilities:  Captain abilities + Citadel/Clan Camp Meeting Room, Clan Noticeboard, Rated Clan Wars, Invite, Kick Guests, Kick/Ban Clan Members, and Avatar Warden
Position Holders: See spoiler below.



coordinator.pngCoordinator "Clan Moderator"
Established Clan staff members who were promoted from Organiser.
Abilities: Organiser abilities
Position Holders: See spoiler below.


- Cloque
- Graystar

- Haxorze
- Hope 1789

- Jeskill

- Loucetious

- Mafchief

- Pixelatic
- RarePvM
- Sliver
- Stan the 1st
- Sumurai8
- Super Fly
- Zandahar

- With Faith

Currently not in use.
deputyowner.pngDeputy Owner "Clan Owners"
Clan staff members who have signed the RuneHQ Staff Permission Form. Representative co-leaders responsible for handling affairs involving their assigned region.
Abilities: All abilities.
Position Holders: See spoiler below.


- Katalex

ownera.pngOwner "Clan Owners"
Manages the clan staff and oversees the rankings & disciplines.
Abilities: All abilities.
Position Holder:


- Alfawarlord



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For events or just a chat, we use the Runehq Teamspeak Server. You can join as a guest, but if you want a runehq rank along with access to more channels, you will need to register a Teamspeak account. More info in this topic.
Server name: teamspeak.runehq.com

Inactivity Cleanouts:
On a monthly basis, we have cleanouts be based on not one's total clan xp but one's activity in the game. On the first day of every month inactive clanmates will be removed.
- Inactivity is determined on whether or not one has gained 100K XP in the 3 months prior to the day of the cleanout. This requirement may be increased/decreased in the future.
- Cleanouts are not restricted to a certain rank. Any rank, from deputy owner to recruit risk getting removed for inactivity.

Inactive for a long time?
Some of you may have go inactive or less active for several months (school/work...) and do not want to be removed during cleanouts. If this applies to you, then pm your rs name along with a reason and the suspected duration of your inactivity to Alfawarlord, Katalex, and Rednar.



Clan Statistics:
While in the clan, every xp you get is considered clan xp. Everyone can check on their clan xp under the "Clanmates" tab on our RuneHQ Clan Page on the RS site. Want to know when you joined the clan? Then this section might be helpful. This is running since December 2, 2011.
Clan XP: http://services.runescape.com/m=clan-hiscores/members.ws?clanName=RuneHQ




Clan Ban List:
Many players have been banned from the clan since its creation on the clan in april 2011. Sadly the banlist has a limit of 100 bans and staff have to keep adding new bans. The number of free slots has been shrinking rapidly lately. That's why we have decided to remove many of the old bans to open up some space. We sincerely hope that these players have learned from their mistakes. However some of will stay permanently banned because what they did is unforgivable.

With this we also want to introduce temporarily bans. When someone made it onto the ban list in the past they stayed on that list most of the time. Most players will now be banned for a week or more depending on the seriousness of the offense. Perm bans will still be handed out if needed. From now on we will give you who aren't clan staff some more insight into bans. Each banned player will be listed here along with the date of the ban, the duration of the ban and the reason of banning. We also are making public how long a ban would last if you were to break a certain rule.

Bad language, minor trolling, disrespect to clanmates - 1-2 week ban
Serious trolling, Disrespect towards staff - 1 month ban
RWT, Scamming, or other Rs rules - 6 month ban
Note: Your RuneHQ Clan ban has no effect on your RuneHQ forum account. If you are banned from the clan, you will still be able to use your RuneHQ forum account.

In case Clan Staff isn't online:
At times no clan staff member may be online to deal with the guests/clanmembers breaking the rules. If this happens take a screenshot of the chat and send it to Alfawarlord. That way a Clan Staff member can deal with the player as soon as they get on.


Clan Citadel:
At the present time, our citadel has been maxed out, meaning we have the highest tier items in every area. As such, we don't have anything to upgrade unless more Tiers or customizations are released. That said, however, we do still have to pay for the upkeep, and that requires help from you clanmates. The faster we reach the required totals for upkeep, the sooner all the plots will unlock, meaning everyone can skill where they want. However, if you do notice that we may come up short in a specific goal, we would certainly appreciate it if you would help there. If we only need wood at the end of the week, and you haven't capped yet but have a 99 in woodcutting, please don't think only about yourself, but make an effort for the clan. The Clan Citadel's build tick occurs every Wednesday at approximately 6:15pm GMT. That is when any upgrades are applied and each player's weekly resource cap resets. For more information on Clan Citadels, check out our Clan Citadel guide




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Frequently Asked Questions:
"How can I become a clan staff member?"

Our Clan Staff positions are Invite-only, meaning we do not accept applications or requests for rank. Instead, we select new staff members through internal discussions based on the actual need for the position (whether or not we're shorthanded) and our observations of individuals' behavior. This mostly includes your behavior in-game, but if you have a RuneHQ Forum account, we consider that too. That said, if you are wanting the best chance of becoming a staff member, being on your best behavior and relatively talkative in the clan chat is an excellent start. But don't bother sucking up to us for rank, we can tell when you're doing that. Just be yourself! That's the "you" we want to see.
"Are there any requirements such as age or rank to become a staff member?"

In a word, no. We have no age requirements. If you're old enough to play RuneScape (13), you can be a staffmember for this clan.
"Why can only those who have signed the RuneHQ Staff form be part of the clan's high council?"

We would like to emphasize that the RuneHQ clan is connected to RuneHQ. The reasoning behind the staff form is based on the fact that we have to be able to trust those to whom we give abilities which could seriously inflict damage to the clan.  Everyone in the clan is constantly monitored by their superiors to make sure nothing goes wrong. A clan member or clan moderador might only get demodded or banned when they intentionally hurt the clan. RuneHQ Clan Staff who have signed the Staff form on the contrary are also monitored by the owners of the site and can receive an even bigger punishment for hurting the clan. Not only might they get demodded/banned in the clan, but they also risk getting sued in court in real life by the owners of the RuneHQ Site for intentionally hurting the clan. To be promoted from to the high council rank, you (if you're 18+) or your parents (if you're -18) must sign a form and give the owners of RuneHQ information about who you are in the real world.
"Which ranks are allowed to lock/unlock skill plots?"
Any staffmember with the rank of Coordinator or higher has the ability to lock and unlock skill plots in the Clan Citadel when needed.

If you feel that any information in this topic is incorrect/missing or you have another FAQ you feel should be added, then send a PM here on the forum to Alfawarlord, Katalex, and Rednar.


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