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February BTS

February BTS  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Best coming update?

    • Clue Overhaul
    • Bank Rework Taster
    • Mining and Smithing Beta
    • Ninja Reworks (Crystalize, Slayer assignments, Bird nests, Action bar binding)
    • Mimic
    • Zodiac Festival

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This month Jagex mentioned several rather large, and rather awesome, updates that will be coming to Gielinor. Here at RHQ we each have our own update we are the MOST excited for. As such, we were wondering what has you the most hyped?


Not sure what some of these things fully entail? See our news post (taken directly from Jagex) and watch the 4 minute video for details.



As always, feel free to discuss things related to be poll below. We look forward to seeing what you guys think!


Rooskii has done it again <3 TY!!








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It's annoying that the clue rework is pushed back to 26th Feb, need to carry on my clue luck and try for the Ice dye.


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