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St Squiggy

Nov. 3rd - 2017 - The Month Ahead – November 2017

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The Month Ahead – November 2017


Its November, and a new quest, combat pets, revolution mode improvements and the nail-biting ‘Dimension of the Damned’ finale await - plus a truckload of ninja fixes!


Combat Pets


Some time ago, we asked the artists among you to design combat pets. This month, eight rare and gorgeous creatures - inspired by or taken directly from the inventions of our players - are headed to Gielinor as combat pets, obtainable while training combat, alongside Crabbe the slayer pet! These are:


  • Shamini, Summoning
  • Newton, Magic
  • Morty, Constitution
  • Kangali, Strength
  • Sifu, Attack
  • Wallace, Defense
  • Sparky, Ranged
  • Ghostly, Prayer


Pet collector? You can now earn up to three new titles: ‘Jack of Blades’'Jack of all Blades’ and the illustrious ‘Master of All’ title for anyone focussed enough to earn all 27 skill-related pets. The names of the first players to win the new titles will be broadcast across all our servers.


Evil Dave’s Big Day Out


This new, retro-inspired novice quest focuses on ever-lovable Evil Dave. The Zamorak fanboy has been busy working on a spell to grab his hero’s attention, and plans to venture from his mum’s basement to spread EVIL across Gielinor once and for all. With no Elder Gods in sight, this quest is all about laughs, puzzles, puns and white knights. Check it out!


Revolution Upgrade


As I mentioned back at RuneFest, we’ve been making some improvements to Revolution mode and the way it works in combat. Like your combat as laid-back as possible? Say no more: in Revolution mode, you’ll now be able to automatically trigger threshold and ultimate abilities, assuming you have enough adrenaline. You’ll also be able to resize the revolution window via the combat settings, so have a play around when it comes out. And, to ensure that a balance is struck when fighting monsters in different modes, we’ve increased the average damage given by both legacy combat and special attacks.


Ninja Updates


Halloween incited some spooky shenanigans around the Jagex office. Unperturbed, the Ninja team ninja-ed on as usual and assembled a cracking collection of updates, focussed as always on those little things that mean a lot. As well as adding a few more tier 92s to the assortment of weapons you can dye, the Ninjas improved the way you train construction (it’s now easier to add and remove things in your house), made the messages on luck items more descriptive and transformed more of your accomplishments in to achievements. However, the big Ninja news this month is about the advanced gold accumulator.


Advanced Gold Accumulator


Like its predecessor, the advanced gold accumulator will automatically pick up your GP loot drops. It’s permanent - bought with Dungeoneering tokens - and instead of degrading over time it charges you 10% of all gold pickups. You can also unlock the right to place it in your slayer tool belt if you’ve got the slayer points!


In other news…


There’re plenty of other things going on in November: a Christmas warm-up event that’ll send you chasing after snow implings and collecting pieces of clockwork; all the lowdown on Premier Club 2018; further celebrations of the German servers’ ten-year anniversary; and, last but not least, the epic ‘Dimension of the Damned’ finale. Best of luck to everyone competing - your epic zombie slaughtering has been marvellous to watch, and no doubt the finale will be even more gruesome. Not participating? Watch the drama unfold on Twitch from 19:45 UTC on November 18th to earn yourself a ‘LootScape LootChest’ containing such goodies as cash bags, lamps or even a Warborn Behemoth pet! These crates will be available for all our Tuesday and Friday live streams throughout November, including the RuneScape Showcase on the 7th November, so connect your twitch account now.


Have fun!

W00ters out.

Mod Mark
Design Director - RuneScape



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