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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forums!


You may have noticed this awesome new button at the top of the forums today that reads "Open Applications". This is because.... *drum roll*



...our application system is back! ... Ok ok, it was a little obvious (I hope ;) ) and was also mentioned in the Shoutbox a bit yesterday.


But regardless of that, we now have automated applications. This means that you can click the button at the top of the screen to fill out an application instead of asking the manager(s) directly. We hope that is addition invites several of you to apply and one of join our teams.


At this moment we are looking for Content Editors and Community Crew members. Not sure what they do? Check out this area, then head on over and apply. Hope to see your applications soon!




Forum Manager



Thanks to Daley for the base image.

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Rooskii has done it again <3 TY!!








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