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Oct 2nd, 2017 - Customer Support Week | Gielinorian Giving II

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Customer Support Week | Gielinorian Giving II

This week’s update offers multiple opportunities for win/win gains as Gielinor gears up for Gielinorian Giving II, the introduction of LootScape and an action-packed Customer Support Week (extra Keys, anyone?). There’s also a shiny new outfit available, plus news of a previously-polled change for the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

Customer Support Week

Imagine if you could be rewarded for doing something that benefits you. Like keeping your account safe from unwelcome visitors. This week, you can do exactly that.

Customer Support Stream/The Drop

Tune in to the RuneScape Twitch channel at 16:00 UTC on Monday 2nd October to watch a special Customer Support Week live stream, where we’ll be launching a new edition of The Drop - playable in-game throughout the week. Win, and you’ll unlock the rare title of ‘The Knowledgeable’. Want to take part? Let me hand over to Count Check.

Free XP and Clue Scrolls

Count Check is one of life’s givers. A real nice guy. Well, he’s back in business, and can be found near the Lumbridge lodestone for Customer Support Week. Say hello and he’ll give you a free daily clue scroll and an instant teleport to The Drop, as well as some top tips to protect your account. That’s not a one off - return to him throughout the week for maximum gains! He’ll also give you an XP lamp when you follow his advice and enable the bank PIN and the Authenticator.

A few notes about those clue scrolls:

  • You’ll receive two prize caskets for each clue you complete, but you’ll have to be fully protected to unlock the second one. That means bank PIN and Authenticator. EZ.
  • If you’re not a member, you’ll only have access to F2P items from Easy clue scroll drop tables. Members can receive rewards from Easy, Medium or Hard clue scroll drop tables, with rewards that scale at higher total skill levels.

Missed a day? Count Check forgives you. Just pay him a visit at any point during the week to claim your missed scrolls.

Extra Keys

Both enabling your bank PIN and enabling the Authenticator will each earn you an extra Treasure Hunter Key, regardless of membership. That’s two extra daily Keys every day that you log in during Customer Support Week when both are enabled. Already sorted? You’ll get them automatically.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’ll also be live Twitter periscope videos, reddit and Forum Q&A’s, insights into the support team and more. Follow @JagexSupport for a full schedule, live updates and notifications.

Gielinorian Giving II

Talking of win/wins, how do you Mind being rewarded for donating to charity?

Until the 15th, skilling activities will grant Charity Tokens that you can exchange for the Warden of the Mind robe set. You can also get hold of the Defender of the Mind outfit and capes from the previous Gielinorian Giving event capes using RuneCoins, all proceeds from which will be divided equally between our three partner charities: CPSL MindThe Prince’s Trust and YMCA.

Unified Grand Exchange

Sometimes it’s the fine details that make the difference, and we’re committed to actioning your feedback as part of our Unfinished Business. Recently, that came in the form of a poll: do we reduce the number of Grand Exchange booths in Varrock?

The answer was a resounding YES. On your request, we’ve brought the Varrock community together with one, centralised Grand Exchange booth.

NOTE: this only affects Varrock and functionality remains the same - it’s now just more social.

Duskwing Outfit

This gorgeous new outfit is now available when you redeem red or green RuneScape cards, or automatically for Premier Club members when you next log in.


Do you watch our live streams? No? Why not? This month we bring you LootScape, an all-new way for you to get yourself some awesome in-game goodies by watching our live streams every month.

Just connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account and tune into Tuesday’s live stream to kick off your loot drops! Check the link in the video description for how you can do so.

First up in our goodie bags for all of you is the amazing Twitching Orb pet. Tune into Tuesday’s Month Ahead live stream at 16:00 Game Time to grab yours!

You’ll be able to claim the pet on any of our Tuesday or Friday live streams throughout October.

You can connect your RS account to your Twitch account and find out more about it here.

Patch Notes

We've got some hefty patch notes for you this week, including some small tweaks to the new Lost Grove updateRead them in the forum thread here.


From account security to charity donations, this week is about living your best life and getting rewarded for it. There’s no way to lose, so what are you waiting for?


The RuneScape Team



  • The Clover pet now uses the correct model when overriding a familiar.
  • The Clover and Vinny pet sizes have been reduced.
  • Transitioning between the non-combat and combat stance with a parasol equipped no longer delays the player.
  • The floating grass has been removed from Lumbridge Swamp.
  • Exercising penguins no longer clip the ground.
  • Butterflies no longer move completely in unison.


Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Item rewards that are unique to treasure trails are now tracked, similar to the boss collection log. This log will be viewable in-game via a new book object when the Clue scroll rework update goes live.
  • Crafting combination runes will now fill urns and give a chance to receive Ethereal fragments.
  • The Pyramid Talent Scout has been moved to a more lizard-friendly spot to stop players missing out on his opportunities.
  • It is no longer possible to protect Poison ivy bushes planted in Prifddinas, as they cannot be diseased.
  • Missing skillguide entries have now been added for the lab coat, lightbulb hat and Professor title unlocks.
  • Smelting gold ore will now correctly fill smelting urns.
  • The skill selection side interface now has a 'Use all' button which allows playets to consume all stars and/or lamps at once.
  • Slasher demons can no longer get past the barriers in a Player-owned Slayer Dungeon.
  • Ironmen can now buy the Flash Powder Factory outfit with Thaler.
  • The Combat Dummy MKII now runs the correct destroy script.
  • The system that checks for free inventory space when adding or topping-up stacks of an item in the plank maker and potion producing machines has been fixed.
  • It's now possible for the Refined perk to trigger on Woodcutting & Mining clan skilling plots. This provides a chance to prevent resource depletion.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements


  • The darkness overlay has now been removed from the peace treaty cutscene in Lost Tribe.
  • The K'rilow achievement will now unlock when using willow blackjacks.



  • Blocking has been added to one of the trees and to an area near the moss golems in The Lost Grove.
  • The typo in Bub's dialogue in The Lost Grove has been corrected.
  • Khopesh blessings are now made in order automatically: sand -> sea -> sky. If you have multiple versions of one blessing then the others will be prioritised until you have an equal amount of each.
  • Players with two or four scraps of scripture will receive additional scraps next time they open a phylactery, rounding their total scraps to a figure that's divisible by 5.
  • The Magister can now phase while stunned.
  • The Magister's defence has been slightly reduced, and base hit chance against him increased.
  • Players can now teleport in safe areas outside of the Wilderness while carrying Cursed Energy.
  • Clan avatars are now treated as a familiar in PvP combat. This means that abilities such as aftershock (and other AOE abilities) won't skull players.
  • Auto-retaliate now functions correctly when avoiding damage from dragon fire from the King Black Dragon.
  • Ironmen will now consistently receive drops from camel warriors.
  • The tooltip for the Onslaught ability on the Mazcab ability codex's interface has now been fixed.
  • Blocking has been added to one of the benches in the Lumbridge Combat Academy.
  • Desert music will no longer play in Lumbridge.
  • Adding notes to players on the ignore list now works correctly.
  • The 15th Anniversary party hat can now be keepsaked.
  • Deathtouch bracelets will no longer be referred to as withering bracelets.
  • The typo in the unlock tooltip for the Tirannwn quiver teleport has now been fixed.
  • New clan noticeboard entries have now been added for the four Menaphos districts, the Sophanem slayer dungeon (under places) and the Shifting Tombs (under activities).
  • Daemonheim, Tirannwn, and Wilderness options have been added to the noticeboard sub-type dropdown for Tasks.
  • An issue that caused the end of the sub-type lists on the clan noticeboard to display or save events incorrectly has now been fixed.
  • The spawn point for one of the unicorns has been relocated so that it will no longer spawn on the Catherby allotment patch.
  • You can no longer bypass teleport checks with the Portable Fairy Ring
  • Telos fonts are now poison immune.

Last Week's Hotfixes


  • 25/09, 11:10 UTC: Players trying to unlock Vinny will now receive the correct pet.
  • 25/09, 11:30 UTC: The spawn location for one of the mossy heads has been moved somewhere reachable.
  • 25/09, 12:10 UTC: Teleport checks on the portable fairy ring have now been fixed.
  • 25/09, 12:50 UTC: The colour of the text warning for gathering energy from cursed wisps has been fixed.
  • 25/09, 15:00 UTC: Cursed energies and memories in a Beast of Burden now block teleportation.
  • 25/09, 15:00 UTC: The quantity available to craft in the Make-X system for protean items, corrupted ores and junk refiners has now been fixed.
  • 25/09, 15:50 UTC: Cursed energies no longer work with area looting. This means that players will no longer be able to remove Wilderness level checks for unsuspecting players.
  • 26/09, 07:40 UTC: Further amendments have been made to the Make-X system to ensure the quantity being crafted is correct.


Ninja Fixes



Using a prawn or golden cracker on another player will now automatically open all crackers in the inventory.


The Golden Akrisae armour set can now be stored within the armour case in player-owned houses.


The canoe interface has been updated to be more consistent with other menus within the game.


The animation issue triggered by climbing over low walls has now been fixed.


Minigame interfaces such as the Menaphos reputation and Port interface are now aligned with the top of the screen in Legacy Mode.


The crystal tinderbox message for fire spirits can now be filtered under game messages in the chat window.


Ganodermic creatures now display their weakness on the slayer counter.


Chat messages that players receive when an augmented item levels up are now shorter.


Lodestones can now be dragged onto the action bar and activated as a quick teleport.


The healing area has been extended within the Max Guild in Prifddinas.



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On 10/9/2017 at 3:56 PM, Jateus Maximus said:

where do you recieve warden of the mind outfit after unlocking it?


Check your Wardrobe (second button on your Menu Ribbon) and it'll be listed in there :).

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