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St Squiggy

Sept. 25th, 2017 - The Lost Grove

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The Lost Grove


Heard many tales of The Lost Grove? No? That’s because it’s one of Gielinor’s oldest and most treasured secrets. Or was...until now. Sit tight, slayers, because with this update come hordes of brand new creatures to sink your blades into.


Fantastic beasts...


Let’s start small. The Lost Grove has long been the home of wisps and fairies who live in harmony with the great tree, which stands proudly in the center. Among them is Teelee: a fairy with the sacred task of appeasing the tree spirits. By helping her in our new Weekly Distraction and Diversion, Wisps of the Grove, you’ll be rewarded with Hunter and Farming XP aplenty. You’ll also be in with a chance to obtain a rare new pet, Vinny!


Time to ramp things up. These three may not look the type to go bump in the night, but don’t be fooled - they pack a nasty punch!


At level 104, we have Vinecrawlers. Of the three, these give you the most GP per hour.


Next up at level 106: Bulbous crawlers. Sitting in the middle, these are equally weighted between XP and GP gain.


Finally, Moss Golems stand at level 108, granting the best XP per hour of the trio.


As for rewards, The Lost Grove is a veritable treasure trove of secrets, loot and lore. Keep your eyes peeled in particular for the new T85 Hybrid Cinderbane gloves: a pair of deadly gauntlets that passively poison any foe you hit. Combine that with your existing weapons and you’ve a deadly P+++ poison panini.


…And where to slay them


The task to kill the three slayer creatures is available from Morvran to those with kill counts between 100 and 120, and you can access The Lost Grove by investigating the ruins on the peninsula, south of the poison waste. Why are you still reading?


Patch Notes


Many of this week's patch notes focus around post-launch fixes for Invention Batch 2, but you'll also find a number of small Ninja updates in there too, among other things. You can read more about them in the patch notes thread.




For those of you who have eagerly awaited the Invention batch 2 update, blueprint discovery will continue to receive an XP buff for another week in the wake of Double XP Weekend.

Seriously, why are you still reading?


The RuneScape Team




The green skill chip in the Runefest in-game event has been corrected to be red.

 Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

A Divine-o-Matic vacuum with no charge no longer prevents players from receiving divine memories.

 The Divine-o-Matic now absorbs enriched memories produced by enriched springs.

 It is now possible to teleport to Zanaris directly from a portable fairy ring. This uses up a charge as usual.

 Portable fairy rings now consume a charge when entering an incorrect code that teleports within Zanaris.

 The Invention guild bank chest area can now fulfil formerly bank-only functions, such as healing and keepsaking.

 Players can now activate a portable fairy ring or spirit tree re-rooter if it's the last one in their stack and their backpack is otherwise full.

 Various Invention batch 2-related typos have been fixed.

 The Nature Sentinel outfit no longer uses Bonus XP modifiers on non-members' worlds.

 Players can now enter the Clan Wars area with a legendary pet (but still cannot enter any of the portals).

 The promotion information section of Treasure Hunter now displays the cash-out value of the whole stack of items, instead of individually.

 Filling wax buckets when your backpack is full no longer drops them to the ground.

 Players must now be wielding a relevant augmented item at a Citadel skill plot to receive item XP.

 Various items that would formerly drop to the floor when crafting them with the Make-X system will no longer do so.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements
The 'ladder' in the Witch's House is now correctly referred to as 'stairs'.

Players are no longer able to 'Whack' others in the Wilderness with fun-styled weapons, to prevent people being tricked into skulling.

 PvP damage reduction no longer applies to the cosmetic versions of Vanguard, Battle Mage and Trickster gear.

 The Exiled Kalphite Queen will no longer spawn multiple times inside a boss instance if the final hit is dealt by the Dark Magic aura.

 Players are now able to change outfits correctly after reopening the Wardrobe interface after closing it with the recolour palette open.

 Non-Ironman accounts can no longer search and use the 'I am an Ironman btw' and 'I am a Hardcore Ironman btw' Quick Chat messages.

 Abilities and spells now correctly light up when they are available on the ability bar.

 Last Week's Hotfixes
18/09, 13:40 UTC: The Invention Guild instancing system, was deactivated, as the guild was not appearing correctly when instanced.

 18/09, 14:00 UTC: The Biting perk was deactivated, as it was triggering too often.

18/09, 14:00 UTC: The potion drinking delay was restored.

18/09, 15:15 UTC: [Coldfix] Ring of slaying (8) can be noted once again.

18/09, 15:15 UTC: [Coldfix] The Invention Guild's instancing mechanic was fixed and re-enabled.

18/09, 15:20 UTC: The activation rate of the Biting perk was corrected, and the perk reactivated.

18/09, 16:00 UTC: Ironmen no longer benefit from the Invention Early Bird Bonus.

18/09, 16:00 UTC: The checks behind creating a tier 2 machine to ensure the tier 1 is already built were tightened.

18/09, 16:00 UTC: Compacted combat bracelets no longer revert to a non-compacted variant when using the Cadarn well.

18/09, 17:00 UTC: An issue with the Devotion perk was fixed.

18/09, 17:00 UTC: A message about having no charge now only appears if a player has unlocked Invention.

19/09, 10:30 UTC: An issue with the 'withdraw products' option on a machine was fixed.

19/09, 14:40 UTC: The Ring of Slaying and Games Necklace right-click options now all work consistently.

19/09, 16:00 UTC: An issue where machines were not running correctly was fixed.

21/09, 12:40 UTC: Several checks for machine charge usage were fixed.

22/09, 10:20 UTC: Machine batch disassembly now does multiple batches per machine tick.

Ninja Fixes
Carrying cursed energy or memories will now prevent players from teleporting, and will now ignore the Wilderness level restrictions to allow anyone to attack them.

A new dropdown menu has replaced the checkbox in the interface options for the Slayer Counter. Players can now choose the direction in which the slayer counter will expand when the skull icon is clicked, and players using Legacy interface mode can now turn the interface on and off.

The Bank PIN interface to be more in line with the visual style of other interfaces.

An additional clay rock has been added to the Menaphos dig site to help with Menaphos pottery oven runs.

The total amount of currency held in the currency pouch, such as rare tokens, will now be displayed in the chat box when that currency is added to the pouch.

The Quake, Decimate and Assault ability descriptions within the Powers interface and the Augmented Vine Whip's special attack description have been updated to improve their clarity.

The message given when opening prawn balls is now filtered under the Game Messages option in the chat window. Players will still be notified of golden crackers and golden eggs.

The Twitch button has been removed from the Ribbon.





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