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[RuneHQ Event] Heist - Saturday 18th

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If you could disguise yourself as a warrior, a maid, a vampire, a squid, a kid, or even a camel, what would you do?... really? You'd go around stealing things? Well we've got the perfect game for you! Here you can use your ninja and acting skills to your own advantage as you sneak about to steal the riches of various villages, all while avoiding the keen guards of the banks. Don't get caught, or you're gonna get thrown into jail!


Now, if you're a guard, you simply have keep a look out for anything suspicious and chase after anyone that tries to steal the gold. But be careful, don't accuse the wrong person or you yourself can end up doing your time in the cell. All Participants will receive points that could be used to collect large amounts of bonus XP in the Hunter and Thieving skills (Of course, more points are awarded to the winning team).
Happy Hunting/Heisting!


Event Details:

Date: Saturday 18th

Time: Here

World: 60
FC: RHQ Events
Location: Heist lobby



Teamspeak Details:

Address - teamspeak.runehq.com

We hope to see you all there!

The Events Team



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Insane amounts of bonus experience to be had here.


Will you guys be doing the 5 minute Heist?

RSN: Uncle Si | Clan: Carnival | Forum Rules


Any questions? PM me!




















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