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[RuneHQ Event] Hardmode Saradomin GWD - Saturday 7th

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As Commander Zilyana prayed to Saradomin for the strength to retrieve the Godsword from Kree's forces, Saradomin blessed her with three very powerful amulets, each bearing the symbols of her enemy's Gods. She discussed this with her generals, Growler, Bree and Starlight, and noticed that these amulets enhanced their combat abilities but why should they be handed out to their enemies?
Zilyana later learned that these amulets granted her the power to hear the bearer's thoughts and she was able manipulate them, even if it was just a whisper, a murmur, or a hiss.
For some time, Kree and Zilyana were allies against K'rils forces in an attempt to deliver the Godsword to Saradomin's forces at the Temple of Lost Ancients. They shared weaponry, such as the Armadyl Crossbow, but also had their own weapons. Now, as each faction has made an encampment under the Temple, the battle for the Godsword still rages to this day.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday January 7th

Time: Here

World: 67
FC: RHQ Events
Location: God Wars Dungeon



Teamspeak Details:

Address - teamspeak.runehq.com

We hope to see you all there!


Events Team


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