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Submission Added:Stolen Hearts

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Just writing up the basic guide while I work through the quest. If anything needs to be corrected/added, let me know.




Talk to Ozan in Draynor village and he will ask you to infiltrate a gang that his former friend Khumn has joined, agree and try to open the trapdoor in the house next to Ozan.


Speak to the bouncer and choose the option "Let me in or I'll poke your eyes out!" and he'll let you into the cellar.


Speak to Khumn and he'll ask you some initiation questions. Any answer will be correct. Now, after passing the test he tell you that finding the location of the gang HQ is another test.


Go back to Ozan and tell him what you found out. When you tell him about finding the HQ, he will tell you to follow Khumn when he leaves the cellar.


Tell Ozan you're ready to trail Khuam and he will walk out of the house. Now, simply follow him, making sure you stay a short distance behind and you'll eventually arrive at the Draynor village jail. Ozan will ask if you're ready to confront

Khuam, say yes and an interactive cutscene will play in which Ozan questions Khuam about why he joined the gang. During the conversation, Leela will appear and tell you that Prince Ali has been kidnapped by Khauam.


Now, find out the details of the kidnapping by interrogating Khaum and going through each of the options. Once done, head to the shoreline south of the prison and a cutscene will play in which Lady Keli and her mercenaries take Prince Ali away in a boat. After the cutscene has finished, kill the mercenaries and take the dropped ransom note.


Talk to Ozan or Leela and Leela will ask you to take the note to her father Osman in Al khaird and gives you a passphrase to tell him.


Travel to Al Kharid (the home teleport lodestone is advised if you've activated it) and try to open the closed door in the palace courtyard. The guard will stop you and Ozan will try to explain about the Prince being kidnapped, but the guard refuses to believe him. Speak to Ozan and he will explain that he has a plan to break into the palace, starting with climbing to the roof of the crafting store in the north-east of the city.


Go to the crafting store and climb the stairs and ladder to the roof and you must now make your way across the rooftops by passing a series of obstacles. If you get stuck, talk to Ozan he will explain where to go.


Once at the palace a cutscene will play in which Osman tries to tell the Emir that the menaphites have kidnapped Prince Ali and want a diamond known as the Kharid-ib as ransom. However, the Emir refuses to accept the demands and Ozan will suggest that you and him should steal it.


After the cutscene, climb the brickwork to the roof and break into the vault through the skylight. Talk to Ozan and he will explain that the diamond is encased in a display which can only be opened with a weight obtained from the het scales.

Open the ornate chests to find the history of karib-ib which hints at how to find the correct weight with the scales.


Place three weights on each hand and weigh them, one side will be heavier than the other. Place the weights from the lighter hand at the bottom of the scales, take one from the heavier side and place it on the other hand and place another one from the heavier hand back at the bottom of the scales and weigh the two weights. If one side is heavier than the other, then the heavy weight is the correct one. If they are balanced, then the weight from the heavy side you put back on the bottom is the correct one. Once you have opened the display, Osman and the palace guards will enter the vault and you'll tell him about what happened in Draynor and why you're stealing the diamond. Before he'll believe you, he asks for Leela's passphrase, tell him and he'll take you to the Emir


Now, choose either option and during the conversation the Emir will have a heart attack and die. A conversation with Osman will follow in which he reinstates Ozan's citizenship


Congratulations! Quest complete!



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I just did the same thing, lol.

I'm sure the numbers can be moved around and a few words changed and what not.




Difficulty -

Length -

Quest Requirements - None.

Skill/Other Requirements - Must be able to defeat 3 level 2 Mercenaries

Items needed - None

Items Recommended for Quest - Food and Combat gear

Items Acquired During Quest - Ransom Note, History of the Kharid-ib, Weight,

Quest Points - 3

Reward - 3 Quest Points, 2,500 coins, 250xp Agility lamp (Members), 250xp Combat lamp, 250 Constitution xp, 250xp Thieving lamp (members), choice of 4 thief titles (members) and 2 spins on the Squeal of FOrtune. (The members' rewards can be claimed any time after completing the quest.)

Start Point - North of Draynor VIllage's bank

To Start - Speak to Ozan in Draynor VIllage



1. Speak with Ozan north of Draynor Village's bank. He will tell you that a friend of his, Khnum, has fallen in with a new gang in Draynor and asks to get join and rescue him. He also says to go to the house West of you, knock on the trapdoor, pose as a thug, try to get recruited, and find out what you can about Khnum.


2. Go to the house to the west and try to open the trap door. Tell him "Let me in or I'll poke your eyes out!" and he'll let you in.


3. Go to the East side of the cellar and speak with Khnum.

He'll ask you if you want to join the Skulls.

Nod your head.

He'll put you through some theoretical situations.

It doesn't matter what answer you choose (I think).

After he is finished asking questions he'll accept you into the Skulls.

Go through the different chats and he'll finally give you a task of running supplies.

He'll tell you that you need to find where the real HQ is.


4. Go back to Ozan and go through all the chat options. Ozan will suggest that you wait until Khnum goes to the HQ and when he's alone he'll have a chat with him.


5. Follow Khnum around Draynor Village to the gate west, market, bank, musician, and finally the jail (where the HQ is).

Note: If you wish to stop following Khnum at any time you can speak with Ozan.


6. Go through the door in the jail to speak with Khnum, a cutscene will occur. Khnum will finally reveal what made him create the Skulls gang. You will get interupted by Leela and she will inform you that Prince Ali has already been kidnapped.


7. Go through all of the options of interorgating Khnum after all of the options he'll explain that he's only hired help for Lady Keli.


8. Go directly South of the jail along the coast you'll find the boat a long with the Skulls mercenaries, Lady Keli, Lady Keli's henchmen, and Prince Ali Mirza. A cutscene will occur and the boat will sail away.


9. Kill the three Skulls Mercenaries and pick up the Ransom Note the last one dropped. Leela will ask you to go to her father, Osman, in Al Kharid and tell him what happened.


10. Home teleport to Al Kharid and walk south into the palace. Speak with the Palace guard that's guarding the south room. The guard won't let you in at all.


11. Speak with Ozan and he'll inform you that you need to get on the crafting store first in the north-east part of Al Kharid.


12. Go into the crafting store and up the stairs to the east, then go up the ladder to the South. Once on the roof walk-across the plank to the next roof.

Slide down awning to the south.

Go Northwest and walk across the Washing line.

Climb up the ladder to the West.

Cross Planks to the West.

Climb up the ladder to the West.

Jump from scaffold to the West.

Climb down Rug to the south.

Swing across wooden fram to the West.

Just from scaffold to the South.

Bounce on Awning to the South.

Climb up Brickwork to the South.

Leave it to Ozan Flagpole to the East.

Shimmy across the rope Ozan just used.

Cutscene will occur.



13. Climb up Brickwork just to your East and make your way South and Break into the Skylight.


14. Open the Ornate chest in the Southeast of the room to get a History of the Kharid-ib scroll.


15. Go to the middle of the room and inspect the Het scales, one out of the scales is heavier than the others, you need to find out which one it is, once you have figured out which is the heavier weight you will need to drag it into the backpack icon in the top left corner.


16. Once you have the correct weight place it in the Kharib-ib display to the South. A cutscene will occur.


17. During the cutscene Osman will hear you messing around in the room and come in to capture you. After some time he'll request the passphrase, which is 'Kakolookiyam'. Osman will take the Diamond from you and present you to Emir.

Note: Even if you pick the wrong one too many times Ozan will chime in with the correct passphrase.


18. During the cutscene Emir will have a heart attack, after which you will be taken downstairs and Osman will forgive Ozan for his past deeds. He will also inform you that Ozan is free to return as a citizen of Al Kharid.



Quest Complete




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Did anyone notice the discrepancy in the audio -v- the text at one point? The voice said "don't be silly" while the text said "don't be absurd" when Osman is talking to Ozan after the emir died.

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i cant tell for somereason ( yes ive checked the settings) rs no longer gives me audio


thanks for the sig brandon!







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i cant tell for somereason ( yes ive checked the settings) rs no longer gives me audio


Go to volumemixer and check if it's turned off there ;)



Something else, should we put a new header at the top of the guide for the prince ali rescue stating that the quest was removed/replaced by Stolen Hearts or perhaps remove it?


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After the quest, members can talk to Khnum in Draynor jail to choose a new title.

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Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.

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