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Found 21 results

  1. Hello After Many Years

    Hello! I go by Game in Rs, I have been using this site for a very long time now. I'm not sure if this site is owned and ran by the original person that started it but if so I would guess we are probably around the same age. I really just wanted to say hello. I am 30 years old now and I have never taken the time to say thank you for doing what you do. I saw the patch notes and I really thought it was cool that all this hard work has been put into this site over the years. I don't play nearly as much as I did when I was 16 but I still like to hop on and check things out every now and then. I remember the reason I fell in love with runehq was because the information was always accurate and the site was easy to use and navigate. Whether it was a quest, a treasure trail, random event maze, first day holiday event, or a pest control guide, you always had the best information! Thank you for the many years of hard work and dedication! Game☺
  2. Safety of your account!

    Hi there fellow runescapers! I am here to discuss and remind you about a email safety. I get emails from "Jagex" often, and these are spam emails. They look like something like this. I would like to remind you that whenever you get an email like this, to check who it is from. Many as I see, do not check this, and would hit that "Continue your membership" button which probably puts a keylogger or something on your computer, allowing the person who made it to see all your passwords and jazz. When you check who its from, look at the top of the email. If the email is this then if it fake. I'd highly suggest never to press any buttons on these type of emails. If it has something to do with your account, most likely you will get it in your notification through your game client. On the top, there is a botton that looks like this . Press it and it should take you to this screen This screen you can trust. It's through the jagex client and brings you into your account details on the site. If you scrolled down to the bottom of this email because you didn't want to read this, at least take in what im about to say. ALWAYS look at who sent you the EMAIL and NEVER click links that are runescape related. It's most likely a spam email! Regards, Numerous Friendly RHQ Forum Moderator!
  3. Hello! I'm looking for people to start a clan with me. My main focuses are to build a clan to max the citadel, have a fun/social community and meet new rs players! Open to lots of ideas, would like the clan to have a variety of areas (Skilling, events, bosses, minigames, quest help). DM me in game or join my friends chat if you are interested (blackxcat) Thanks and have a great day!
  4. Woot! This is the 4th time that I have gotten 200M Cooking Exp! I'll have to think of which account I want to get it on next. I have 200M Cooking Exp already banked on 2 other accounts or I'll have to think of another account to get it on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3Y6rpXzhIE https://imgur.com/a/oJiZv
  5. Hey, i need a shield of arrav partner. I havent chosen team yet so that wouldnt be a problem witch one you guys are. Hit me up on RS.
  6. The Hardcore Life

    I started my hardcore ironman almost two weeks ago, and I'm surprised that I love it as much as I do. I've been working on my stats when I can, and today I made level 50 mining. For the past few days, I've spent my time in the motherlode mine working towards my prospector's outfit and coal bag. That's my first goal, and then my second goal is to go to wintertodt and get my ironman its first skill cape: fire making. My questions for everyone are: 1. What do you think of the hardcore ironman mode? 2. What are your goals as a hardcore ironman? 3. What do you not like about this mode? In the picture, this is me making level 49. I don't have level 50 for some reason. Let me know what you think about this mode. I'm super excited for your opinions.
  7. About me: RuneScape player since 2001 with 2 Bachelor‘s & Master's in Law degree. Generating content for you to enjoy & improve your game! Accounts: RS3 - Subzero Lt. OSRS - JonDefon. I live in Lithuania where poor get poorer. ------------------------------------------------------ In this series you will see how i trained from combat level 3 to 126 in 30 days! With all the details, exp per hour rates, methods, etc. I will be adding new videos to this topic as they will be coming out. From newest to oldest. Full playlist is here New video added: 2016.11.12, Episode 11, just at the top! Episode 11. 11th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: 115 combat, Intro/Outro with my girlfriend, Bonus clip/behind the scenes of making intro at the end of the video, English/lithuanian language, Nightmare Zone (NMZ) tips about everything you need to know when you are actually IN the minigame, Camera, Ancient mace special attack, Game chat filtered mode, Ruble mode, Power-ups in arena - Recurrent damage, Zapper, Ultimate Force, Power surge, Prayer, hitpoints. Episode 10. 10th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: 112 combat, Nightmare Zone (NMZ) tips on how to get ready for this minigame before entering it, Jondefon bank, Maximum points in NMZ, Nolife people (me), Dominic, Practice, endurance, rumble, Dream World, Count Draynor,Kendal, Khazard Warlord, Bouncer, King Roald. Episode 9. 9th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: 110 combat and exact time it took me to get it in days Bunny ears, Jagex mod, Nightmare Zone (NMZ) gear – weapons, armour, potions. Abbysal whip, Abyssal tentacle, Kraken tentacle, Ancient mace, Barrows gloves, Fire cape, Guthix mirte, Saradomin cloak, Dragon defender, Ancient blessing, Combat bracelet. Episode 8. 8th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: Tears of Guthix quest, Recipe for Disaster quest, Fishing Competition quest, Nightmare Zone NMZ, Dwarven rock cake, Dharok vs whip comparison, Freeing the Mountain dwarf quest, 96 combat, Overload potions, Absorption potions Female players shower, How long men take shower vs girls. Exact playing time – 6 days, 21 hours, 56 minutes, Firemaking, Woodcuting. Episode 7. 7th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: Combat level 88. Nightmare Zone The Giant Dwarf quest Death to the Dorgeshuun quest, The Digsite quest, Another Slice of H.A.M quest. Ancient mace, Explorer’s ring. Total time spent is around 6 days, i will give you exact time (days, hours, minutes) in episode 8. Episode 6. 6th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: Combat level 87, 66 prayer, 2 back to back dragon defenders in 40 tokens, 18 quests completed: Black Knight Fortress, Druidic Ritual Quest, Recruitment Drive, Prince Ali Rescue, Gertrude’s Cat, Icthlarin’s Little Helper, Contact, Fight Arena Quest, Priest in Peril, Lost Tribe Quest, Cook’s Assistant, Wanted!, Sea Slug, Slug Menace, Lost city of Zanaris, Tree Gnome Village, Mountain Daughter, What Lies Below. Total time spent is around 5-6 days, i will give you exact time (days, hours, minutes) in episode 8. Episode 5. 5th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: Completed a few quests, Got quite a few levels which will be needed for quests later. Last episode in F2P. Episode 4. 4th episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this video: Neighbor is drilling my wall while I’m recording my voice. Hammer in the background. How I picked up Runescape name JonZZmile, and why i changed it later. How did you pick up your name? Zombies. Flesh crawlers. 3 days 23 hours 19 mins in game time. 2.3 m experience F2P. 106 combat related levels during this video gained. Episode 3. Episode 3 of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! In this episode: Minotaurs, Zombies, 96 combat related levels! Exact playing time after this video: 13 hours 43 minutes, Why i chose to train in f2p first ? Stronghold of Security, How does this video compare to other videos ? Episode 2. 2nd episode of series Combat level from 3 to 126 in 30 days! Play with me and lets have fun! I created account for this series with name JonZZmile, but for some reason it was being censored on Old School Runescape and Jagex couldn't do anything about it, so i later changed to JonDefon which is the Old School Runescape name i currently use and plan to use it in the future. Episode 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnwlw5hAcjI Hey guys, starting a new series, where i will train combat from level 3 to 126 in 1 month! Play with me and lets have fun!
  8. Odor, The Hill Giant Boss

    Alright, so recently Jagex came out with a F2P boss named Odor. For those who are not familiar with him, basically you kill hill giants until you get a, "giant key" and then unlock the door to fight him. He drops many things such as runes, limpwurts, and full rune armour. If you are used to member's bosses then you will probably think that he is a total and complete waste of time. I didn't mind him for the six times that I defeated him, but I'm at the level where rune drops aren't worthe my time. What about y'all? Have you fought him, and what did you think about it?
  9. Runescape Idle Adventures Info

    Table of Contents Introduction Cities Dungeons Trade Skills Combat Skills Abilities Items Quests Introduction Runescape Idle Adventures is a click based game available on Steam. It is based in the Runescape world as you take on various roles and activities as you venture throughout cities and conquer dungeons! You can learn various skills as well as assign citizens of the various towns to aid you in collecting blue and red anima. Blue anima is used to train more citizens on skills and leveling up trade skills. You can gain it by training any trade skill, or by training villagers on the many various skills available. While completing quests you will also be rewarded with blue and red anima. Red anima is gathered by going through dungeons and killing the creatures that lurk within. It can also be gathered the same way as blue anima, but instead of trade skills it is combat skills. Cities Dranyor Village Quests available: 9 Trade skills: Fishing Firemaking Cooking Farming Woodcutting Hunter Construction Combat skills: Attack Ranged Lumbridge Castle Quests available: 7 Trade skills: Mining Smithing Crafting Fletching Herblore Combat skills: Dungeoneering Constitution Slayer Magic Falador Quests available: 5 Trade skills: Mining Woodcutting Crafting Divination Farming Smithing Combat skills: Summoning Defence Prayer White Wolf Mountain Quests available: 2 Combat skills: Prayer Gunnarsgrunn Quests available: 9 Trade skills: Fishing Cooking Fire making Smithing Combat skills: Attack Constitution Ranged Strength Agility Edgeville Quests available: 7 Trade skills: Cooking Woodcutting Firemaking Combat skills: Thieving Dungeons Lumbridge Catacombs Creatures: Corpse Spider - ranged Crawling Corpse Torso - magic Warped Rat - melee Boss: Dragith Nurn - magic Health: 10,000 Flame Strike - 99 damage Evil Duke - melee Health: 10,000 Evil Slap - 170 damage Stronghold of Security Creatures: Minotaur - melee Goblin - ranged Boss: Ankou - magic Health: 30,000 Crush: 150 Edgeville Dungeon Creatures Skeleton - magic Hobgoblin - melee Zombie - melee Boss: Hill Giant - melee Health: 30,000 Crush: 900 Skills Trade Skills Construction Cooking Crafting Divination Farming Firemaking Fishing Fletching Herblore Hunting Mining Smithing Woodcutting Combat Skills Agility - Increases damage of ranged attacks Attack - Damage enemies with melee attacks Constitution - Increase Health in dungeons Defence - Chance to dodge enemy attacks Dungeoneering - Unlock more dungeon waves and increase enemy level Magic - Damage enemies with a power magical attack Prayer - Heals a large amount during combat Ranged - Fires ranged attack rapidly Runecrafting - Increases potency of magic attacks Slayer - Lure out dangerous monsters and remove enemy buffs Strength - Increases attack damage Summoning - Summon a creature to do damage and absorb incoming attacks
  10. Who's Excited! What is everyone's plan? Which skill you going to work on?
  11. Ways to keep you're Runescape account / Computer safe 1. Do daily scans on your computer for malicious software. 2. Keep anti-virus Anti-malware and system up to date. 3. Don't ever go to links that you are not sure of. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Support_-_Phishing 4. Enable runescape Authenticator https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/206344209 5. Make a new email for only runescape and make sure you add two step verification on it. Account Security Tips: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/206666409-Account-security-tips Hijacked Account: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207217595-Hijacked-account Security Software: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/207498255-Security-Software
  12. Castle Wars O.S.R.S.

    Hey guys, I've been playing OSRS for a little over a year now and it still breaks my heart that my favorite mini-game is basically dead now. If there is anyone who would like to start a castle wars group with me please comment here and/or add me in OSRS. My username is the same as on here: L1ttleR3d. I also just started a new clan chat which is called Cwlovers (at this present moment) on OSRS. You can join it by pressing "Join chat" and typing in my username. I look forward to hearing from you guys.Thanks. <3 L1ttleR3d
  13. Hi guys, I'm a new YouTuber that does more than just Runescape. I started out with Civilization V for example and have a playthrough going on that. However I just started a Runescape skiller account and I'm recording the progress made. I hope that the series will uncover training methods and guides for other people wanting to start/play a skiller. Below is the link to my first video which has just gone live, any love would be much appreciated to help the channel grow. I will be looking to expand my gameplay of Runescape further with news, guides and bossing on my main. Thanks Luke Episode 1: Starting a new account! Latest Episode:
  14. RS3 General Logs and Goals

    So I saw that my other goal list was not very good and the layout sucked ect.. I spent some time making a list of what I want done. I will comment below when I gain levels or complete a certain goal I had on this list 80 Div 85 Dung 85 Attk 80 str 80 def 60 hunter Complete all Lumby Diaries, complete Varrock, Ardy, and wilderness medium diaries 85 slayer 70 agility 75 prayer 75 magic 93 cooking 80 crafting 80 smithing Do following quests: Chosen commander Hazeel Cult Kings ransom While guthix sleeps Ritual of the majharrat Lunar Diplomacy Dream Mentor Mournings End 1 Mournings end 2 Plague's End Making History Meeting History
  15. The Brotherhood PVM/PVP/Community The Brotherhood Forum: http://brotherhoodrs.enjin.com The Brotherhood is an Old School Runescape clan that was established in June 2016. Although relatively new, The Brotherhood was founded by previous clan leaders and founders with over 5 years of experience leading. The Brotherhood is made by the members and for the members. Our goal as a clan is to create an environment of commradery for our members and friends and for the Old School Runescape community. To promote this environment we listen to what our members want and we try our best to build a clan that supports those needs. We host a wide range of events ranging from social get-togethers like house parties to PVP clan wars and everything in between. Individual event attendance is not required, so if you prefer social events you can attend those and if you prefer wars and pking you can attend those. We also strongly encourage members to host and lead their own events. DISCORD The Brotherhood Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/0138Nw17Zs4dnUVnH The Brotherhood uses Discord as it's preferred voice chat client. Feel free to join even if you do not use voice chat since it has text built in as well. CLAN CHAT Runescape Clan Chat: The_Bro_Hood This is our primary clan chat. Individual clan chats are sometimes created for events for specific purposes. TWITCH CapnSolesy: https://www.twitch.t...nsolesy/profile NeronicCrazyCjay: https://www.twitch.tv/crazylittlecjay Some of our members stream events and their typical game play. Feel free to check them out! Activity Requirements Membership in The Brotherhood is a privilege; it is not granted to all. In order to build and maintain an active community we have certain activity requirements in place. Forum Activity All members must contribute by posting and routinely check The Brotherhood forum for upcoming events, announcements and general clan engagement. The clan forum is The Brotherhood's primary place for posting news and we require our members to actively engage with each other on there. Chat Activity All members should be active in The Brotherhood's clan chat and/or Discord channel while playing Runescape. If you are playing you should be engaging with your fellow clan members. We have no issues with you being in other clan chats or unable to talk in Discord but we would like the majority of your time to be spent with the clan. That's why we are in the clan in the first place. If a member has posted an Away thread this activity requirement can be waived during that time. MEMBER RANKS Community Friend When a new applicant is accepted into The Brotherhood they become a Community Friend and can stay for as long as they like! Community Friends are given the rank of Friend in the Runescape clan chat! Community Member Community Member's Receive a new title showing that they've become a full fledged member of The Brotherhood. Community Member's are granted the rank of Recruit in the Clan Chat. Community Friend's must complete the following in order to attain the "Community Member" Rank. Attend a total of 4 events.Acquire a post count of 30 on our forums OR acquire 500 points in our Discord channel.​Have a regular presence in "The_Bro_Hood" Clan Chat.VETERAN Veteran members receive a new rank, title and icon on the forum and receive a higher rank in Clan Chat. They also receive additional preference for future Staff Positions. A Rookie member may request Veteran status once they have met the following requirements: Attend at least 10 events in the past 90 days. Minimum of 1.5 posts per day on the forum. Regular presence in Discord and/or Clan Chat. Have recruited at least 2 members into The Brotherhood. Have led and/or organized at least 2 official events. ELITE Elite members receive a new rank, title and icon on the forum and receive a higher rank in Clan Chat. They also receive additional preference for future Staff Positions. A Veteran member may request Elite status once they have met the following requirements: Attend at least 20 events in the past 90 days. Minimum of 2 posts per day on the forum. Regular presence in Discord and/or Clan Chat. Have recruited at least 5 members in The Brotherhood. Have lead and/or organized at least 5 official events. STAFF POSITIONS When a Staff Position is available it will be posted on the forum for all current members to apply. The current staff members will review all applications and give the position to the most qualified member. RECRUITMENT OFFICER The Recruitment Officer is responsible for managing all areas of recruitment for The Brotherhood. This is the backbone of the clan and an essential position that ensures our brotherhood continues to grow! MENTOR Each new Recruit in The Brotherhood is assigned to a Mentor who will make sure to answer any questions the Recruit may have and assist them with their transition into becoming a full member of the clan. EVENT COORDINATOR Event Coordinators are responsible for working closely with all of the members to determine the types and times of events that are best. They are responsible for leading events or assigning a volunteer to lead and for managing the Event Calendar. ADVISOR Advisors handle the majority of administrative duties in The Brotherhood. This includes managing the forums, clan chat, Discord and handling any member disputes. Advisors also help assist all other staff positions when needed. LEADER The Leaders of The Brotherhood help craft a vision for the clan and work closely with the other staff positions to implement programs and changes to create this vision. Leaders also help assist all other staff positions when needed. Leader: CapnSolesy http://brotherhoodrs.enjin.com/info
  16. Monkey Madness 2

    Hey guys. As you know, monkey madness two just came out. I haven't been able to do it yet, so I was wanting to know what everyone's opinions are about it. Did you like it or hate it? What was your favorite parts, and is there any advice you can give me about any part of it? Especially if the advice is about the bosses. Thanks.
  17. I'm just looking for opinions on my signature/Future Profile photo I decided to whip up quick. My only concerns were maybe over edited? I could photoshop my skills into the picture as to give a better outlook on my account. Thoughts? -Ezle
  18. I enjoy dancing with Strangers! My Runescape name in this photo is "Body Ink" but my perm name is "Ezle"
  19. Hi again everyone I was awarded the Final Boss title on the 05/04/2015 I will be going for Trimmed final boss here, and posting my progress here every week Boss Pets Left to obtain: Vitalis - Vorago
  20. Libra (Latin for Balance) is a clan founded on the principles of justice, fairness and Balance - as set forth by Guthix. We are a social clan who host regular in game events, from PvM through to skilling. There are no entry requirements for joining Libra, we only ask that you contribute to our citadel, actively engage with other members on our Clan Chat channel, and come to events whenever you can. Any guests who wish to chat to us are welcome to do so. We also encourage non clan-members to attend any events they wish as well! ¤ Clan Chat: Libra ¤ Homeworld: 134 ¤ Timezone: All ¤ Clan Members: 200+ ¤ Twitter: @LibraClan _______________________________________________________________ Libra has... - A tier 7 Clan Citadel, with 3 Clan Avatars! - Dedicated and experienced leadership - Regular clan-member polls to decide changes - Friendly & Mature Atmosphere - Fun Events (Minigames, Skilling & PvM: Vorago, Nex, KK) - Active Community - Experienced players - Merit based ranking system - Active private clan forums - Nothing mandatory - More than 200 members Events Events are run by our dedicated Events department. We aim to have a variety of events all around Gielinor. If you have any good ideas for new events, please let us know we will be happy to try and make them happen. For more info click here. Rules: » All game and forum rules apply. » The clan chat and forum thread cannot be used for Jagex Moderator queries, please use the existing channels for this. » Be friendly and tolerant at all times. » Please use one line per sentence whilst talking in the clan chat. » Keep use of the Quick Chat to a minimum as possible - suggested to only use whilst levelling (65+ skill level). » Avoid buying/selling and flipping discussions in the clan chat. Please use the Grand Exchange or RuneScape Official Forums for that matter. However, exceptions can be made as long as you don't pester clan members or spam to buy or sell a particular item. » Discussion of bots is not allowed; no matter what the context implies. Please use the report abuse option if you believe someone skilling around you is botting. » Please avoid bringing arguments/disputes into the clan, you should try and resolve disputes in a mature manner outside of the CC. » You may advertise your Twitch stream (or similar) in the chat, provided you adhere to game rules.
  21. This is where you can introduce yourself and get to know your fellow 'HQers. Drop by, say Hi, and make yourself at home. Have fun!