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  1. 2.4Km run: Army Standard 12minutes and 30 seconds My standard last September(2010): 15 minutes and 56 seconds My standard today: 12 minutes and 18 seconds.

  2. Hey Ben, can you purge the posts on my Marketplace thread you replied in? Not that I find your posts offensive, just...you know. ;)

    1. FireHazard772


      If only there was such thing as being a Topic/Thread Moderator.. :P

    2. FireHazard772


      Disregard the request. ;)

  3. That's a fine looking lass in your profile picture :P

  4. got bored to death by the discussion last night but at least now we might start moving forwards :D

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    2. Ben


      No, just really long walls of text going back and forth

    3. Paige


      Don't lie, he's totally boring

    4. Ben


      Indeed but we got to make him think he isn't lol ;)

  5. is between a rock and a hard place (although that makes it sound bad)

  6. doesn't get how Kohana is helpful :/

  7. I love the new name Mistress

  8. Wow I just noticed as well! Gratz on manager =)

  9. WHOA YOU'RE A MANAGER! Nice crown :P

  10. Real Life Pictures

    So this is my ugly mug, since I never got around to it the first few hundred times I read this topic. As always I'm looking rather grumpy in it. I'm not normally that grumpy, honest And Yes I agree with Khav above that you are quite pretty Sarah.