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  1. Why thank you kitty for lovingly protecting me
  2. mcswindler
  3. Mega i know you are innocent, i was saying that we have majority even without the un-innocent players
  4. we have a vigilante still around, he can target one of the 2 suspects that isn't lynched that way we can see what happens
  5. Megaman,Kilvehk and shadow we have to choose someone to lynch because we have the majority regardless. so i think you 3 that are not proved innocent should make a post trying to convinces us you are not the red spy
  6. -Fuller Blu Team Scout - Killed on Night 1 -Greg Blu Team Scout - Kill on Day 2 -Sliverdager1 Red Spy Godfather - killed on Day 3 -DarkDevourer -CapuDie Blu Team Medic - Killed on Night 2 -PK_Not_OK Red Spy - killed on Day 1 -Shadowgrin - Innocent -McSwindler -Kilvehk _ innocent -Senug -Kittyhawk Heavy - Killed on Night 3 -Mega Man - Innocent -Claudia Claudia - Senug - McSwindler One of you is our enemy ! red spy left
  7. I am sure 2 red spys are left
  8. Well, I lied alttile to guarantee the kill on sliver. I looked at megaman, all I found was Blu scout that's all -.-
  9. unfortunately I have to go, I doubt very much i will be back in time for the days end :/ Lynch Sliverdager and post who you want investigated so I can look at it tonight. Plus save me lol
  10. Just came back as "Red Spy" But don't forget we have the heavy able to do a one time protection incase he is still blocking you
  11. I will need protection tonight otherwise the detective will be lost.
  12. Vote: Sliverdager1
  13. And if I said he was a red spy at the start he would have time to defend himself, but now that he has claimed a role i am able to catch him in the lie making it harder to defend
  14. Instead of investigating shadow like you said I looked at silver because he was looking in more and more of a mafia member. It came back as a red spy. i never revealed this info because i was waiting for him to claim a role so i can catch him in a lie.
  15. I am going to come straight out and say Silver is a lier.