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  1. Anything about Bots goes here!

    I lol'd I would grab some friends and just troll people
  2. Buying 300k Fire Runes

    put them up for more then :/
  3. Buying 300k Fire Runes

    2 weeks? They were peaking at almost 30gp then
  4. Anything about Bots goes here!

    The cost of taking someone/company to court with a risk of losing would cost thousands if not millions, and then in defense the prosecuted could counter-sue
  5. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Kinda ticked off about this . I got stuck in the maze random, kept taking the wrong turn so I followed this kid, and immediatly called me a botter, I mean seriously? What is wrong with people....
  6. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Cool , what do you mean woodcutting nubs?
  7. Have yu ever wondered that this is why i don't tell you stuff :@

    1. Kittyhawk


      I just figured it was because you don't know me that well.

    2. Greg


      No, I have never wondered why yu don't tell me stuff.

    3. ClearlyUnique


      Naa faily crap that's all, people moan when i don't tell them stuff then when i do i get a bollacking

  8. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Let me have a look it shouldnt be hard to make them logoff rofl.
  9. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Haha, never knew about either of those ways . Might go and get some black demons tonight after barrows event.
  10. Anything about Bots goes here!

    1. Your wrong, I can happily direct you to a script that logs off when a mod speaks 2. How did this come around O_o 3. Depends how good the scriptor is. 4. Correct 5. Correct , of course we all have our own opinions on these but those are mine.
  11. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Ah experiments yes, not sure about stronghold, I know about the spiders but I always put a cannon in mintaurs and watch everyone get mad or just fail killing them.
  12. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Generally they only attack a specific monster and use certain techniques to move/tele. For example they always use teletabs at a certain spot and things.
  13. Anything about Bots goes here!

    How to Kill Green dragon bots 1) Get a friend who has 85+ mage 2) Have a high strenghth so you can kill them fast 3) PK them, make sure your friend teleblocks first Tips 1) Stay around level 22 wildy and then when they are in the middle of a fight and they run, it generally means they are out of food therefore PK'ing them is easy! 2) Be prepared to run, they will try and run away into the lower wildy so make sure they are around your level. 3) Luring them to the level 15 wildy for multi combat is a good tactic 4) Make sure you have a quick way out incase YOU get pk'ed. This is a good way to get a full inventory of D'hides and Bones so it's good money. Hope this helps. I am on about the level 20 east dragons in the wildy!