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  1. Maaaaaan I want a blood chest, but they cost as much as my bank Grats nice loot taberino
  2. I managed to get money for my 120 prayer now Some top pieces to complete 2 legs 2 IN A ROW!!! LUCKER!!!!
  3. Gratsss on 600m overall xps
  4. No I ran out of moneys
  5. Congrats! Keep em gains coming through!
  6. Spooky, right? 07 progress EDIT: EXACTLY 2 YEARS AGO I CREATED THIS THREAD LOL
  7. How do you dislike a post on these Forums?
  8. Ew
  9. Pretty good, eh?
  10. Weeeeeeeeeeee!! Already working on second to last skill! Sweet!
  11. Another one. 2 skills left!
  12. Sweet round number!