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    i been playing runescape since aug 07

    never had the quest cape atm

    i got 16 99s atm and im going for 120slayer cause that
    was my first 99 plus its getting a level cap raise to
    120 in june

    always help friends and clanmates on runescape and im staff in the runehq clan which is fun

    if u need any advice just message me and thats it

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  1. I caught them all!!!

    awesome red way 2go
  2. Sliver resigns

    aaawwww you was so good at leading events ill be sad to c u go
  3. The Newb Princess

    wow 9hp thats really rare only accs created on a certain time line have that and gl on leveling skills and quests
  4. Jessie Comes to CE!

    graz well done
  5. Yum or Yuk!

    yuk carolina reaper
  6. 120 Strength

    nice sliver thats y spidey does not like u
  7. Super Fly resigns

    sad to c u go man best of luck to u and thanks for all u done for us
  8. less then 20mill slayer exp to go for 120slayer

  9. Ahh Si

    graz man well done
  10. Got MAXED and its happen!

    graz man well done congraz
  11. great job ever1 it sure was fun cant wait until next time
  12. Maxing Twins?!

    i might be at work at that time srry if i miss it
  13. jeskill wants in that way all the slayer exp will be mine
  14. The newest elder to the bunch of Seniors....Pyro!

    graz man great job