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  1. thank you REDNAR!~!~!~!~!
  2. it wouldn't go when I was tryin to get it to fit earlier
  3. Kyle worked his voodoo and made me a wicked sig
  4. I will be participating
  5. Now that irl has slowed a bit. I see it as a great time to make my awaited return. I see new faces and old friends. Show me some love RHQ family.
  6. 18
  7. Tech N9ne and Serj Tankian- Straight out the Gate
  8. 10 hehe
  9. it went that way.
  10. I got it I got it! wait I lost it
  11. *poke head in here 18
  12. in b4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i have trimmed my game playing down a bit because i was too involved with them. Before this week I had been playing,Faith wars (game shut down 4-1-14), Knights and Dragons, Game Of War,( side note War and Rage Rules!!!!!, Long Live Panlux ,Zergas,Ozkill,Cali,Lakyn,Ameral and Crackerjaxx) GoW is an addicting game and a great way to meet people around the world that would normally be restricted due to language barriers. It translates on the fly. It is a credit card warriors game but fun nonetheless. i never spent anything and fought everyday. I have recently cleared all my skyrim data(ps3) and started my road to all max lvl characters of every race again. Dragon Age:origins for when i'm board and UFC undisputed 3 for when i get really frustrated
  14. Yarley! I Know youz 10/10
  15. Haystak - So What, after that is Thin Lizzy -Jailbreak:P