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    Finally got my name back in Rs yay(hated having numbers)

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  1. Insanity! Hooked me Up

    thank you REDNAR!~!~!~!~!
  2. Insanity! Hooked me Up

    it wouldn't go when I was tryin to get it to fit earlier
  3. Insanity! Hooked me Up

    Kyle worked his voodoo and made me a wicked sig
  4. It's November!

    I will be participating
  5. I'm BACK again!

    1. @Zandahar


      Welcome back... again!

    2. Katalex


      Hello BACK again!!

  6. Kushie returns(again)

    Now that irl has slowed a bit. I see it as a great time to make my awaited return. I see new faces and old friends. Show me some love RHQ family.
  7. seems like im passing a kidney stone. not my first but one of the most brutal in a long time. Must 'scape!!!!!

    1. Remillius


      I had one of those before, it hurts, hopefully it doesn't last long. Goodluck, may the force be with you.. ;_;

  8. 7 days 2100 miles of hell. glad house hunting is over now to move UGH!

  9. Quick they might see!

  10. Good V.S Evil!

  11. What are you currently listening to?

    Tech N9ne and Serj Tankian- Straight out the Gate
  12. Quick they might see!

    10 hehe
  13. Last one to post wins

    it went that way.
  14. Good V.S Evil!

  15. Last one to post wins

    I got it I got it! wait I lost it