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  1. Long hair is long. Keep growing or get cut?
  2. 8/10 I herd u liek sheeps?
  3. OK, so I have a bunch of varied stuff to post, dating back several years My pics fall into 2 catagories. Nice pictures, or drunken mess. Photoshoot stuff, that was done for free when a friend needed to expand their portfolio. (First 3) A couple that turned out nice without being planned. (4th and 5th) A couple of themed nights out while I was in university. (6th and 7th) A couple of other drunken pics. (8th and 9th)
  4. 0 Trololololol
  5. 9/10 Cos it's so true =P
  6. 0
  7. Hey, I'm Vane or Emma. I'm 28 and live in Plymouth, UK. (It's where the Mayflower left from) Been a RuneHQer for over 3 years and a RuneScaper for about 4. Been on the Content Team since March and Vent Staff for a couple of months. I'm currently studying Accountancy part times, filling the rest of my time with chores, jobhunting, RuneScape, clan events/site work and RuneHQ site work. I like to sing (badly), dance (badly), play bass guitar (badly) and do craft projects like costumes and jewellery making. I also enjoy watching films, documentaries and the occasional comedy series on TV. I love to read, and in true girly fashion usually pick somthing romantic, though I like the occasional sci-fi or fantasy novel too (though I generally combine these genres with the romance). I'm a hopeless romantic, but have rubbish luck in love and will probably end up a bitter old spinster, warning young'uns away from that fickle emotion.
  8. I get several emails each day. They keep trying new reasons. So far I've had: Your account has received an infraction. We believe you have been trying to sell your account. Confirm email address change. Loyalty Points rewards scheme ID:####### Some examples are below. This one seems like an official Jagex email at first glance. Most of the links do in fact check out. The ones in the fine print at the bottom and the "Play Now" button all link to email.jagex.com/RuneScape.com. However, the one your attention is drawn to, and the only one which would require you to log into the website itself, is the Loyalty Points Page link. This one directs to http://service.runescoqe.com. <--- I knew this was a fake from the number of Loyalty Points displayed. I currently have 15,000. This one also looks Jagex themed, again all links but the main focus are official links, probably copied with the formatting. The sender claims I have an infraction and supplies an appeal link. The link is different when you hover over it (http://secure-runesacpe.com) but they also made an obvious mistake in the visible link: http://secure.runescape.com. <--- This would have tipped me off, even without the hover-check I do over all email links. (Should be https:// as a secure link)