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  1. *Copy pastes Super Fly's message*

  2. Happy Birthday! Pop in some time :)

  3. Congratz on the Age level up ;o

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!#*!%(&)(#^$!)^&@*)!^)$@(&$^)!#%^-spam-#(%*@(#&!*()#&!)@^!)#

  5. Real Life Pictures

    Long hair is long. Keep growing or get cut?
  6. Woot! Got another ATO (Hospital Lab Tech) interview <3. Not for a few weeks though.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :[]

  8. Happy Birthday Vane! I'll be catching up in a few months! So you're only a few months older than me =D

  9. Happy Birthday, Vane!! (It's my bday too today :P)

  10. Happy Birthday, Vane!! :D

  11. Hard day at work, Devlin? --->

  12. New sig. What do you think?

    1. Mistress Vane

      Mistress Vane

      Unknown? Not after this years' Jagex Clan Cup - Skilling Division, my friend. Recognition shall be ours!

  13. :dance: Got through to shortlist for one of the Lab Tech jobs I applied for. Time to brush up on my interview skills.
    1. senug


      I hate interviews :P

    2. Khaaveren


      Congrats, and good luck, Emma. Also, congrats on your 99 fm. *sighs* I still have 5.4M xp to go for mine...

    3. Mistress Vane

      Mistress Vane

      I also hate interviews. always clam up and don't know what to say/ask. And for Firemaking, go to Jadinko lair. That's what I did last couple of levels. =)