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  1. Happy birthday :)

  2. In a world...

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    2. Supremacy


      of cats. Why? 'cause cats are awesome.

    3. Mega Man

      Mega Man

      where everyone has a drygore longsword except for...

    4. Amoa
  3. Last one to post wins

    Well it seems that the main way people have won in the past has been to post something no one can think of a reply to. Then it seems everyone avoids the topic until those in charge are forced to declare a winner, that breaks the silence and people start posting again.
  4. Last one to post wins

    Now is generally better than then.
  5. Character Background(s)

    What do you know, thats my target demographic right there! My group is Wednesday night, I'm getting ready to go right now actually.
  6. Character Background(s)

    The character created: A half-orc fighter with a noble background, debating on female or male. If male, the child of the family would also be male. Travel on the road tended to kick up a lot of dust lately, as the nearby fighting over land was slowly destroying the very commodity they were fighting over. Lucky they were well enough away from the most current battle, the human forces slowly gaining on the orc settlers they were attempting to push back to the lands they were desperately trying to escape from. Desmond scanned the area for any hidden dangers. It wouldn't be long before his employers would ask for a rest break to stretch their legs a bit and take a bite to eat. Not that he couldn't insist they remain in the wagon if it wasn't safe enough, but he didn't like to make such demands unless it was truly warranted. They were far enough from the battlefield, and more to the point on the correct side, and while he was guarding a family it wasn't as if they were a fragile couple that had never seen danger except when reenacted by the local minstrel group. Still, being careful was what earned his wage. Desmond found a decent enough area and cried halt to the group. His guardsmen immediately did their jobs and spread out to check around. Meanwhile he found a likely spot and signaled the family. The Father, an experienced fighter himself, checked out the area as he stepped out of the cab. The mother also was alert for signs of danger, though her instincts carefully check for different dangers than The Father. Finally everything was deemed safe enough, and Rosalie was allowed to step out of the cab to the blanket Desmond had carefully placed down. After an uneventful lunch put everyone on ease, the family decided on a quick walk to stretch cramped legs before returning to the cab. While they walked The Mother kept an eye out for familiar and useful plants for her Druid studies. Since Rosalie had been born The Mother treasured any small breaks where she was allowed to stroll in wilderness, they were few and far between lately. The Father walked along with them, with Desmond keeping a discrete distance, to allow the family some family time. No one was alarmed at first when Rosalie started looking in the bushes, calling to her parents in a soft voice. "Father, Mother, look here." When they got closer they were startled with what Rosalie had found. It looked like a baby orc, or maybe half-orc was more accurate. The baby didn't quite seem to have the full features of an orc baby, or so they judged as well as they could. Rosalie was already trying to pick the poor thing up, and it was obviously still alive, though not doing well. "Mother, she needs help." Mother just looked silently at Father for a minute, an apology clear in her eyes. "Yes Rosalie, I see the baby. I wonder if the mother is around somewhere, looking for her baby," Mother replied mildly. Father, who had been searching around for any problems as soon as the baby had been found, just mildly replied, "I don't think so, Mother." So of course Mother had to go see what had his attention. Mother sighed. "So, no help for it then." Father gave a small, dry chuckle with a wry but quick shake of his head. "As long as you continue to insist on teaching her the value of life, and the honor of charity, not really no." Desmond, who generally stayed out of the way when family business was being discussed, stepped forward and said, "Milord, I think this might actually be a blessing in disguise. This could work out very well for the future." "Oh? What do you have in mind, Desmond?" Father inquired. "Milord, it will not be long before Miss Rosalie will need a personal guard. Someone who could be by her side day and night, with no one to ask why. This might be the very answer to that situation, with time and proper training."
  7. Character Background(s)

    So I recently fell into a group of D&D players, and I'm now playing once again. I have found that a great deal of the fun of D&D is in creating the characters, and writing up the backstory, with the result of I have a couple of stories now running around in my head. I have decided to write a few of them up here and see if you guys actually enjoy them as much as I do. Ist: Half-orc fighter noble background
  8. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    Welcome Wand Master! Nice to meet you.
  9. I really NEED a new computer. Hope, wish, pray, ask for donations?

    1. St Squiggy

      St Squiggy

      Dance for money? XD

    2. Kittyhawk


      No one wants to see me dance, they'd probably pay me to st... oh hey!

  10. Dragonball Z movie was actually fairly good, but short.

  11. Games You're Playing

    I picked up The Last of Us for my PS4, what else is a PS4 for? Anyway I'm thinking about Twitching it.
  12. Funny pictures/videos

    Cookies > bacon.
  13. Whovians Unite!

    Ok so I have totally been getting up in the morning and turning BBC America on for Dr. Who before my day officially begins. I'd like the badge to go along with this, if you please.
  14. Funny pictures/videos