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    hi im star im an rs addict. yes im older then most. ill give u a few mins to get over it lol. my current world is w14. i wanna make a nice helpful clan. who bosses and skills together and dose mini games and helps eh other out. if ud like to help me or say hi. stop by my fc star hopes 2. just say u saw me on hq. so ik where u found me from.

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  1. i just died in the wild at flash mob and lost 5m..wahh i should of known better but thought somebody would b nice enough to return my stuff but nope.

  2. the see no evil banana trail is really making me wanna do VERY EVIL things to the damn guard monkeys!! omfg...=\ i soo hate qsts like this..i stink..ik what to do..im just not able to do it...

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    2. StarHopes


      wow the monkey ice cream was a lil rough but not too bad. felt so nooby tho wo being able to telly..esp with 99 mage haha. and a barrel of monkeys..hehe saw that coming but id rather have a barrel of money..haha..now to pic up the 3 smart asses i mean 3 wise monkeys...

    3. Doc


      Ah the memories. I hated the banana trail and the ice cream run. It especially took me a while to finish the banana trail.

    4. StarHopes


      glad im not the only one that is having issues. im stuck on the desert part trying to find the freaking crates now. if i understood the one guide rite i need to find it to say 4 buwaks..i can only get 2... =\

  3. i hope HQ comes up with the new task guide soon...i could use the help sometimes.

    1. kassandra


      It's being worked on, but the some of the stuff is already complete on the submissions board http://www.runehq.com/forums/topic/13635-desert-tasks/

    2. StarHopes


      thanks! it seems better then the one i found on rs so far.

  4. well since so many guys r acting like lil boys on badoo and skout. i have removed a lot of my pics there and have changed profile pics on yim and other places also. and i am blocking a lot faster again and im also reporting being harassed for stuff when i have said no and then lil boys throwing a fit to try and get their ways.

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    2. Kate


      Did you sync your Facebook and RuneHQ accounts together? 'cause all your FB posts will become RuneHQ posts...

    3. StarHopes


      ya i did i knew that posts i made on here would go to fb but i did not kno that ones i made on fb would go here. i think i fixed that now. i didnt intend on sharing this with hq..lol

    4. kilvehk
  5. you know the saying when pigs fly...well get ready, get set, coz you bout to see a flying pig, coz im bout to pick up this jerk and toss him like a rag doll..you want a piece of ass? how bout a piece of my mind..coz that is what your gonna end up wit...>_

  6. i wish ppl would stop tagging me in random crap that has NOTHING to do with me at all...

  7. schnapps watching pretty woman on tv n txting

  8. gonna watch res evil rebtribution...yay go zombies...ne1 wnna cuddle? swear ill act scared..;-)

  9. hving a home cooked meal n watchting nat lamp xmas vac wit the fam.tehehehe

  10. if i dnt kno u, im not adding u to yim, no matter how much u beg...

  11. i asked mom to dye my hair but she doesnt wanna. i thought might help me to impress a certain guy more..so guys lets take a vote..redheads or blondes which do you like best?

    1. Double_D_Edd
    2. Anthuny




      But I prefer rainbow. If you know what I mean. ;D

    3. Zidane3838
  12. just saw a preview for "warm bodies" looks soo funny..go zombies, go..=ID

  13. watching the brave now..omfg sooo funny hehehe

  14. watching the movie the advengers wishing i had someone to cuddle n share things wit n enjoy things with..taking apps in my inbox if u think ur the guy..haha.; -)

    1. kilvehk


      i am that kind of guy but very few girls can deal with my insanity so if you think you can :P

  15. ohhhh twlight breaking dawn prt 2 is out tomor wish had someone to take me. just finally watched prt one on dvd tonite luvvv it =-)