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  1. Gonna try f.lux. My co-worker seems to like it. Lets see if my eyes love it.

    1. With Faith

      With Faith

      It is love <3 It took me awhile to play around with settings that I like, especially since I am on a bit later of a sleep schedule (up at 9am or so, bed at 4am). Hope you enjoy it :D

  2. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  3. I have fixed this entry now. It seems some fields went missing.
  4. Closed: Miniquest - Dig Site, The

    Search for guide 354 under rs3's miniquests.
  5. Hard drive replacement

    Early last week we received word that our disk array was failing and had to be replaced on short notice to prevent irrecoverable data loss. In the last few days we have been working on recreating the environment we had with the old hard drives and copying our databases and files over to the new hard drives. Everything should be working again as it used to. If something seems broken, please let us know here. The RuneHQ Team
  6. There are many roads one can travel. Legend says they all lead to Rome.

    1. With Faith

      With Faith

      Apparently "no trespassing" doesn't lead to Rome, only jail :/

    2. Sirius XM

      Sirius XM

      They all lead to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

    3. Cloque


      But...what if I want to go to Florence??

  7. Happy birthday :)

  8. Will I ever finish my CMS? At this rate probably when I am 80 years old :(

  9. File sharing

    Hey Mr kool, What is it used for exactly? If you want to, you can send me a dropbox link or something so I can evaluate it and put it up on RuneHQ if you want. You would get credit in the footnotes, but not much control over what you have submitted beyond that. Sumurai8
  10. Give me sci-fi book recommendations.

    1. Anthonyj


      Ignoring the obvious oldies, the beyond armageddon books by Tony Decosmo are pretty good.

    2. @Zandahar


      If you like Tolkeinish books, then the books of The Rift War Saga by Raymond Feist, are pretty good.  The first is, Magician Apprentice.

    3. Sumurai8


      Thanks :) I will keep them in mind.

  11. There's a little beauty in everyone.


    Errr... Oh god. I guess YOU are the exception to that rule.

    1. With Faith

      With Faith

      You shouldn't be talking to yourself in the mirror like that.

    2. Sumurai8


      Don't tell me what to do >:( I am perfectly normal. All my personalities agree that it is perfectly normal to talk to us in the mirror.

  12. Forum Upgrade and any accompanying bugs

    That was not meant to be visible... yet.
  13. Day 92: I really need to start making a list of things I want to do during a week.

  14. Forum Upgrade and any accompanying bugs

    If nothing else I can probably add a link directly there. A custom app/module will be some time before I can commit time to it.
  15. Forum Upgrade and any accompanying bugs

    Add an image to your post. Then double click this image. It will allow you to align this image, as well as add a link.