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  1. That was not meant to be visible... yet.
  2. Day 92: I really need to start making a list of things I want to do during a week.

  3. If nothing else I can probably add a link directly there. A custom app/module will be some time before I can commit time to it.
  4. Add an image to your post. Then double click this image. It will allow you to align this image, as well as add a link.
  5. I am unsure how feasible this idea is. To get statistically significant data, a lot of bosses/slayer monsters need to be killed. As in thousands. Even then you may never get any of the rarer drops. I foresee the issue that RS had with the betas they did on the EOC. We get a lot of data on the popular slayer monsters and little data on earlier slayer monsters. Community submitted drop rates are error prone and prone to vandalism. I might do something with this, but it will be a while before that happens. If I do something with it, it will need to wait until I tear down the current backend and replace it with something shiny something that does look less like a junkyard.
  6. Day 86: Need to do all the things

  7. I have made an edit to this item since I needed to test something. Please review it and look if something else needs to be changed.
  8. Day 85: It's... weekend?

    1. ChathMurrpau


      ....what is weekend? I just know workdays

    2. DarkPyroNinja


      It's only Friday. Friday is still a weekday.

  9. Day 82: My brain is fried. Reboot sequence isn't scheduled for another few hours. RIP :(

  10. Try to clear all your cookies for runehq and then log out again. That should theoretically work. I think there might be a double cookie set - and one is not being cleared. Other than that: It does seem to work for me.
  11. The change seems to have removed the half a line-height distance between the text and anything above it, making the text stand too close to the quote. The html is still paragraphs, so linebreaks and paragraphs are now the same. Making any sort of distance between two lines paragraphs means I have to put an extra paragraph between them I am not happy with this change. Or I guess I could manually put a paragraph with half the text height between my paragraphs to properly align them. Which only works because I am allowed to edit raw html in this group.
  12. Did no-one here ever use any text editor to learn what paragraphs and line breaks are? How am I going to make paragraphs now? Now I can't make paragraphs anymore
  13. Day 80b: I just made a change and things didn't implode. Now I will be anxious that it breaks everything when I am not looking.

    1. ChathMurrpau

      ChathMurrpau asked for it......

    2. Kunio


      80 billion days? I feel old now.

    3. With Faith

      With Faith

      *breaks stuff and blames the change*

  14. The forum software failed to do a NULL-check and somehow a null-value got into the database. I have fixed this. A similar issue on search has been corrected too. Please let me know if you run into a similar issue somewhere else.
  15. On the old forums the mobile site had a seperate url. This is no longer the case. The mobile version on ipb4 is the desktop version, customised by media queries that apply on specific widths. The best thing we may be able to do is make a theme at some point where those media queries are not executed, forcing the browser to be wider rather than adhering to the current width of the browser.