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  1. Anything about Bots goes here!

    i think botenay bay should be more widely used. i feel jagex has almost forgotten about it. rarely is there chances to obliterate a found bot, when we know that there must be tons being found every day with the amounts of reports and mods. bots are a ridiculous problem, and i feel jagex will never really do anything about them because truly they are a huge money maker for them. though id gladly pay a few dollars more ( not like we all already arent ) to make up for the amounts of memberships they would lose. i mean lets face it, over half the bots really are f2p and gaining jagex absolutely nothing unless they themselves are also running gold companies.
  2. Sometimes clan recruiting is a serious pain in the ass.

    1. Sumurai8
    2. kilvehk
    3. Chr0nicQueen


      if only it was as easy before citadel :P tho i love it.