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  1. Anime Discussion

    Kind of fell off watching random animes. I've just been sticking with My Hero and Boruto. Oh and there's a new Fate/Zero/Stay Night seems pretty interesting. I recently watched Drifters it's pretty good if you like superviolence.
  2. 8th 99

    I've been playing for about five months, and I looked back at my levels from when I started back up and boy was there an improvement! I've gotten cooking, fletching, smithing, crafting, magic, woodcutting, and agility to 99 within these five months.
  3. Another one!

    Got my magic up to 97 so 99 is on its way. After that maybe divination since I'm close to 90...
  4. Another one!

    I finally got agility done after I did cooking. It was so boring and tedious. Now I cant decide what's next. Keep going for artisans cape or get 99 magic since I'm already at 91. Hmmm advice would be awesome!
  5. Anime Discussion

    Attack on Titan season 2 and Boruto came out, Im so hyped for aot
  6. Anyone know the name of this song?

    If I had seen this sooner I could've told you since I have this song for my youtube
  7. 3 months, three 99's

    Got cooking done so now its five 99's in 4 months
  8. Quick they might see!

  9. 3 months, three 99's

    lol didnt even seen this post ^ I got 99 fletching and got cooking to 92. I now have five 99's
  10. 3 months, three 99's

    I've been working on cooking and fletching a bit, they are super slow.
  11. 3 months, three 99's

    Been playing again since the start of the new year and so far I've gotten 99 in smithing, crafting, and woodcutting. Any tips on next skill to afk?
  12. Quick they might see!

    5 She's def gonna see this
  13. Quick they might see!

  14. Quick they might see!