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  1. Anime Discussion

    Dragon Ball Super is hype right now
  2. I'm sure I can turn up for this one
  3. RF2016 [Image Warning]

    Yo! Haven't spoken to you nubs in a while but I always do check in on the site ever now and then So yeah - RuneFest is something I always go to, and been since the first one in 2010! So here's a thread with some highlights. If you want to see loads of pictures, then I've made my FB album public for you to trawl through here; https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1619505221681157.1073741836.100008650842048&type=1&l=11d4f2c410 (let me know if there's issues with the link) Return of the Comp Cape I made a real life completionist cape in 2013, which sadly fell to pieces, so I fixed her back up and she was ready to go this year, also I dyed my hair red and black for banter and wore a red phat, very colour coordinated! The Venue The venue itself was London Battersea, and it was very different this time because the entire floor was open plan instead of having loads of separate rooms , I actually loved this idea because it kept everyone mingling together instead of being separated. Here are some pictures, my album contains more plus a video of my from the top balcony filiming everything, including Pandora losing the game (I will treasure that). M9s and stuff Finally, it was all about the people, met some old friends and some new friends - as well as loads of JMods. So here's a few; Shadows and Me; Elder Heart, Jako , and me; and finally , B0aty and me; RuneFest Island; This was the secret surprise for everyone because there were a few people who were disappointed about having another pet, especially one that isn't RF theme'd (although the theme was the Arc). So here it is, complete with a bank, fire , stove, party pete, and a portal back to Port Sarim. Oh and one last thing... you can try to pull the Golden Scythe out of the ground, everyone's character says that they wish they had one... mine says something else.... That's my highlights really - everything was great and as always I cannot wait for next year. Thanks for reading.
  4. The Game

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      2010 called, wanted its meme back

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      lol xd funny sliver/trikiller only meameas KIDS REACT

  5. KhloeLynn joins ET

  6. 1 billion xp!

  7. Games You're Playing

    PokemonGO *hides*
  8. Britain: Stay or Leave?

    http://news.sky.com/story/ftse-100-up-and-pound-spikes-as-pm-emerges-10498812 We'll be fine
  9. Last one to post wins

    I'm winning.
  10. The return of the Max

    Well done
  11. James is going for Gold!

    Alot of them very close to being completed as well.. It's going to be a case of Castle Wars / Thalers for trim at the end.
  12. James is going for Gold!

    Hello there! I need a reason to continue playing, so this is what I'm going to do! I'm going to trim my comp cape! This is what's remaining; So how far am I to completing any of these? 4000 chompy birds - Completed 1000 so far. Must show a full set of Profound armour to Lanthus - not even started - RIP. Unlock Maximum access at Mobilising Armies - I have 301 / 400 points. Complete the Statue of Dahmorac - Only 10 weeks to go! Obtain Rank 1 Esteem - 95k / 125k points - getting there! Purchase a Champions Tacklebox from Fish flingers - Only have the first one. Complete Ports storylines - Completely RNG, but I'm on my last one! Complete the Replica Statue of Rhiannon - I've only done this 3 times. Defeat Telos at 100% , I'm at 100% enrage but just can't beat last phase! Wish me luck! I think I won't have it for a year though - very long term! ~James
  13. Last one to post wins

  14. *Welp* I'm 25, I'm not young anymore! Had a great day, thank you for your messages! I'll always be lurking in RuneHQ. ;)

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      Misread as Sliver year. :(

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      Hehe. Lets hope it's not that!

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      I know the feeling ;)