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  1. Two of 'em!

    Congrats Squig :3
  2. Max Pixie?!

    Grats Undies Pixie <3
  3. Don't worry, I'm not really here.

  4. Darkblitz resigns from staff

    Oliver, it is an incredible shock to see you depart from staff, after being such a big part of it for such a long time. I have worked along side of you and under you for basically my entire time on staff. You have always been someone that I could rely on to follow the facts, rather than personal feelings, which made you an exceptional leader. Upon reading this topic and seeing the replies it fills my heart that so many have truly appreciated what you have done during your time with RuneHQ, and to those who didn't, they don't know what they're losing. Welcome to the retirement club my friend <3.
  5. Our Next Steps as a Community

    It's good to see that some much needed attention and effort is being given to the areas that require it finally. It's fantastic to see some developers finally . Good work Tyler for getting done what I could not.
  6. #12 - Agility

    Well done Rednar, can't even believe it haha. Quite an achievement .
  7. Real Life Pictures

    Good to have you back
  8. Rednar's PetScape and his 120s

    Wow dem gainz! Grats!
  9. #16th 99 Skill ~ Crafting

  10. Who's excited for Invention?

    GG MAX CAPE!!!
  11. Hi, I would like to order 1 insane with a side of crazy. So many 120's now! XD *sends a wub*

  12. Real Life Pictures

    I cut all my hair off and got my nose pierced
  13. Yum or Yuk!

    Yuck Ham and cheese sandwiches