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  1. mayb some Korasi pking >.> i dont no thou L0l

  2. how hard r glacors? need advice 4 fighting them (post on my thread mate if u want to ;) )

  3. Gonna miss the old rs combat system but u gotta accept change, right?

    1. Joeythegrape
    2. St Squiggy

      St Squiggy

      Just how it works, either get with it for fall behind in the times :o

  4. Almost hav a 15m cash stack (regaining my bank.from 95 pray) takin a break 2 eat lunch :D

  5. 99 Def or 99 Att?

    1. Double_D_Edd
    2. Darth Zeta
    3. IIamfish98


      Def then att, att doesn't really play a big part when levelling, but def does, it can make you last longer ;-) and requires less food per hour so 99 def first then att. Cheaper in the long haul :D