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  1. Yay! New client Will be nice to see the end of mibbit
  2. Though I won't say Gene and I saw eye to eye on everything, he was a great man who helped create this wonderful community we know and love. He will be missed. My condolences, Deb <3
  3. I haven't posted a picture in the rl thread in years, so I thought in celebration of getting my hair dyed, I'd post one! (you also get to see part of my messy apartment as a bonus )
  4. Yeah, it's become huge XD I've seen it so many places now. You should check out some of their other videos too, most of them are a little too inappropriate for me to post on the forums, however
  5. My 1980s playlist. Current song being Popcorn, by Popcorn
  6. Oh yay! I slightly noticed that I'd hit lvl50 because of the extra attack, but I forgot about the award
  7. I just finished fairy tail first season. Was soooooo good, can't wait to watch more. Also enjoyed baka no test a lot.
  8. I just... don't even...
  9. The soundtrack Songs for a New World
  10. I agree! CTR was an amazing game!
  11. No, I keep trying to play it, but it keeps crashing on me XD Server issues or something. I also have a bad habit of leaving the browser up, lol
  12. I bought Towns on Steam during the sale and have been sooooo addicted to it since.
  13. I wish this worked with my cats! Apparently, they really wanted pets this morning >.>
  14. haha, my husband showed me this today XD I had to groan over the heavy use of puns =p
  15. And he did add blush himself, so apparently he liked everything but the dress =(