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  1. Happy birthday, Edd! Even though you're not here, just remember you're now older than me for 2 months :P

  2. IRC changes

    Yay! New client Will be nice to see the end of mibbit
  3. To the RHQ Community

    Though I won't say Gene and I saw eye to eye on everything, he was a great man who helped create this wonderful community we know and love. He will be missed. My condolences, Deb <3
  4. Happy birthday, Kass!

  5. Edd vs Hope to Uno

    She won... now the real question is do I declare her the champ or do I get the joy of watching Edd lose again... and again... and again XD
  6. Supposed to snow this week =o

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    2. McSwindler


      it's supposed to not do anything exciting this week...

    3. Star
    4. Kittyhawk


      Winter is happening everywhere but here. 85 degrees today, supposedly.

  7. Real Life Pictures

    I haven't posted a picture in the rl thread in years, so I thought in celebration of getting my hair dyed, I'd post one! (you also get to see part of my messy apartment as a bonus )
  8. Happy birthday! (even though you won't get this for a while, I'm sure :P) <3

  9. Funny pictures/videos

    Yeah, it's become huge XD I've seen it so many places now. You should check out some of their other videos too, most of them are a little too inappropriate for me to post on the forums, however
  10. So tired, have spent all day doing fall cleaning/painting ect

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    2. PK_Not_Ok
    3. Kittyhawk


      Spring cleaning spruces up the place and gets rid of stale air. Fall cleaning gets you ready to be in a closed up house.

    4. kassandra


      Yepp, Krys is exactly right :) I live in an apartment, and we don't get a lot of airflow even during the summer, so it's nice to get rid of any musty-ness dusty-ness before I'm cooped up for the winter!

  11. What are you currently listening to?

    My 1980s playlist. Current song being Popcorn, by Popcorn